The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

A Portion of True Parents' Conversation During the Composition of the June 5, 2010 Proclamations

Sun Myung Moon
June 5, 2010

English Translation (Summary)

True Father: Shall I sign this as well?

True Mother: Yes, dear…You can just write 'Moon Sun Myung.'

True Father: [Father reviews what he has written] Here we have the Korean character that means true. True Parents… People for tens of thousands of generations -- this means all the people in this world, as well as in heaven and on earth -- are citizens of one lineage, and sons and daughters of one Kingdom of Heaven. This includes everyone.

True Mother: Yes.

True Father:

[Father thinks that the first six Chinese characters read "Cosmic (Universal) Peace Federation"]

Subjects of the Universal Peace Federation…

[Father realizes that the Chinese characters for "Federation" are not included and there are only the characters for "Cosmic Peace"]

No problem arises by us not including the word "Federation."

[Father starts reading the same line again]

The headquarters to bring about peaceful unification of the cosmos is absolute and unique. Its representative and heir is Hyung Jin Moon. Anybody else [who claims such authority] would be a heretic and a…

[Father struggles to decipher the Chinese character he wrote -- he had basically created a new word by adding two Chinese characters that had not been associated together before]

True Mother:

[Mother helps Father remember how to read the characters]


True Father:

[At around the same time, Father remembers the characters he had chosen to use]


[Father then explains the meaning of the word he had created while writing out the first Chinese character in the air]

It means a person who eliminates [something or someone] by blowing it up.

[Father continues to read the proclamation]

This is True Parents' proclamation. Signed, Sun Myung Moon.

[Father hands the proclamation to Mother after confirming that it is complete.]

True Mother: You meant to include today's date, right?

True Father: Did I forget to include the date?

[True Parents add the date to the proclamation.]

True Father: This is good enough. We don't need to make the proclamation any stronger.

True Mother: Is it OK for all this content to go out?

Hyung Jin Nim: (Mother is asking because) The wording is a bit strong.

True Mother: This is a bit too strong.

True Father: Why do you say that?

True Mother: Should we upload this to the Internet?

True Father: Yes.

True Mother: How about writing one telling people to only listen to the International President? Isn't that what you wanted to say to everyone? (We talked about) writing a (notice) that you sign, which says, "Unification Church members must only recognize orders from the World Mission Department." Have you changed your mind about it? If we upload that on the Internet, it will be flawless. Once members understand (that is your desire), they will not listen to Hyun Jin. [Indicating the proclamation already written,] I will hold onto this one [meaning that it would not be publicly proclaimed and Mother would keep it].

True Father: What do you mean, "hold onto" it? This has to be proclaimed! Who says to hold onto it? I'm telling you to proclaim this [indicating what he had already written]. I'm telling you to proclaim it. If you proclaim it, then…

[Father stops mid-sentence, looks away, then looks over the first proclamation again.]

True Father:

[Indicating the first proclamation]

Everything is included here. There is no room for argument.

[Father reads the proclamation over again while explaining the same points that he explained earlier.]

I can write the second proclamation (on the back of the first one).

True Mother: Please establish the authority of the World Mission Headquarters.

True Father: That's what I did in (the first proclamation). I wrote that it is the absolute and unique headquarters.

True Mother: Yes, but members don't know that "the headquarters to bring about peaceful unification of the cosmos" is the World Mission Headquarters.

True Father: [Indicating words on the first proclamation] The representative and heir is Hyung Jin Moon. Anyone else [who claims such authority] would be a heretic and destroyer. This is True Parents' proclamation.

[Father hands back the first proclamation.]

True Mother: "Therefore, citizens of Cheon Il Guk should trust only the official notices from the World Mission Headquarters." I think it's important to include this sentence, even though the first proclamation does make everything clear enough. The reason I say this is that (some people) do not recognize the World Mission Headquarters. So please establish the authority of the World Mission Headquarters.

True Father: What is more important than following the World Mission Headquarters is to follow Hyung Jin Moon.

True Mother: Yes, but the problem is the current state of the movement… (I wish things weren't the way they are now.)

True Father: What is it that needs to be written? Why don't you write the second proclamation? It can be your proclamation.

True Mother: I'm sorry but it needs to go out in your name.

True Father: Please tell me again what needs to be written.

True Mother: "Only trust the memos from the World Mission Headquarters." This is all that needs to be said. In other words, it would be a reduction of the first proclamation, saying, "Only memos from the World Mission Headquarters are valid. Signed, Sun Myung Moon." That is what I am suggesting. The focus doesn't need to be on establishing Hyung Jin's authority. It can just be to establish the authority of the World Mission Headquarters in your name. Please write a simple proclamation in this way. [Addressing Hyung Jin Nim,] You need to educate the members about this (first proclamation) so they understand it. [Speaking to Father,] I understand (the intent and purpose of) the first proclamation, but for what will go on the Internet, please write a short one-line proclamation.

True Father: I want to write it on the back of the first proclamation.

True Mother: Yes, that is fine. Please write on the back (of the first proclamation).

True Father: Can you tell me again what to write?

True Mother: [Mother starts repeating the sentence she had requested from Father] World Mission Headquarters…

True Father: What kind of mission work does it do?

True Mother: It promotes the Unification Church.

True Father:

[Father starts to formulate the second proclamation in his mind and with his hands first]

The church that will unify the cosmos… The church that will unify the cosmos…

True Mother: [Reminding Father about the actual title of the organization,] The World Mission Headquarters…

True Father: The headquarters of the church that will unify the cosmos…

True Mother: We have to include the words "World Mission Headquarters," in parenthesis (if necessary). The reason is that "World Mission Headquarters" is the current legal name of the organization which Hyun Jin ignores.

[Mother and Father go back and forth, discussing what name should go on the proclamation.]

True Father:

[Father has begun writing the second proclamation. He reads the first four characters that he has written]

Special Notice...

True Mother: It can just be one line long.

[Father has written the Chinese characters for "cosmos" and "unification." True Mother and Hyung Jin Nim remind Father that the proclamation should be about the World Mission Headquarters of the Unification Church. Father adds the character for "church"]

True Father: The church to unify the cosmos...

[True Mother and Hyung Jin Nim ask Father to add the words "World Mission Headquarters." Father begins the second line with the characters for "world," "unification," and "church." Then Father draws two lines from the first and second lines and writes the characters for "mission" and "headquarters." After adding the Korean character meaning "of," True Parents discuss the best way to complete the proclamation. Father adds the Chinese characters for "official notice," then deeply considers what the right word is to use next, while Mother suggests that the proclamation could either be in True Parents' name or just in Father's name. Finally, Father starts to write the last portion of the proclamation and the video ends.] 

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