The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Tens Of Millions Of Spirits Are Being Mobilized To Support You

Sun Myung Moon
July 12, 2010
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden, NY
Unofficial notes

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

Dr. Yang reports:

The last time Father was at East Garden was for the March 18th Legacy of Peace Program at the United Nations. Then Father went to Washington, New York, Las Vegas and Hawaii. Recently America responded beautifully through the Original Divine Principle program centering on Rev. Eu to bring 210 Americans led by Rev. Joshua Cotter.

Father did such a serious Hoon Dok Hae to set the conditions for the providence. Through the "Word" True Parents are giving us special instruction. On July 8th True Parents held a Convention for 20,000 people for the Proclamation of the Word which is absolutely substantiated through True Parents. On July 24th we will have a fantastic event for the people of America, and then it will spread throughout the world. He understood that it is from the word that the True Parents became the substantiation.

There were four key points of Father's message and Father prepared a special text for that. True Parents spoke for two hours. Many Ambassadors for Peace came from Korea and throughout the world and said there is incredible power to help set God's providence on the straight track.

Many times we traveled over the Pacific Ocean and had jet lag and were so tired. However, True Parents never rested. Father did Hoon Dok Hae for 24 hours immediately after arriving in Korea from Las Vegas. A missionary to Africa gave a special testimony concerning True Parents. Our True Parents are not concerned about their own lives or well being. They are only concerned to do God's will. Our True Parents words are in fact given to all humanity to develop the foundation for Cheon Il Guk.

The event in America must be the event to spread throughout the world. Many millions of people can hear the Word. True Father's Autobiography is a key element to our work in America. In Las Vegas, our work is to spread the word. The autobiography must be kept in each family and also given away to others.

True Father:

You have to understand that tens of millions of spirits are being mobilized to support you. You have to work hard to set the condition to mobilize them -- then they will work. Many do not understand what is going on in the spirit world. So many of Satan's activities are being done. If they do that the ancestors' path will be blocked. You need to really understand what I'm saying. All of these conditions come on the foundation of the sacrifices that True Parents have made. Things will be different; the question is how to unify everything as one. Why don't you say how much you were scolded in Las Vegas?

Dr. Yang:

We don't understand True Parents. When Father gives direction then the spirit world begins to work immediately before we do. All those things seem totally impractical. We do not have enough foundation in Las Vegas, however when Father gives direction it was always fulfilled. We need to repent for not having absolute faith in our True Parents. Las Vegas is now strongly established in terms of God's providence. Many people coming there are purified because of True Parents conditions.

Now that we have True Parents here at this time it is such a great moment in history. As the weather is beautiful today so is the fact that True Parents are here with us today.

In Las Vegas, as you know, there is no night and day. People go 24 hours per day. In that regard Father loves Las Vegas because he can go 24 hours a day; there is no stopping. Father has always been working 24 / 7. Father is doing the Abel type work and the heavenly work.

The following are our True Parents directions in Korea on June 25 at 3:25 am I had to go to restore the original Garden of Eden and to offer it to God as if it had never been lost. We have to offer everything on D-Day. Everything that was separated in the past now must be restored and unified. I had to go through the 8 stages -- individual, family, clan, tribe, nation, world, cosmos, and God.

Not only individuals and families were lost but nations were lost as well.

I created the Seunghwa Ceremony so that we could go through the rebirth, resurrection and eternal life. (Seunghwa). Everyone must be educated to understand this.

What we are talking about is to complete the world at the time of Creation.

Father said that the Mt. of Transfiguration was the turning point. Three disciples came with him and met Elijah and Moses. They didn't understand his course that he could no longer fulfill on earth.

Three disciples fell asleep at Gethsemane. I (Dr. Yang) also have to repent for sleeping during Father's time.

True Father:

Rev. Kwak's mistake is so great. Because of what has happened I feel it was a mistake to allow Hyun Jin to be his son in law. Nobody reported the issues to me and now they are trying to sell away our foundation. From now on, if someone makes a mistake they may not be able to remain.

There are many challenges on our path. I am back to America because I cannot give up on America. There are not many people that can become like a seed.

From now on unless you speak Korean, we cannot have any official event. In God's Kingdom how can you not know the language of the parents? America is not the Fatherland. Therefore, English, French, Italian etc. are not the language of the parents. We must learn the language of the Fatherland: you must understand the language of Korea. If you really understood the language of the Fatherland then you could shed many more tears for heaven.

If you understood Korean, in the morning they will ask you in greeting if you had enough to eat. You would not understand the background of that kind of greeting. It's not shallow or superficial. In fact, what kind of relationship are we referring too? The right hand goes up and the left goes the opposite way when you walk. It is like an X shape or balance. Inside an O there can be millions of X's. Can you understand this? Americans can't easily understand it.

