The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Declaration Clarification

Sun Myung Moon
June 4-5, 2010
Chung Pyung, Korea
Unofficial notes: Luciano Fenoli and Mike Lamson

Hoon Dok Hae which started on June 4th at around 4 or 5 pm when True Parents arrived in Chung Pyung from Yosu where they were supporting the Ocean Workshop with 400 Japanese sisters. The Hoon Dok Hae went through the night and the next day. Father did not eat or sleep during this time.

True Father sharing Declaration Clarifications (main points):

You should be following the Principles.

Read my directions daily

I gave you only one mission to fulfill The Home Town Tribal Messiahship. Win 1-3-12 for a total of 160 members from yours or your wife's home town and if that is not possible for any reason then you should go to the Cheon Il Guk country that I assigned you by lottery last year and make 160 apostles and disciples, bless them and make the Coronation Ceremony. After that come to the Royal Palace with them if possible. If not your Blessed Central Family should come with their representatives and offer two crowns to God the King and Jesus and True Parents the King. At that time you will receive the signature of victory and the citizenship of Cheon Il Guk. Do you understand?

Your responsibility is Tribal Messiah.

You failed 1-1-1 as individual, Home Church 360 and Home Town but I was able to prolong by grace and amnesty until 2013 Jan. 13. After that the gate will be closed.

About my children I gave the clear directions and you do not need to be involved or discuss or mention "THIS IS MY MISSION NOT YOURS."

Please focus on your own mission and responsibility, not mine and my families.

My direct representative of the Royal Heavenly Kingship, (Hyung Jin Nim) with his wife has paid the price for all of the Unification Church leaders and membership by doing 21,000 bows and 8 days fasting.

If each Blessed Central Family would have multiplied 12 times, what numbers we would have.

I already declared that if you do not win your home church or home town that I will send you to help build the Bering Strait tunnel.

Please stop supporting my son's activities (Hyun Jin Nim). Since 2009 I have asked him to resign from all his positions and go to the USA for one year. I wanted to build with him personally, free from burden and responsibility the True Son and True Father Relationship.

Anything else outside of this direction is unprincipled and you will contribute to prolong his return to me as the prodigal son. He needs to be alone and to realize through his loneliness the need of repentance and the need to go back to his original position embraced and guided by the King of Kings.

All those supporting the disobedient son (Hyun Jin Nim) are lead by the Archangelic Evil Spirit and should go to Dae Mo Nim 's 40 days workshop b.

Remember I made the condition for my son Hyun Jin Nim to come back with the intervention of the spiritual world under my orders.

The ones that are following my son are working against God's and my plan and should go back to their original positions and fulfill their missions. This will shorten the history of restoration. If you continue to follow him you will be judged directly by your ancestors. This is my last warning. Do you understand? 

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