The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

The Importance of Family in the Ocean Industry

Sun Myung Moon
June 10, 2010
Notes: Changwoo Choi

Hoon Dok Hae on June 10, 2010 was held in Cheong Hae Garden in Yeosu, South Korea. In attendance were 139 participants of the 48th and 49th International Ocean Leaders' Special Workshop, and leaders including Mrs. Gil Ja Sa (Eu), Rev. Sun Jo Hwang and Rev. Jung Ok Yoo. 350 participants of the 8-day workshop and their families took part in Hoon Dok Hae by watching it on a screen in a lecture hall in the training center.

Hoondoksa (official Hoon Dok Hae reader) Yeon Sil Yang read True Father's speech, A New Day , from the eighth volume of the Collection of Speeches by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, which was originally given at the Former Headquarters Church (in Cheong Pa Dong) on February 7, 1960.

During Hoon Dok Hae, father asked, "Who are the people gathered here today? What is it that they are doing?" (They are participants of the International Ocean Leader Special Family Workshop) "Why did you come here? Are you here to gain something? Are you here to meet someone?" There is nothing more important than the family. When three generations of a family have all gathered here, there is nothing that can pull them apart.

Who am I? What do I do? You should know whether I am a person who takes advantage of families of leaders in the ocean industry, or a person who takes care of them. What am I going to do with all the fish we catch? Am I going to eat them? You should set the goal of how the fish are to be used and distribute them. Do it not with a self-centered mind, but instead with a family-centered mind, in order to restore the realm of three generations."

Also True Father mentioned that there is the world of water, the world of air, the world of the sun, and next the world of heart (Shim Jung). Heart (Shim Jung) refers to the owner of the three pillars and three 

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