KO means you are knocked out. I studied English very hard -- even now I'm studying English -- now it is harder to remember anything. It takes 20 minutes to remember one word. Twenty years ago I had a hard time to learn it. When you go to high school and junior high you can study the language. Now there are 6000 languages, so we should feel how sorrowful God is to have to try to communicate through all these different languages.

Going to school I could learn the basic things that I remember well to this day; when you are young it is so easy to remember everything. I started learning everything and by the age of 7 I was very good. I used to have some folder of the Chinese characters that I have written. All those characters were blown away. They were like a long novel. Just think if I was to have those materials now…However, during Japanese occupation all those things were lost.

I didn't even want to speak a language. The writing tells so much. Even then I could see the future , my mind could tell. Because of the oneness of mind and body. Because of the essence of mind -- mind and body all become one. In our movement we must understand the state of oneness, then you can understand what is coming and what will happen. All the stones of this house were brought from Korea. Even 1000 years from now these stones will remain strong.

We need to pray. People cannot understand; unless you experience it you can't know what I'm talking about. What if you ate in the middle of 7 day fasting? One spoonful of food after 7 days fasting you feel so grateful. If you were really hungry then you can't appreciate the struggle of starving people and why even a small spoonful of food is so precious.

You must really understand the value of loving children. America has too much individualism.

Tokdo is a lonely island in Holo Arirang. It is a very lonely place and symbolizes God's lonely heart which is buffeted by the darkness and yet it never changes and always stands correctly.

It always understands the ownership. Arirang - A means Eh but it became Ahhh. There are many Arirangs. If you don't know what is important you can be struck by lightning.

Whenever I go to Las Vegas I never lose money there. There are many people who are running around me. I give them money and they want to know where the money is coming from. I know the game of Black Jack well.

Which PhD is most difficult? The one you got from True Parents or the one you got from school? The PhD of True Father is far more difficult. Only those who worked for the Public Mission could receive the PhD. There is a person, Dr. Song, who is a professor. The PhD he received in the secular world is nothing compared to the PhD that he received from True Parents.

Dr. Yang:

Yesterday In Jin Nim gave such an excellent sermon and shared that not only is Father my Father but he is the True Father of all people. We are to build one family. We must open our eyes to the value of our life. Throughout all of human history billions of people came and left. Father feels trust to In Jin Nim and is supporting her development of the ministry and TV studios.

Many people now understand that True Parents have indemnified all of human history. It has all been completed. Our position is so important; we should totally understand how critical it is for us at this time. The central beings of the current history have come together. We are really connecting to all humanity and linking them to the lineage of heaven. One strand of hair of the Lord is more precious than can be measured. The fact that we are standing here cannot be measured.

We didn't forget the value of the diamond ring. We should always be alive at this time. 7 days per week. We should be excited and moved and so inspired. That is the time in which we are living. I have spent so much time with True Parents in Las Vegas. I am so inadequate to attend them. Our True Parents are like a burning furnace. We must understand that they are like a pure burning sun and we should be fresh and alive at this time. Every single cell should be totally alive. I was chastised and scolded many times in Las Vegas.

When we had Coronation on January 30th, it should have also occurred in Las Vegas on the same day. I didn't understand this. I wasn't awake spiritually and I didn't understand how serious it was. Many things were so difficult, but I saw that Father would call during our dangerous time. Father gave the Jerusalem Declaration direction; he wasn't specific but somehow we knew it was so difficult. If I was totally aligned with heaven then I would have understood.

At the time of the Coronation I was asleep in darkness and I missed this historic providential direction. I really curse myself for that.

In my life of faith I must be fresh like the time we joined the church. When we look at our True Parents they were always the same. We received a revelation from God. I could see that Father was always unchanging. Father's memory is amazingly precise. I would forget but Father would not forget. How can we stay awake 24 hours per day? When we look at flowers, they will live with True Love.

Jesus could not be married because the right conditions weren't there. His mother wasn't absolute. Why must we be absolute?

True Father:

Is there something that we should be absolute for? If there is something, it would be so sad. To do something we must be absolutely clear. We need to understand exactly how to accomplish everything. Father is the one who started it. Since God is absolute he wants his absolute nature to be reflected in us as absolute nature. God has an internal heart and an external heart. The standard of absoluteness between God's idea and our idea is different. Without that standard our mind will be floating. Whenever we talk about these things we talk about absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. Who can reach that absolute standard? You cannot be absolute.

God is unique, unchanging, and absolutely eternal. Absoluteness cannot come about just by standing by itself.

Who created math? 1 x 1 = 1, 1 x 2 = 2 and the one disappears. Who created arithmetic?

God never subtracts or divides; he only adds and multiplies. From 1 to 10 plus is living that way. We do this with minus and then we will disappear.

