The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

God is the Owner and Victor

Sun Myung Moon
July 1, 2010

On July 1 at Blue Sea Garden in Yeosu, Father hosted Hoon Dok Hae for twenty-three and a half hours for Japanese women participating in a forty-day workshop for "world ocean leaders." Even for the relatively young women, it was difficult, but they stayed from beginning to end. The following is excerpted from the first few hours of what Father said that day.

What have I spoken about that needs to be brought to a conclusion? It is the settlement of the Abel UN, and the completion of Cheon Il Guk in Korea. The dominance of the West in history has come to an end, and the center has now shifted to the East. Centering on the first year of the Foundation of Heaven, there is no such thing as the solar calendar or the lunar calendar. That's the way history is moving. Henceforth, we need to calculate all dates based on the heavenly calendar. This is something I have declared....

What was the Fall? If God and human beings had been in the same lineage, that is, centered on the same bloodline, and God had thus occupied His position as the owner, that would have been the conclusion of the world.

Who owns Korea now? The Korean president is not Korea's owner, any more than the American president is America's, the Chinese president is China's, or the Russian president is Russia's. They are leaders and kings in the satanic world. Once the establishment of the Abel UN is completed, they will all submit voluntarily. Next, the completion of Cheon II Guk will take place in Korea. There must be a central nation among all nations, and Korea must become that central nation.

The owner of this universe was originally God, God the one being. What humankind hasn't known is that there was a God of Night and there is a God of Day. What is it that I need to do? I need to reveal once again the fundamentals of all this history.

Those who know this understand that we need to restore, through indemnity, Adam and Eve, who are of this world that was created by the God of Day. However, there has not yet been an owner who could achieve that. Therefore, True Parents are to come in place of the lord, and they are the absolute lords of true life, true lineage and true sovereignty.

How did the Fall take place? The God of Day created human beings in the form of Adam and Eve, but they died through the Fall.... He created Adam and Eve and later, because of the Fall, they were driven out. So everything needs to be restored.

Until now, you have desired to be the internal and external body of God. Establishing Abel constitutes the internal perfection of Korea, and the completion of Cheon Ii Guk constitutes the external perfection of Korea. To bring this about, True Parents appeared on this earth. Before that, there were no True Parents.

If True Parents had been there, theirs would have been a world without the Fall. What is the world without the Fall? It is a place without the concept of rebirth. You need to understand this clearly. There can be no such thing as the concept of rebirth. God's providence of restoration refers to our reaching the point of rebirth in order to indemnify the sins of the fallen world. After the Fall, the original place of spiritual birth cannot be found. And Jesus came to earth to take the position of the True Parent. Why, then, did he come? Inheriting the satanic world's bloodline and becoming the sons and daughters of the lineage of Satan could not have happened within the ideal God held at the time of the Creation.

Now, God is in two positions, one in the created world, and the other in the world before the Creation. You have received your lives from the satanic world. You have inherited the satanic world's bloodline. Because you have not inherited God's life and bloodline, you cannot be with Him. You are His biggest enemy.

After creating the world, God warned Adam and Eve, Do not cat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. That was at the beginning of history. What is the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil? Who made it? God did not make it. He didn't even have the concept in mind of a fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

Then how did the Fall take place? By eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, there was destruction and expulsion, and the realm of death began to conquer this world.

The Bible speaks of this world -- this is what is amazing in the Bible. "And there was evening, and there was morning -- the first day." This is important. What is missing here is that there was evening, and then passing through the night, and then the next morning came Thus, after the evening passed and the morning came, which was the first day. This signifies that there is a God of Day and a God of Night. God could not welcome that first day on which He could say; "...there was morning -- the first day." You need to be aware of this.

I will say something about the Book of Genesis. You cannot find what's in the Book of Genesis in any other holy scripture in the world. People don't know about Genesis. There is a God of Night and a God of Day; and He is divided. The beginning point at which night and day could be unified, and nighttime adjusted so that it could be one with day, has not been seen in the course of history. True Parents were not here.

Adam himself was driven out. That he fell implies his expulsion. True Parents have to come to correct Adam and Eve's errors. Because of the Fall, however, there hasn't been anyone in history until now who could climb up to the position of the True Parent.

What of the religious and political worlds? The political world is dominated by Satan; therefore, Satan has trodden on, crushed, and driven out the conscience of the conscientious realm of the good heavenly nation, and done that to heaven itself. And he has taken it over. The one who has occupied the throne of the God of Night and day is not the God of Night and day, but Satan.

Yesterday and today, night has come in, and so the realm of life and lineage under the dominion of Satan is still entangled in yesterday and even today. God, who is in the position of the original mind in the center of the realm of conscience, could not interfere even though He knew the Fall was about to take place. This is because the events by which night and day can be connected centering on True Parents have not yet come to pass.

