The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Report On The Vegas Event

Sun Myung Moon
May 9, 2010
Unofficial notes: Michael Lamson

I arrived early to Las Vegas to help with the preparation for Fathers visit. The last event on Easter Sunday was really under staffed but this event under Dr. Yang's leadership was well staffed and many members helped. David Rendel and I arrived on Tuesday and started right away working with members in the field to encourage people to come.

On Wednesday true Parents arrived and Father changed our goal from 500 people to 1200 people. Father was very serious about this number. We doubled our efforts to reach members through local leaders and members responded like never before. In Jin Nim opened up the event by allowing members to also give a special donation of $100. This helped families come and many did. We were able to offer to Father what he needed and he was very happy.

When Father arrived he did not sleep. He held Hoon Dok Hae at 2 am or 3 am and shared with leaders all night only sleeping sometimes in a chair during the day. He was making a condition and he was exhausted.

For these events to work so many members had to work all night and sacrifice so much. Chris Stein had to deal with so many changes as the banquet went from 500 to 1200 but he did it all with such a good attitude. Jorg Heller had to provide us with constant updates on how many guests were registered and took care of the registration at the event, David Hunter jumped in to help with the rooming, Sheri Rutter helped with the attendees, Kevin Thompson came early to help with the ushers, Tomoko Duggan helped organize the guests lists and a hundred other things and Dr. Yang kept an eye on the whole event and double checked on things. David Eaton and his staff worked all night. The district directors helped with registration, BTA (Blessed Teens Academy) and STF helped with ushering and setup. In Jin Nim ordered flowers for all the moms for Mothers day.

The way the event was set up worked really well. The 50th Wedding event started at 10 am then there was a 20 minute break. The Honoring a Legacy of Peace event ended with a banquet lunch that looked and smelled out of this world (I was fasting) and the father spoke after lunch. Lovin Life Band played for 20 minutes before the event started and that lifted the atmosphere and made things feel festive.

Neil Bush really hit a home run with his speech and after he finished he gave a hug to Father and a hug and kiss on the cheek to Mother.

At the event Father really wanted to be on the stage. He started walking up to the stage before In Jin Nim finished her introduction and in a very animated way he stomped his feet as he went on stage so she could hear him coming. It was really a loving moment. During the speech Father kept going back to key points that he wanted to add more to and he shared his own heart about things.

From my notes I caught the following:

I will do everything myself and then your spirit world will make you understand.

I am proud of my children. I think they will become greater than me.

It is time for me to go to spiritual world. I wish I could help you find your answers and solve your problems but you will find what you are looking for and what you need by reading my words.

I worry about all of you. In the future I will teach you in your dreams. I will remain with you through my words. I hope you can study the truth deeply and love peace like I have.

Hoon Dok Hae should be at the same time all over the world.

You should buy all the textbooks and have them in your home.

Have you become the people that can go to heaven? Everyone must repent if they want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

God wanted me to live long so He protected me. One time I was sleeping and God spoke through me to the driver telling him where to turn.

We should not be living in sadness and suffering. Our final goal should not be to work for profit but to create something wonderful for God. God has the answers and He wants to help us but we need to make the conditions so God can help us. You should walk and enjoy life with me.

I am taking responsibility for the people in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a place where people abuse each other and things. When I see women here dancing naked I shed so many tears and apologize that my disciples could not come yet to help them.

I am here to do the things that God can not do Himself because He does not have a physical body.

All humans are decedents of the Fall and that is why I am so worried.

I have been working to save people and their nations. I can educate people when they enter spiritual world.

If you know I am doing good why don't you join me?

People in spirit world sometimes threaten me and I have to do what they want or something will happen to my children's families. The people in Haiti are having a difficult time but I can help them through doing these ceremonies.

If members say what I say then the world will know that I am not standing alone doing this by myself.

If I go to sleep and don't wake up I will go to hell and blow up the gates of hell.

Who will fight for you when I am gone/

For three days I could not eat or sleep. If you want to liberate god you need to read my words and work with me.

I want to save Japan. I bought a coffee farm in Hawaii to help save Japan.

If you are a Unification Church member you should not complain. Compare your life to mine and you will not complain.

America has not been able to fulfill its responsibility so I don't sleep. Even though I don't sleep or eat I am very healthy. I have gone through so many difficulties and hardships but I will never share them with anyone.

I have left you these textbooks so that if I die you can still continue to grow.

I may leave from here and disappear. If I sleep I may slip into spirit world.

This is the age of heavenly affairs and if you focus only on worldly affairs you will go to hell. In one year I will ask nations to no longer do elections. God believes in me and I will bring out our victory flag.

If you do not listen to me you will be left behind.

I am concerned about you and what will happen when I leave this world. I hope that when you look at my pictures you will remember what I taught you.

This speech will remain alive even if I die, In the future I will teach you in your dreams and revelations. These words should remain in your heart and you study them. I am not dead yet so please be with me while I am alive.

I don't want people praising me. It is very important to have a humble attitude before God.

Even if America can be saved, there will still be many who will not be saved.

I never stopped working for God and having fun while doing it. I am here in earth to do what God has asked me to do.

The mission given to me by God is the same to everyone. Each one of you must fulfill your responsibility.

The speech was very special because Father kept going back to parts of the speech that he felt were important. At the end of his speech he had trouble remembering what he had covered so he just said I am finished.

Many leaders gathered with True Parents at 5 am the day after the event. I took a lot of notes but I left my notebook at Father's house so I can't remember everything.

Father looked very tired but you could tell that he wanted to be with us and to share with us. Mother also looked really tired. Father did not sleep for many days and I am sure that Mother also had a hard time sleeping because Father always wants Mother with him.

What I do remember is that Father talked a lot about how leaders should follow him and when they make decisions they should do so like they think Father would do understanding Fathers heart and Fathers tradition. Leaders should not do things their way but Father's way.

Mother was getting up to go to the bathroom and Father asked her to sit back down. Mother sat and talked with Father for a minute and then got up and left the room. Father stated that he could not stand in his position without Mother by his side. He said that Mother was like his shadow, always there.

Father told the leaders that Rev. Kwak was a good person and that Father would take responsibility for Rev. Kwak.

Father said that leaders should never change the people that Father appoints and that both Hyun Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim are doing this.

Father shared a lot with the elder Korean leaders asking them about their children and people that they had worked with over the years. Father remembered peoples names and had to remind the leaders who he was talking about and what the person he was talking about had done. Father also remembered the leader's children's names and where they were going to school.

He talked about so many things but without my notes I can not remember that much.

Father asked a few times for Mother to come back to the Hoon Dok Hae room but she did not come even when Father asked two leaders to go and get Mother. I was so happy that I was not the one asked to go get Mother. I think Mother and Peter Kim were both worried about Father and wanted everyone to leave after three hours so that Father could eat and rest. It was a little awkward but it was also a glimpse into the difficult life as a public person that Father deals with everyday. 

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