Angels did not create God. He is absolutely unchanging. God is eternal, unchanging and 90 degrees and creates no shadow. What does the shadow of the moon resemble? Bishop Riley's shadow resembles Bishop Riley. When the sun rises in the morning we can see that the shadows are on the west side. If the sun rises in the east the shadow can go to the west. If Col. Han was here his shadow would be here as well.

The nose is centered on our faces and makes a line. This can be divided into two sides. The sides can be divided down on our neck and our belly button. You have to like the right side more than the left side. That is the proper order. Men existed first, then women were able to come about. These principles of God are actually very simple. The eyes have three components. The white, the iris and the pupil.

Bishop Riley, do you have a wife? (yes) and children? (yes). When I heard about incest in America I wanted to just spit. But I couldn't turn away. I cannot leave this country because I'm needed here. I went the way of death but never died. In South America I went to many dangerous and difficult places. When I am in the room with presidents I felt like I could not speak but I must just go the way of sacrifice and suffering. There are many phenomenon that occur with me.

When I go out to fish, you all can do it how you like, but I can't, I must follow heavenly law. However, through that the fish will come and take my bait. I've tried catching dear and all kinds of animals. Foxes are very clever; there are no foxes in the high regions.

I think that there is no one who has fished as much as I have. On the boat we had to use the vacuum as well. We had two men on the boat and we could relieve our selves. It is natural. If women are there, we must hide ourselves from them and they must turn away.

The water eventually will dissolve the wastes into useable nutrients so it naturally is in synergy. The stomach sometimes produces gas and it comes out. This is all natural.

If someone has to make an offering, if they can't control their bodily functions to prepare and sacrifice for the offering then the offering can't be received. Sometimes we are meant to pass gas. It's all natural. God made us that way.

When I change my clothes I can do it in 7 minutes. This is something that I came up with concerning this watch clip. I am so detailed that I could design the watch. This is also why I could discover the Principle. I can do it very quickly. Of course I can undo it very quickly. Wearing it and taking it off. I can do that very efficiently. I don't wear rings. I don't like accessories so much.

There is a balance to everything. I am naturally good at everything because of the balance in the principle. There is a formula on how we can put on the belt and all clothes. I learned how to do things easily. That is why it works so well. Even if I work for 30 -- 40 minutes I can do the work of many others. I am 91 by Korean age and in my 92nd year. Sometimes I don't even feel hungry -- I miss 2 or 3 meals and don't even notice it. Then I can eat just once and it saves time! I've passed each test along the way. So I can manage time and do so much in a short time. While there are some who always think about eating food, I can just forget about it.

I never had to use weapons for God's will. If we do marksmanship however I can quickly become the best because of my focus. When you do something, you should have a clear idea of what is the best way to do it. When you shoot the clay birds -- I can hit 15 in a row. I can master that in one tenth of the time. I can do that because of the mental training that I've had.

In just a matter of a short time I could master a whole book. I could see the whole book that has many words and I can look at the whole page and absorb it.

Let me teach you a song. For those who don't speak Korean, that is not good. I'm giving you three years to learn. Within three years I learned Japanese. So you must learn.

In terms of learning English, I learned a certain accent and then it was difficult to change it.


Whether young or old, there was a tomb with grass on it. Behind that tomb my grandmother's flowers bloomed. My grandmother loved me and taught me many things. The flower was very pretty: the "windflower". I felt my grandmother was incarnated into that flower. That grandmother is so nice and so warm. She told me, "Whether you are sad or happy you should always sing this song and I will be with you."

All my life it has been difficult and I had to shed many tears. Whenever I'm going up the mountain I always think of this song. My ancestors have been with me, guiding and protecting me. I feel so grateful. The spirit world and Jesus are with me. Many times I feel like singing that song. This is the song for children from the ancestors. If you sing this song all the flowers will dance with you.

There are so many people that prayed for my death. Still I survived. The white lily and the rose are like wife and husband. The flowers are like hanging flowers. With the white lily that is here -- there is so much fragrance here. The same is with the rose. The rose has some thorns. The roses and the lilies are very special.

Jesus wants to have a bride -- that was the purpose for creation. I was going down this road and passed a tree with thorns. How was I able to accomplish this? I went to a rock in this area and prayed. It was not a lie that Jesus was able to feed 5000 people.

Satan destroyed my family that I came from. 5 people died in one year. Someone that I liked was taken away. Tragedies have occurred around me. A tiger came and flew in front of me. I could communicate with the tiger and the creation. Through the creation I could learn answers about God's providence. I tried to catch the tiger. The female tiger appeared when I tried to catch the other. I learned from that. It turned out I was having experiences with the spirit world.

There was a big tree in my neighborhood, a chestnut tree. The tiger would come to me and say, "Hey Sun Myung." Because of that training I could learn about God and the principle. The chapter on resurrection is not a lie. The mind and body are fighting with each other because of the Fall.

