The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

People On Earth Must Make The Right Conditions

Sun Myung Moon
July 12, 2010
East Garden
Unofficial notes: Mike Lamson

On Monday July 12th around 50 leaders from America gathered at east Gardens to welcome True Parents to America and joined with True Parents for lunch. True Parents sat at the head table with 8 or 9 of their grandchildren. This was such a beautiful site.

After lunch Father shared for a few hours and I wanted to share the notes that I took with you. Please remember that these note are not official. Dr. Yang was the Emcee and off and on during the sharing father would ask him to share things.

True Father:

If people on the earth are not making the right conditions then everything will change. We have to center our lives on True Parents and make a contribution.

Father told Dr. Yang that he should share about how much Father scolded him in Las Vegas.

(Dr. Yang repented for falling asleep so often when he was with Father)

(Father made a funny face to show that Dr. Yang was snoring.)

Things that seem impossible or not practical become a reality under Fathers direction.

God works 24 hours a day so Father works 24 hours a day. Las Vegas works 24 hrs a day so Las Vegas is like Father, Las Vegas is doing Cain's work and Father is doing Abel's work.

Dr. Yang: sharing from Fathers notebook

Fathers special declaration given in Las Vegas at 3:25 am in Aria Hotel. Parents decided to hold an event in Korea on July 8th.

We proclaim the completion of the Las Vegas providence.

Korea is now the homeland for God.

True Father:

I wrote all this on a small paper.

No matter how big a person you are you need education, everyone needs education.

All blessed families should thoroughly study the Divine Principle, the absolute sexual ethics from Original Divine Principle and the Seunghwa education through family Hoon Dok Hae everyday.

We are no longer in the age of indemnity, the age of restoration through indemnity.

Less than three years remain until 2013.

Your ancestors will be coming to join you, 8 generations will now live together.

I am living now with the grace of heaven and earth. Our children are 100 years ahead of us. They will stand as our elders now and in the future.

We can not catch the moment if we are always sleeping.

Rev. Kwak has made a great mistake and my greatest mistake was to marry my son to his daughter. Who can lead the church now. No one told me what was happening until it was too late. From now on I will kick people out who make such mistakes.

Dr. Yang:

Reading books 9 and 10 I can see that Father knew the future. What he said when he was 35 years old is true today.

There are no accurate words from Jesus because what we have is the writing from others.

With Father we have everything clearly recorded in Korean.

True Father:

There is no one in America preparing my speech books -- stupid people.

Father asked Dr. Yang if he had finished saying what he needed to say, maybe I need to scold you more.

You may think you are smart and have money but that is not the most important thing.

If I start talking too much now it will never end so I will wait until Hoon Dok Hae.

Christians in the early days could not understand what I wanted to say.

I came back to America because I can not give up on America or humanity.

Father asked Dr. Yang to sing a song so he sang Holy Arirang.

You need to understand Korean so that you can feel what I say. You can shed tears, so much history is in a language, even good morning has so many meanings in Korean.

When there is an X there is no space for O but many X's can fit in an O. [X being correct and O being wrong]

I studied English very hard but these days I am forgetful and it takes me longer to remember and to learn.

We need language. We learn so many different languages. Poor God, he has to deal with 6000 different languages.

I learned Confucianism when I was young and parts of that will always be a part of me.

My great grandfather was very good at Chinese and I learned a lot from him about Chinese characters when I was 7 years old. I used to have many folders with those Chinese characters in them. I wish I had those materials but they disappeared in the Japanese occupation. I also wrote a lot when I was young. From the past I could see the future. My mind would know things, mind and body unity essence of mind. Do you understand that kind of level. If you reach that level of mind and body unity you would all know what is going to happen. We need to pray.

Americans need to understand hunger so that you can understand people that suffer from hunger.

You need to understand the world of God and focus less on materialism.

Col. Han, why did you not bring the book you wrote to Father?

Some people want to take my words away, they do not understand ownership.

Arirang is about love. There are many Arirangs so it depends on where you are from. If you do not have the appropriate love you might be struck by lighting.

I give people around me money and people wonder were the money comes from. I can beat the Las Vegas system.

