The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Ten People Must Go To The 50 States

Sun Myung Moon
April 5, 2010
Hoon Dok Hae
Unofficial Notes: Michael Jenkins
Cheon Hwa Gong
Hoon Dok Hae

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

The ten people chosen must go to the 50 states. Five states each -- they should be chosen by lottery. We should devote our lives to accomplish this and fulfill our mission. The people who were educated in Korea must take responsibility and then understand how you can fulfill your individual portion of responsibility. You can understand that by reading and practicing Father's words. The standard for that is Father's Words.

You must go to the five states and distribute Father's autobiography.

In the morning the shadow goes toward the west and in the evening it goes toward the east. We must have the right teaching. Not just for America but for the 194 nations of the world. You must educate them everyday using Father's words. There must not be a different speech. If we go to Korea we must keep the same content.

When your family can establish 430 people who are united with them then you can have your tribe. Everything should have the same shape and devotion. We should have everything that we had in the Garden of Eden. Our hearts, minds and lifestyles must be the same before God.

You must decide together with Father's textbooks. I invested all my power to figure out how to perfect my teaching. I invested everything in Washington, NY and Las Vegas. The blessed families must each take responsibility to accomplish their work. Centering on the fruit you can take everything that was taken from God. God is the God of creation. Before the Creation was the age of night.

Korea has been attending God for 7000 years. Now the fruit of those days are the model type of owners of heaven and earth. There are the Vertical True Parents and the Horizontal True Parents. The blessed families must be connected on the national level and connected to the UN. We had the Seunghwa Ceremony in which we have rebirth, resurrection and eternal life. Centering on the crossroads of north, south, east and west, a new tradition should be formed.

America should not live for America's sake. It should imitate the form of God's homeland. There are 194 nations of the world -- but they should always become one. That is what we need Father's teachings for. Even while they eat, Blessed couples should let people know about Father's teachings. Blessed couples should always be spreading Father's teachings.

These people should have the same heart by understanding Father's words. The blood, bones and flesh should become one. We are establishing one nation. Hoon Dok Hae should be carried out in the headquarters as well. You must have the textbooks of Father's teaching.

We held an event at the UN, then in Washington, NY and Las Vegas. The textbooks should not be given out for free. People should make a condition of payment. Dr. Yang -- I instructed you to give out the teaching materials. In all 50 states, everyone should be using the same teaching materials. All the families of the 6.5 billion people must have them. They must now know which way to go by studying the textbooks that contain my teachings.

Any other text books are not needed. In the heavenly nation and in the world before the Fall -- God was the same as he is now. He has never changed. You should give these textbooks out to middle, high school and universities. We need to unify religion. This is critical. The UN doesn't understand about rebirth. [The people at the UN] do not understand God. The UN secretary general cannot determine which teaching materials should be used worldwide.

Only True Parents can do this and have the teaching. Famous people may point out which books to read -- however the books they recommend are secondary. The key to becoming one with God is studying Father's Words. There are not two different people who made the textbooks. There is only one who made this textbook. It is True Parents.

Here in America I have taught about Rebirth, Resurrection and Eternal Life. God cannot fulfill love by himself. He must have an object partner. When it is a full moon we can create a partner relationship with a full moon. We can relate on all sides and all dimensions. Your children should study the textbooks.

When you were born you came from your mother's womb. We should have textbooks that should be read to fetuses. You take a picture of your Father and Mother. The picture of your Father and Mother is of your family and is of one moment -- however eternity is connected to that one moment. You have to educate your children when they are in kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school -- a total of 13 years.

The fetus grows nine months in the womb and receives nutrients from its mother. A newborn baby then drinks from its mother's breast. Likewise, the mother should be feeding spiritual life element nutrients to the fetus in her womb and her baby after it is born.

During the first six months of life, while a newborn baby drinks its mother's milk, it should be educated so that it can grow up knowing how to be a good citizen of the nation and the world. The moment the newborn baby opens its eyes, it should be hearing Father's teachings through the textbooks.