I hear a lot about Rev. Kwak. I also hear about his daughter Jun Sook.

Michael Jenkins, where is your wife? (In Washington DC. She is coming tonight) How about Reiko Kawasaki? (From Las Vegas.)

Dr. Yang, you were able to chase out demons. Please testify about that. I have had many experiences like that.

Dr. Yang:

Father trained me. Father came to America in 1971. I had joined the church just before that. We were told not to go to the University but to go to the front line. At that time they were called to be part of a special team. There was an open door of what to do. Then Father appeared in my dream at the former Headquarters church in Cheon Pa Dong. Father and Mother both appeared in my dream. I had passed my preliminary test because I wanted to be a lawyer. Yet Father appeared to me spiritually and told me not to go. When I gave up my school my parents became difficult. I went to the front line. Then after many years Father appeared again in my dream. I had studied theology and Father told me which school to go to. After that dream, I went to the Methodist school. Should I go to the front line or to the University? "If you know the truth then the truth will guide you", I heard in a voice. During my four years in the University I didn't have to worry about tuition.

Someone received a direction from Father to pay for my tuition. I was able to have money enough for one year. I was able to have spending money. Later in the 80's I was fighting with leftist students. Father was directly guiding me. If I went to college instead of following Father's direction I may have left the church (Father said you might have died). I am more intellectual than spiritual. Instead of saying that I did God's will I felt that I was guided by God and that I didn't do it.

We were told that when we witness -- 40 % is spiritual, 30 % is the principle and 30 % is our ancestors. I could write many stories about my course with True Parents -- we don't realize how much God is working and spirit world is working behind the scenes for our development and accomplishments. At this point Father is the embodiment of God and is guiding us so directly. Sometimes we respect Father so much, when we are away we miss him, however when we are with him sometimes we are afraid of Father. When Father is not in America we feel lonely.

True Father:

Sometimes you need to have those spiritual experiences. When you have that kind of spiritual experiences you will be able to go that course.

There a lot of American women who don't like you. He is like a female lion. He doesn't have the kind of face that people feel affection from. Good women that support him will be blessed. He has strong masculine aspects. His sister works at the palace. I appointed Dr. Yang to Las Vegas, Korea, and then America -- people didn't like it -- you will see however what will happen. It has been 16 years. He knows things that you don't know. You know a lot about Las Vegas. Please tell us about Las Vegas.

Dr. Yang:

I learned a lot about Las Vegas. On the 50 state speaking tour we attended Father at the Methodist church. I had never been to Atlantic City. To go to the city you have to have time and money.

Father then brought me to Las Vegas. I found that people are working very hard in Las Vegas. I managed the New Yorker. I found that the casino business and the hotel business are completely different. The Aria casino has 10,000 employees. MGM has 7,000. There are people working 24/7. There are billions of dollars in cash. It looks simple but everything is electronically recorded. They know how much your average bet is. They know where you stayed and what you did. Now Las Vegas has become a huge convention area. There are about 150,000 hotel rooms, which is double that of New York. There is a lot to learn there. There are many forms of existence there. We should work as hard as the people there.

Father wants us to understand how to move the world and win the world. Father never has a normal schedule. Sometimes Hoon Dok Hae starts at 2 am. Father speaks a long time there. Father sacrifices there, whereas others come for a vacation. Father is setting the highest level spiritual conditions. Father went to the Ocean to win the battle of Washington Monument. Once Father was at Yeosu for 85 days. Father can sanctify any area. Then Father is liberating and cleansing Las Vegas. Las Vegas is fun and exciting. 43 million visited there by plane in 2009. This is a successful city in the desert. There are world class shows there. Some of the performances are truly amazing feats of physical discipline and acrobatics. They do it every day so I thought, "Am I working as hard and as seriously as these people?"

Father said work as hard for God's will as you play in the casino. In the casino you can easily stay up all night. You should stand when you lose money. In Black Jack there is a time when your fortune goes up and your fortune goes down.

There are thousands of people that gamble as their job -- as soon as they win 30% they quit. Others who are not professional will lose everything. It is normal to play for 48 hours. We get rid of the 9 to 5 spirit very easily.

Just like Father has many fishing rods, Father has many organizations, including the church, UPF and ACLC.

True Father:

The only way you will understand Las Vegas is if you go there. I have a system:

If I teach you will make a lot of money. When three people go united, they will not lose. If you know when the Black Jack will come, you can win a lot. You can also give out to others in Las Vegas.

When you make money, beyond what you have, you should give it to others. You can really move others that aren't so fortunate when you help them like this. You can bring them to God this way.

Stand up Please!

(Father Spoke standing)

Sincerity moves heaven. Please be careful going home now. Give your sincere devotion for this next event. 

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