The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Get Ready to Enter Heaven

Sun Myung Moon
July 10, 2010

At the conclusion of the Proclamation of the Substantial Word of God and the Era of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, on July 8 at the Cheon Jeong Peace Palace, Father instructed all who were present, including many from the West, to attend a truncated Original Divine Principle workshop at the Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center. These are excerpts from what Father said to those participants at their workshop's conclusion on July 10.

The day there is only the One Being, and all day long there is only the One Being. In early April, on New Year's Day, and for tens of thousands of years, for eternity, there is only the One Being.

No one has changed that name. But then where is the One Being who is loved by all human beings? He is visible but invisible. If you try to touch Him, though He is invisible, you will feel His pulse and everything else under your fingers. Though you may be able to feel all parts of Him, you still cannot see Him. But you know He is there because you can hear Him breathing....

The body and the mind became divided. Your minds and bodies are divided, aren't they? They are divided and in conflict. What of the people whose minds and bodies are always in conflict? Conflict cannot exist in the world of God's ideal of creation, and so it must come to an end....

Born as a human being, the God-given responsibility of establishing the main standard by which the family can be revolutionized lies with me. What, then, am I doing for the family? The family that used to live in the lonely mountains comes to live in the village, and moves from the village to the county, from the county to the province, from the province to the nation, from the nation to the world, finally to live both in heaven and on earth -- that is, on the throne of God. I am teaching you the dutiful way by which you can pass through the eight stages....

The settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind... The substance that settles is not that which is the invisible God in the spirit world; nor can it be God, the Lord of creation, who can appear in physical form, who is the owner. The angelic world is not relevant to this. It is the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. The Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind become the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. When the word "humankind" is included, the parents become True Parents.

Actually, I was not going to come here today. The spirit world was in an uproar from early this morning. What is this important meeting about? It is about July 8th and the settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. And next comes the Assembly to Proclaim the Substantial Word. It is not the substantiation of the proclamation of the word, but the opposite, that is, the Assembly to Proclaim the Substantial Word. Who is to make the declaration? The declaration is being made because the substance has become one with the word. God Himself, religion itself, and the nation itself are all represented.

And so the proclamation had been made, and this is the first meeting since the first workshop came to an end at the conclusion of the proclamation.

Before the Unification Church was widely known, I created the Little Angels and they began their historic work. No one knew this fact, and I too did not have enough sense to know everything, but I followed [Heaven's] orders nonetheless. And no I have written about the work to be done by Heaven in my autobiography. I have created the texts and teaching materials.

The developed nations leading the world have world-renowned universities with the means to make textbooks that history will remember. However, I alone know the teaching materials that include the beginning of heaven and earth, their progress, and the crystallization of the earth that can firmly settle in its final destination. This is not something we can change to suit our needs.

[Father calls out Dr. Peter Kim. Dr. Kim says in English, "I'd like to conclude...."]

[Father interrupts in English]

I'd like to conclude... This kind of language -- don't use this Konglish, please! [Reverting to Korean] You should speak Korean! You didn't know, did you, that anything you say in an official setting should be said in Korean. Tell him. In the future it will be so that English cannot be used in official activities. Do you understand what I'm saying?

In all events, if you don't speak Korean, you will not be able to speak in an official capacity. It will be done in Korean.

How many Koreans are here? [In English] This time, gathering here in this place for this conference.... [Reverting to Korean] How many countries? Koreans, hold up your hands. Just a few. When this three years ends, there will be problems over the issue of the Korean language. It will be problem related to entering heaven. I am Korean, a person of this homeland of Korea. My descendants, sons and daughters, will not be able to enter into heaven if they do not know my language. [In English] Speak in Korean. You cannot use your country's language. [Inaudible, about studying, learning, submitting] [Reverting to Korean] Don't use it. Do you understand?

After the D-Day passes in three years, people who don't know Koreans or Korea will not even participate in events. I said in 1985 that everyone must learn Korean. My words convey the laws of Heaven. You should be busy learning Korean. If I don't tell you to do it, you won't do it.

