The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Ad Lib Words During The Events In Las Vegas, NV

Sun Myung Moon
May 9, 2010
Unofficial notes: Rhia Clemente

I was very fortunate to be able to attend these Historical Celebratory events of HONORING THE CORONATION, GOLDEN WEDDING ANNIVERSARY and LEGACY OF PEACE on the FOUNDATION OF THE ABEL UN.

Three weeks before this event I had this great dream of In Jin Nim sent invitations to a party when I was about to leave, suddenly In Jin Nim and True Parents came over to our house.

Overcoming to be there was the Best thing happened to me this week!

The first program, was the Coronation and Golden Wedding Anniversary, Rev. Hyung Jin Nim was there and offered the Report Prayer. Then the Entrance of Attendants, Entrance of True Parents, (True Parents wearing black coat and neck tie, True Mother wearing beautiful bright red top), In Jin Nim and Sun Jin Nim brought to True Parents the royal gowns but they were only placed on the table, then Rev. Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim brought the Royal crowns. Then In Jin Nim's two youngest sons gave True Parents flowers.

We had a 30 minutes break and I was able to come closer to the stage and get chance to see the True Children closer, many brothers and sisters took pictures of them. I was lucky to be a friend of In Sup Nim in FB and had a chance to get picture with him and later Kwon Jin Nim and his wife.

The second program was the Ascension Festival, True Parents added a very special person Reiko Kawasaki, a medical doctor in Las Vegas and a 17th generation Descendant of Tokugawa Leyasu, last Shogun of Japan. True Father wrote in his speech,

"Through her benign influence from the spiritual world, she will play a major role in Korea, Japan, and the US, and also in resolving various problems such as politics and economics for the realization of world peace. Thus, we have included her in the list of those who will receive this sacred Seunghwa blessing".

True Father repeated her name and another sister Mimi-san so many times during his speech. She must be so important to the providence to be included and given such a special Seunghwa ceremony.

I want to share with you some of the words True Father spoke ad lib while he was reading his speech. I take responsibility for some misunderstandings in this since I wrote based only on what the translator was saying and I tired to just write the gist of what True Father said...

In Jin Nim introduced True Father well and she was almost over but it was so funny that True Father just walk to the side of the stage, stamping his feet to let her know that he is ready to speak. True Father immediately spoke, and this was what I got.

I am concerned about you and what will happen when I leave this world. I hope that when you look at my pictures you will remember what I taught you.

The speech will remain alive even if I die, In the future I can teach you in your dreams and revelations. All these should remain in your heart, study them. Since I am not dead yet, please be with me while I am alive.

Study the truth more deeply, Love peace as much as I do. Anyone should be connected with me and should be able to think they are God's sons and daughters. I am a very busy person.

Neil Bush (He came and greet True Parents during the coronation ceremony, from the beginning at 10 am until the end of the event) is a very humble and conscientious man. If many American will be raised like him, the USA will prosper.

My speech will be my last will and testament. What will I get from Las Vegas? The speech is alive. Las Vegas should be a gate to a peaceful world. I want you to understand the title: THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE ABEL UN AND THE COMPLETION OF GOD'S KINGDOM OF CHEON IL GUK IN KOREA". This is very serious issue. How can Korea establish it? This is True Parents' speech.

I don't want people praising me. It is very important to have a humble attitude before God.

Even if USA can be saved, there will be many who will not be saved.

Even though I've done a lot for peace, I never stop working for God and having fun while doing it. I am here in earth to fulfill the WILL of God. The mission given to me by God is the same to everyone. Each one must fulfill their responsibility. You must do that mission. Everyone must repent to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

God helped me to stay alive when many wanted to kill me. Sometimes I have to tell the driver to turn this way or that way to keep me alive, even in my sleep I do this. You can ask my drivers. Even though I live for 90 years no one has been successful in killing me.

Prophets have come to people. It is difficult to take responsibility for the world.

You need to do what I tell you the first time or else it will be hard for you to understand what I ask of you to do. If you research and pray you will surely find an answer. I have to liberate God even if I have to speak like this. (True Father is not speaking strongly). I have suffered a lot, you will not understand.

I have never run away from responsibility. I try to do it. I've put my life on line. God is with me so I never worry about anything. I hope you can take it. You should not be living in sadness and suffering.

True Father talked about Seunghwa...

Reiko Kawasaki, I only met her only once not long before she died. I told her I do this for the sake of her own people. The 46 Korean soldiers, we bestow blessing to them, I am willing to educate people and save the nation. I can mobilize ancestors in the spirit world, I do that now. People can't judge me and criticize me. I invested more than 300 million dollars in the USA. Neil Bush go and speak to your father... George W. Bush didn't listen to me. I have to tell this to you in public so no regret in the future.

There are so many things I want to tell you, I cannot sleep. There are times I go to hell and blow up the gates of hell. Don't complain, Wish the best for others! Pray to God if I'm telling the truth or not. If I die who will be responsible for your nations, so I have to keep running. If I go to hell when I die, I will create the kingdom of heaven there. If you listen to God, You will be blessed!

Father Continued...

I already determined to give up my life for all people to become one.

Cross Cultural Marriage is beyond race, ethnicity, and culture.

Next year I will raise up the UPF flag! Because everyone received the Blessing.

Jesus said "Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!"

Seunghwa is done to know the eternal life. Only 3 years left to this day. No one knows what will happen.

There will be issues if you don't register.

Neil Bush, you need to study the Divine Principle!

Why are you not doing what I tell you to do? If you don't prepare, you will be left behind.

I asked you to give out 430 copies of my Autobiography book to people and educate them. You must engrave my teachings to your bones.

I have left eight sets of textbooks for humankind to use for all eternity. There are more than 2000 volumes. I spent 33 years of my life to prepare for these textbooks.

When I was sleeping I didn't know what to do then God just give me answers in my sleep.

Hoon Dok Hae means the word is flowing, no secrets. It needs to be shared and be taught to people to quickly share the information to others. Read Hoon Dok Hae 24/7.

I know what's going in to my sons and daughters' families but I don't speak about it.

If you do this well God will bring great things for you.

When a Unification Church member in Poland died I shed so many tears.

I want to leave America, I extended my stay many times.

I cannot let USA go to ruin, I've been deceived but still I love America.

Pay back your debts to True Parents!

I'm thinking of the Bering Strait project. (True Father spoke about hydrogen power and Information Technology)

The destiny of the world is riding on this. Only I can do this "One Family Under God!"

If you don't do what I ask you to do, I may leave and go to Russia or China.

I am looking for people who can support the building of Cheon Il Guk, This is the Era of the heart! Engrave this in your heart.

People should listen to my Hoon Dok Hae worldwide through broadcasting!

The Washington Times must do Hoon Dok Hae worldwide.

Your ancestors will come to you and tell why you are not listening to Rev. Moon, You will have nightmares!

I'm warning you if you don't do this, You will be left behind. If you don't do your responsibility, your children will accuse you.

Buy this book quickly and be the ancestors of your tribe.

Korea will be the Land of Information and Technology.

Write your diary and autobiography to testify to True Parents!!! 

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