Adam and Eve, the potential True Parents, became false parents; and they were driven out. What became of their bloodline? Satan usurped the position of the owner, establishing the enemy's bloodline, the enemy's life and the enemy's throne as the enemy of God who should never have been on earth. Because they were lost, Satan knows that God needs to restore them.

At the original standard, which is a standard above that of the Fall, rebirth would not be necessary. The resurrected Jesus would have become became the king of families, and there would have been no need for a nation of Israel. The family failed to become God's family. Israel was referred to as the realm of the "chosen people." Though God tried to recover the Abel realm in the nation of Israel, in the end Israel did not have the foundation for God to dwell in the family, nation, and world. Therefore, God is in the process of trying to restore them again, even though humanity doesn't know about this. Though you have assembled here, you don't really know God, do you?

The period from the first year of Cheon II Guk to the thirteenth year is the period wherein all historic beginnings are straightened out. Though millions of people have come and gone, they were all in Satan's bloodline.

In a world where Heaven and the king of kings should have reigned over God's nation, a false king of kings appeared, shed the blood of others and even killed them. There are ruling parties and opposition parties. The ruling parties try to destroy the opposition and the opposition, even while it is on the outside, tries to bring the ruling party to yield. Such battles still continue.

Why haven't they ended? If True Parents had appeared and initiated the life and lineage by which they could rule over the true, absolute and unique night and day, there would have been no need on earth for Israel. There would have been no need for the Lord at his Second Coming, or for Jesus in the realm of the first Israel. There would be no need for the Second Coming....

God's bloodline was stolen away and made Satan's own. Satan took a being created by God, caused it to fall and planted its seed in his own realm of life. And that came to be humankind today. Though billions of people have gone to the next world, not one of them has entered the kingdom of heaven. Though Jesus came as the second Adam, he is only in paradise.

To find what has been lost by the invisible God and the God of Day, the path of indemnity needs to be followed through the one, two, four, and seven dimensions, and on the basis of that triumph, your blessing should blossom and the completion of the unified Cheon II Guk will take place in Korea, our homeland. On that basis -- after all that is done -- God will be enthroned, on the foundation of the new life, the seed of love and the rectified bloodline, and His presence will be known. What day is set for this manifestation? Today, at this morning's Hoon Dok Hae. Then, what is the significance of this morning's Hoon Dok Hae? It signifies that night and day are no longer separated.

That is why the establishment of Abel can take place. It is not the establishment of an owner. The event for that firm establishment was held on April first. This is the establishment of the Abel UN. You don't know what the Abel UN is, because I made up the terms Cain UN and Abel UN. You don't know about Cain and Abel. Do Christians know about them? The line between reconciling and not reconciling, that line between life and death in Adam's family, was crossed when Cain killed Abel. Thus the history of war, bloodshed, and conflict has continued until now. Unless these are done away with, the history of warfare will never disappear from this earth....

The textbooks and teaching materials have already been made. Those who have graduated from grade school can be educated, it doesn't matter where they are. People from the United Kingdom, the United States and France are all destined to read them. The 6.5 billion people in the world can study the way to go directly to the kingdom of God through these texts.... Wherever you are, if you desire to become a citizen of the kingdom of heaven, you can study how to do so, because you have the textbooks and teaching materials.... These are the texts and teaching materials of the God of Night.

They are not found in the world of the God of Day. None of these texts can be subtracted from the whole. This morning's Hoon Dok Hae is the time to clarify this. What I have given you to read for Hoon Dok Hae is simple content. Just as the families who came to the ocean at the beginning of this workshop were transformed in eight days, the world's nations will be turned upside down in eight days. What would remain behind for those who have their nations in that new realm after the fire burning at 300 million degrees? You need to know that any being that has received the seed of true love cannot be burned, even by the fire of the sun....

The issue is that we are now living in an era when people can generate heat at 300 million degrees. What does that mean? It refers to the philosophy of victory, that is, Goodism. Though it may seem that Satan won the war and has remained triumphant, it is actually God who, after a course of suffering, won the victory....

Even if God were to be cut up in into microscopic pieces, He is not really divided up at all. His inner and outer, higher and lower, front and rear aspects are united as one. God has maintained such a level until now, such that even if someone touches Him by one hair, He can relate with that person based on the unique code on that person's fingertip. God is not dead; on the contrary, He is very much alive.

Since He has come to know the entire world through strands of hair and skin, and since He can bring them together as one through His hands and feet, there is liberation....

Then there is no need for resurrection, rebirth, or Seunghwa; instead of dying and being reborn, you will be born together with True Parents, live together with them, and then enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Thus the kingdom of heaven of boundless liberation and settlement in the world of the King and Queen of Peace will surely come to be. Aju! Then everything will be done.


Father called for forty-three forty-day ocean-based workshops for Japanese women with Korean husbands. When these finished, a thousand eligible women had yet to attend, so he called for seven more. Before the fiftieth workshop, hearing that it was still difficult for some families to part with the mothers for so long, Father called whole families to Yeosu for the first eight days to ease the situation, after which the mothers continued for the remaining days alone. 

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