Many things used in America were in use in Korea long ago.

Yesterday In Jin Nim shared in her message that I am her father and that I am your father, this is right.

Even if we can not eat or sleep we should be excited to live in this time. We should be fresh and alive and we need to always be spiritually awake. You should keep that fresh spirit you had when you joined the Unification Church

When I received the revelation from God I never wavered or changed, I still remember everything.

When you look at flowers you will see that when the root is dead the flowers also die.

Jesus could not be married. He was hurt and saddened by this.

If there is nothing we want absolutely then that is so sad. We need to understand when we talk about absolute that God himself is absolute. He wants us to also be absolute.

Our concepts of absolute are different but we need some that are like God's. If not we will always be floating.

God's character is unchanging, unique and eternal. We must become unique or we can not become absolute.

When you add absolute to everything you can live.

Father talked for a while about numbers.

God never subtracts He only adds. If you subtract things disappear.

Satan has no right of ownership.

Angels did not create God.

In the morning when the sun rises there are shadows everywhere. If Col. Han is here the his shadow is here as well.

We have wives and daughters and when I heard about incest in America I was so upset I wanted to spit.

A lot of amazing phenomena happen around me all the time. Even in my sleep I talk about up and down and left and right. When I go out to fish sometimes I just sit and the fish come to bite. I have tried to catch many animals, foxes are very clever. One time I caught 7 foxes in one day. I had to study their footprints to know if they were up the mountain or down.

Father teaches us a song about the grandmother flower (Halmi Kot) he sings the song and the room was filled with so much heart, I got goose bumps!!!! He said that the song was about a flower that grew bent over like a grandmother.

True Father:

When I was around 4 years old and would see this flower I thought it was my grandmother reincarnated through the flower, like she came back to me. My grandmother was so nice and loving to me. She told me that I should sing this song when I was in a difficult time and that she would come be with me. Now when I climb a hill or mountain I always think of this song. My ancestors, spiritual world and Jesus have always protected me and I am so grateful for this. If you sing this song all the flowers will sing with you.

So many people have wanted my death but I survived.

Jesus wanted to have a bride. Do you know what I am talking about?

In the Unification Church we are always being kicked out but God works in this.

The people I loved most died. All my best friends died, my uncle had 9 pigs drown and his cow died. My brothers and older sister have been buried. Everything I have ever been afraid of has happened. One day even a tiger spirit flew in front of me.

When I was 15 I tried to catch a tiger. The female tiger appeared. I thought there was only one. (these were spirit tigers not real tigers). When I was young I would climb trees. Young Myung was my name then. The tiger spirit would come up the tree and talk with me.

Now days Rev. Kwak and his daughter Jun Sook are doing wrong things. I know what will happen to them.

Rev. Jenkins, do you know Reiko?

Rev. Jenkins says yes, she is in DC and will be here in the morning.

No, I mean Reiko from Las Vegas, she died. How can we have these misunderstandings?

Dr. Yang you should share about when you chased out evil spirits.

Don't question about the existence of spiritual world. The only person that does not like what I say is Satan.

Dr. Yang:

We all have spiritual experiences. I joined the church right before 1971 when father went to America. At that time Father asked members not to go to school but to work on the frontline. I did not know what to do. True Father appeared to me in a dream. The room was full of beautiful food. True Parents gave me food and told me to go to the US. My parents were really upset. After many years passed Father appeared again in a dream. I was worried about going to school or staying on the frontline. Spirit told me to go to school and to not worry about tuition. Members received dreams from Father that they should help pay my tuition.

True Father:

(Talking to Dr. Yang) If you did not join the Unification Church you would have died.

There are a lot of people in the Unification Church that do not like you Dr. Yang. You look like a lioness.

With a good woman and children you will have good descendents. Dr. Yang has a good family. I appointed Dr. Yang to America, then Las Vegas, then Korea and now back to America. Some people do not like that. Dr Yang knows so much about Las Vegas.

When I go to Las Vegas I do not lose money. Maybe I should train a few people. If three people play together as one they will not lose. If you know when the Black Jack is coming you will make money. The money you make in profit you should always give away. 

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