The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

I Asked Hyun Jin Nim To Give Up All Of His Positions

Sun Myung Moon
June 14, 2010
Unofficial Notes: Luciano Fenoli

I live in Sorak under the palace.

I go to the palace very often...

I just report to you what Abonim said at Hoon Dok Hae after the 2 pages declaration at the royal palace....

1 day and 1 night nonstop. No eating or drinking.

I ask Hyun Jun Nim to give up all the positions and go to USA for 1 year... So that we could freely build the True Father - True Son and True Parents - True Child relationship... At all attempt we did to meet him (even on the way to visit his family in order to give to his 10th child (our grand child). He did all the time avoid it...

Hyung Jin Nim tried to meet him also, but no way.

Now I will make the condition for the spiritual world to intervene...

Then Abonim ask Dr. Seuk to give the report at the headquarters which I attended.

Abonim conclusion and direction was:

Hyun Jin Nim has to be stopped before he decides to come to Korea at any cost and in any way...

All those whom are following him have to go back to their respective position and fulfill their responsibility.

All official direction must be signed and all permission needs the signature of my representative Hyung Jin Nim.

I believe is time to witness to 160 tribal member of the husband-wife or in the nation chosen by lottery last year of Cheon Il Guk in order to bring them to the Blessing on the coming 10th of October in Korea or via satellite in your nation.

Is time of harvest for all of us and not discussing but following True Parents example fishing in Yeosu with 400 Mobilized Japanese sisters with their husband and children above 7 years old, and Hyung Jin Nim fasting 8 days… representing 8000 years with his wife.

So for you and all of us 40 days offering of not speaking and writing... just work and bring substantial result fallowing our true vertical leadership.

Luciano Fenoli from Korea Sorak living under the Royal Palace serving directly the royal family of Cheon Il Guk with classical heavenly music. Aju, Aju, Aju... Ok Mansei. 

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