There are still three years remaining, so studying Korean won't be a problem. When I was young, I did all the Japanese graduate school studies in a year and half. I would stay up nights to do that. I could look at five pages, and the content didn't appear to me in Japanese. Instead, it appeared to me translated into Korean. You can do that, too, if you offer Jeong Seong. Do you understand? [Yes.] Though you want to come in here, people who don't' speak Korean will not be allowed to enter. Do you understand? It won't matter whether you are Japanese, American or German.

Are you my sons and daughters? Are you my adopted children? If you are my lineal children, how is it you can't speak my language?... You must be able to speak the language. From no you need to know who your ancestors were up to the third and even the seventh generation. Eight generations will enter Heaven together, so you need to stay up all night teaching all the people within the eight generations. I will not go to that nation on my own. God will not allow me to go. Someone will come from that nation to guide me to it. We need to use this period to create everything about that nation, including the tradition, and that is why I am giving you this urgent information. You need to understand this.

You are all listing to the interpreters, aren't you? [In English] Now you are hearing this, no problem? The interpreters are clearly giving the explanation of the Korean in your country's language. Do you understand it? Is the interpreter clearly speaking and connecting the content with your language? Is that true? [Yes.]

[Reverting to Korean] No matter what happens, you should speak in Korean. I told you in 1985 to learn Korean, so what have you been doing? If you are my sons and daughters, then you should have been studying desperately at the embassies....

I need to talk about the spiritual world, because no one knows about that world. When I speak, I go on talking for an hour, ten hours, or even twenty hours. I once spoke for about seventeen hours-16 hours and 47 minutes to be precise -- standing up the whole time. There I am, opening my mouth to speak, and then words come out of my mouth. And I too gain understanding. I speak knowing what I'm saying, and then I hear what I say and come to know it again. That is how the Divine Principle came to be. Because you did not understand, the facts I came to know all seemed like untruths to you.

So you listened to me, to those long speeches, as they all were. If I had not been here, therefore, no one would know the Divine Principle book, which until now has passed through seventy-five years since my childhood.... No one knows this. They have all gone. No one knows.

In the past, I said the same thing over and over again, forty-seven times, at the age of sixteen, but the thousands of people who had come to hear what I said could not understand anything I said at all. The speeches were long. But aren't those very words now printed in Cheon Seong Gyeong and being read in Hoon Dok Hae? They have not been revised, but remain as they were. I am amazed at how logical what I 'd said was, and I wonder who could have made everything fit so nicely from all sides. It was God who made it so, because He is the owner, not I....

I am telling you to distribute it. You too need to buy 430 copies. [One member: Yes, I will buy them, Father.] Who said that?? [Laughter] If you don't, a big problem will arise, because you won't be able to register your name. There are conditions that need to be met to be registered. To become the true sons and daughters of God, you need to fulfill thousands, even tens of thousands, of conditions. If the standard is lost that sets straight the teachings that can correct everything about a people that is wrong, it is because it is separated from the Principle. You need to follow the Divine Principle. You must follow it as it is written...

You need to educate your children to be independent, so that if their parents are wrong, they will know not to listen to their parents. Then it would be okay for them to leave their home. That is what the present reality is like.

I think I should get back to the main subject of my talk. Henceforth, when the Unification Church holds meetings for all its members, there should be no translation or interpretation from Korean to other languages. Anyone who will not accept that, please stand up. If you can't accept it, stand up, turn around and walk out of the back door....

You can receive and carry out the work of the liberated God who is all-transcendent, all-immanent and all-capable, and represent Him. On your "new year's day" the spirit world and good spirits will accomplish a thousand years of history in one day. They will line up to sing praises and dance. You can become the owners of such a world, who can create future generations, and become the younger siblings of God. Do you understand? You can become the mother, father, or younger sibling of God, become their representatives and graduate holding the banner that confirms you have surely received your inheritance. 

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