The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Everything Would Have Gone Smoothly According To Plan If the Older Brother Had Received the Blessing

Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 2010
Chung Pyung
Celebration of One Thousandth Special Chung Pyung Workshop

Sun Myung Moon May 1, 2011

I think you each have a copy of this program and that you have already read it. In the title, what does the character "congratulations" signify? It has the radical, "to indicate" on the left and "older brother" on the right. You need to know that this is what __ means. And if we look at "blessing", we see … has the same … to indicate radical on the left. The right upper half of "one" plus "mouth" means "big word" and below that is a cross. So, it signifies a man standing on a cross.

What is a blessing? Congratulations it means that everything would have gone smoothly according to plan if the older brother had received the blessing but the older brother could not receive that blessing.

The same is true within God. As you know, there is within God the God of the night and the God of the day, but they are not two gods. God is the God of the night and of the day. The Fall meant that human beings didn't know this. They understand only those things pertaining to the day and not those pertaining to the night, because the things of creation have been unable to fulfill their purpose.

Do you say [in Korean] "day and night" or "night and day"? [We say, night and day.] Well, it seems you know already. The night comes first. Then does "upper" come first or "lower." [Upper] I don't know myself [Laughter], but if so many people say so, I should learn that. "Upper and lower" is the question!

If we look at East Asian philosophy or Confucian philosophy, upper-lower and left-right are the right order. If it is "upper then lower," "right" should come before "left."

So why does "left" come before "right"? It should be "upper-lower, right-left and front-back" in order for everything to flow smoothly according to plan, but it is instead "upper–lower, left–right." The center became reversed. This is the point....

So what is "blessing"? The blessing of the older brother was taken away. What did the older brother do? If there is an older brother and a younger brother, they make two. "One" needs to have "two." If "one" does not have a partner, what will happen? "One" absolutely needs "two." What "one" and "two" need is "three." What "three" absolutely needs is "four." What "four" absolutely needs is "five."

The one thousandth commemoration becomes the ten thousandth commemoration, the one hundredth millionth commemoration and even higher. What comes after that? Is it the inheritance of heavenly fortune? Do we inherit heavenly fortune without also inheriting heavenly blessing? Which do you like better -- heavenly fortune or heavenly blessing? [We like both.] Heavenly fortune is good, and heavenly blessing is good. Both are good....

So would you like to have "Du-nim" or "Hana-nim? [We like Hananim.] Well, if you say Hananim, it could be God with only a left hand. Are people born with just a left hand? People always have a left and a right, an upper and a lower, and a front and a back. But they do not know how to establish their position. If only the east wind blew, all the trees in the world would fall to the west and disappear, wouldn't they? So the east wind blows, but there is also a west wind, a south wind, a north wind, an upper wind and a lower wind. For 365 days a year, the winds are blowing in all different directions, circulating. They keep changing compass directions, forming reciprocal relationships and having give and receive action. There is circulation, so there are no incidents. As long there is circulation, things do not disappear.

In the name "Chung Pyung," the first character, chung, has three strokes on the left arranged in vertical order. This is the radical meaning "water." One, two three, and what you have next [referring to the upper part of the right side] is three horizontal strokes: Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age, or ancient times, the Middle Ages and the Last Days. These are all connected [with a vertical stroke]. So we have three people [represented by the three horizontal strokes] connected vertically. If you break off the top of the vertical stroke, it becomes the character for "master" or "owner" [ 1=] centered on God. Then the lower half is the character for the moon, which symbolizes the wife, so you have the wife of the master....

Why is Chung Pyung necessary? Why does the Unification Church need Chung Pyung? God is here, people are here and nature is here; and God, people and nature all say they like Chung Pyung. What would it be like if there were only nature here? What would it be like if there were only water? If there were only air? Or only dirt? Chung Pyung has air, and on sunny days, there are clouds and the breeze blows. That is why Chung Pyung is good....

I want to say many things today. Congratulations! We are commemorating the one thousandth Chung Pyung workshop....

So, today I am talking about inheriting heavenly fortune and heavenly blessing. Even if heavenly fortune can be inherited, it will not be of any use without heavenly blessing. Something given will die without the corresponding ability to receive. Without heavenly fortune capable of receiving blessing, the blessing will disappear without being received. Heavenly fortune has these two aspects....

Chung Pyung is located between the North Han River and the South Han River, and it has two mountains, Mt. Yongmun and Mt. Yu-mvung. No matter how brightly the sun may shine, what good is it if there is not even a single mirror to reflect its rays? In that sense, even a small mirror would be worth so much that it could not be exchanged even for a thousand rays from the sun. It can reflect stars that are billions of light years away. Because it reflects, it can send light out that far.

What is Chung Pyung? It is an original source that can cause such reflections. All the colorful rays from heaven and earth come here and are sent back out. They go out at an angle that is determined by the angle at which they come in, and nothing is ever cut off. If there is one place in the world that cannot be cut off, it is the Chung Pyung that we speak of in the Unification Church.

The man standing here, Sun Myung Moon, was once known as Yong Myung Moon. The character "gong" means "dragon". On the left side of this character, we have the character "to stand" and below it is the character for the moon. The right is formed using the character "body" with the character "upper" on top of it. Below that, the three horizontal lines represent three sons. When you become a dragon, you can fly around on the clouds. You fly. Did you know there are different kinds of dragons? Black dragons, white dragons and yellow dragons.... When I was a child, I used to ride around on dragons. I rode black dragons, white dragons and yellow dragons. I rode many. I suffered a lot of persecution because I liked dragons. I would also fight invisible evildoers, dragons, in the air; I'd capture and kill them.

But what is my name today? After liberation from Japan, God told me, "Hey, stop doing what you are doing now and become a person who takes ownership over heaven and earth." I had to do this in order to become an owner of the waters and the land. God said, "Your name is Sun Myung. Sun Myung." Sun is composed of the character for "fish" on the left and the character for "sheep" on the right. Sun Myung Moon! There is fish and lamb, so I should take dominion over the ocean and the land. Myung has the character for the sun on the left and the moon on the right, so I should take dominion over the sun and moon. What is my surname? The character for the surname Moon is in the shape of an offering table....

The words "to inherit heavenly fortune" are written on today's program. Are you going to inherit heavenly fortune and heavenly blessing together, or just heavenly fortune? [Father points to a copy of the program with his calligraphic message to commemorate the thousandth workshop] Here, did I write "heavenly fortune and heavenly blessing" on the left or on the right? [You wrote it on the left.] Why did I do that? You would think it would be good to write it on the right. This indicates that Satan still rules over heavenly fortune and heavenly blessing. Inheriting it means that God rules. If you cannot inherit heavenly fortune and heavenly blessing, you cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven. You cannot become an owner.

The one point I want to leave you with is very simple. If you live with heavily fortune and heavenly blessing and feed on these day and night to grow healthy, you will naturally become inheritors. You won't become sick and will live a long time, so you will eventually become an inheritor.

This is the place that lets you inherit heavenly fortune and heavenly blessing.

Today, the king of kings and the ancestor of all ancestors -- the fundamental ancestor -- becomes one so that there is the God of night and the God of day. The God of day creates in the place of the God who created at night. But they are not different. God established him in His place. I am working in God's place.

You all need to be educated at Chung Pyung. Will you accept that education or not? [We will.] If you say you will, raise your hands and clap your hands to signify that promise. It will all be over in three years and six months. All that I've spoken of could be completed in a year. A person who really understands it could complete it in a week, not a year.

So stay well, don't die; and become the heirs of the Heavenly Parents. 

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