The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Day of All True Things

Sun Myung Moon
June 12, 2010
Cheon Jeong Gung

You all need to keep records and publish your own autobiography. After that, you need to publish your family stories, the family of your mother and father.... You need to write your family's history. Only when you go to the spirit world and report this will you be able to know which tribe you belong to, all the way to the end -- when the tribes are formed in the heavenly world.

If the conditions you have established on earth are not good, you will be left out. You shouldn't go to that world in a state where you have been left out. You need to make a report on earth in order to be included. That is how important this time is. I say to donate, but I don't need donations now.... I ask you to do that because I know that if you do, your descendants will receive a return thousands and tens of thousands of times greater. Do you understand?

Your mothers and fathers will have to be active from now on. You should meet family by family. No you -- my family and you -- are to inherit these [textbooks], which can be used for Hoon Dok Hae or for teaching, and accomplish your responsibility as families rep- resenting True Parents. Couples have stepped up to do this, and when the husband and wife are gone, their son or daughter will take over. For example, a daughter with her own family will educate her children. That tradition needs to be established. That model will be established. This needs to be done over three generations -- representing the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Completed Testament -- in a way that does everything possible to educate the sons and daughters to establish the four great realms of heart. You need to remember this. Do you understand? If you agree, please raise both hands above your heads and applaud.

You never know where I will be going next. You don't need to know. If you want to know and want to see me, discuss it centering on those textbooks. It's all in there. If you have questions you would like answered, I will even create reference books and hand them out, so that you can accomplish your responsibility to bring your families to completion and to leave a tradition for your descendants that will continue from generation to generation. I am letting you know that this is what you need to do in place of True Parents and in place of your parents. If you understand, please express your acceptance by applauding. [Applause]

Answer this question: Are the people in the audience all from one country or are you from the world? We are from one nation!] I spoke about the individual and the family and about Adam and Eve. Two individuals come together to form a married couple, and that husband and wife go on to form a tribe and nation. Going beyond this, nations must become the world. People must form clans and nations, and become the best among royalty, who can even liberate God. Only then can each person become qualified to stand on the standard of the nation and of the world.

You need to know the kind of person you need to be in order to establish a family You need to know how much you are indebted and how far you still have to travel on this long journey. If you were to go to that world just as you are, there would be no one there. No one can follow me into that world. I cannot take a single step without liberating God and without attending Him as the owner. As every person on earth goes beyond the family, to the levels of tribe, nation, state and world, you can hear footsteps. You can also hear God's footsteps. No one, as someone who can hear the sounds of the thirty-four years of each generation and is able to demonstrate this as fact, has represented all those taking steps behind God, representing God. The era has passed when we can attend God in the position of a parent representing the world.

So who is going to do this in place of each person? True Parents. And each person must be completely one with True Parents. The path that True Parents could take has been absolutely established. An individual tries to go on a long expedition and tens or hundreds of times as far as has already been traveled remains to be covered, but your wife may say to you, "Hey, why don't you rest?" You will try to restart the journey more than a thousand times, and God will pick you up tens of thousands, even millions of times, so that you can accomplish your responsibility. That is where you need to receive what God has to say to you, instructing you in a way that will enable you to go forward, leading your wife and family on that adventurous course. That cannot be accomplished here.

You here -- thousands of you here who have been separated from Satan and hundreds of millions of blessed families around the world who attend God and who must go beyond the world level -- are the formation of a new people. The question is, how will you share blessings with your descendants through Jeong Seong that enables you, within a single generation, to overcome and establish a degree of loyalty such that you no longer need to go to that level?

Here, God will be able to join us in shouts of mansei and say, "It is done." I ask you to decide today not to leave behind you the denial, "I cannot go," and that you will go to this place with actual authority over your family. [Applause] Where will I go? As I go along, I will raise this so that it becomes higher. The top of this pillar represents the final destination God wants to reach. We will hear shouts of joy telling us that the environment has been prepared where the father and mother, and tens of millions of other people in the lineage, want to reach the top of that pillar. We will hear the conclusion -- "Let's go to the place where the Fall never took place, a place without shadows or marks, and rest together, and then move in unison. We will be in a dream of the new heaven and new earth. We will rise up to that world of our imagination and safely settle forever." Aju!

The owners, the sons and daughters of the kingdom of liberation, complete freedom, and eternal peace and prosperity will inevitably have earned the right of the eldest son. Such people will forever be the fruit of liberation who will be able to shout eog mansei and sing praises for eternity. Aju. It is good. [Applause]

So follow me. If all of you take a stand, everything will be finished in less than three years. If you are three times more strongly determined than I am, we can accomplish everything in less than three months, or even three days, and then it will be the final period, when we will shout eog mansei. When that time comes, the world will be filled with God's sons and daughters who can inherit the rights of a child of heaven and can remain in any location and continue God's work of creation in His place -- whether it be on land or in the ocean.

Let's make our start toward that world. If this is what you want, welcome it with applause. Mother will now come forward and offer a prayer of blessing in my place. Prayer. Instead of speaking, please pray. Everyone listen carefully to Mother's prayer. 

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