Wherever there is light, there will be certain designs. It is the same with the moon and the sun.

You should read the original Owner of Peace and Owner of Lineage.

Man is God's original extension. Man is like the sun while woman is like the moon. The crescent moon design of a man is a woman. Women must have a man for a partner. A partner who is like a crescent moon design is one with whom you can discuss and ask all things. Man is not alone. Woman is man's partner. Women must have clean vaginas and anuses.

After meeting Jesus at age 15, I went through three yearlong stages of formation, growth and completion (age 15 -- formation, age 16 -- growth, age 17 -- completion).

You can represent your Father and Mother -- the pattern or design of the Father and Mother is seen in the sons and daughters and cannot be separated.

Good and bad is the same -- to become a partner to a good entity is good. If you look at my face you will see designs on my eyes and nose and fingernails. When I'm 100 or 101 or 102 years old, the pattern will turn around 180 degrees. 101 is an odd number -- odd numbers must pass away. A being without a design has no place. God has clear designs but you can't see them.

For there to be a true design, there must be a shadow of the morning, shadow of the noon and shadow of the night. These are very important things I'm telling you today.

Those who say that they don't want to have the design on their heart -- will disappear. I emit a certain smell which is spiritually attractive. People who do not have the design of the eight stages are not real people.

Lilies are white, not black and not blue. The lilies start from this black earth but become white. In the Akasone story, the wife was represented by a lily.

The rose has a directional sense. The lily wants to sleep. The lily represents the womb of the mother. The rose represents the man.

Man's sexual organ has eight stages.

The design of night is day, while the design of day is night. Who was born first, man or woman? Man. The mountain is the design of the hole in the ground. Man's shadow and woman's shadow must harmonize. The four-position foundation has the father and mother and the sons and daughters.

What are the national flowers of the Unification Church? The lily and the rose.

The harmonized being of dual characteristics is important. Through the dual characteristics, it can live forever.

As long as you give water to the lily it can live for a long time. The flower breathes in air and other nutrients from the air. Even if the leaves fall down the seed will remain.

If our cells simply did whatever they wanted to, we would die. In fact, nutrients can get stuck in a part of our body, affecting our overall health. The Happy Health machine reorganizes those cell and molecular configurations. There is a proper balance of ions in the body for true health. The principle behind the Happy Health machine is that there is 1/10,000 a chance that the ion will be placed in balance in the molecules. I was able to understand this based on my studies in electrical engineering.

There is the vertical parent and the horizontal parents. There is always a gravitational pull on the earth. The wave that tells us to divide and unite again gives us eternal life.

What does a black person want to see? He wants to see white. How about white people? What do they want to see? White people seek for the blue of the North Pole. White people have blue eyes from the waters of the north pole. The black and the white are brothers. The black and the white have different colors. Even if the night were to disappear, in the world of only day there is no night. If we turn off the lights, they become brothers. Light and dark are brothers. Dark came first but just because it came first it should not look down on the other brother. They are equal. Cain killed Abel because the parents didn't educate them properly because they misused their sexual organs. God was pushed into the night.

We must understand this truth. We must not lose this thread of fact or truth and not let it be cut off. If you lose your breath for a few minutes you can die. In the emergency room, you may either live or die.

Father put thumb and forefinger of his left hand together

Father is looking to realize the age of the tribe, the age of the nation and the age of the world.

To create harmony, you cannot just have eastern people. You must have Easterners and Westerners. The West comes from the design of the East. The East is masculine and the West is feminine. In the world of fish, females are larger. God had to bring judgment by the Flood.

Today we learned about design.

The communist party had a very different appeal. Communists called for conflict and tried to make everyone into communists.

I had to suffer a lot in Las Vegas. True Mother is so smart that she is always right on the first thing she says. We get the number 12 from the directions of north, south, east and west. Among the numbers 10 and 12, 10 is in the subject position while 12 is in the object position. [Father counts on his hand:] 1,2,3, 1,2,3 1,2,3 on the hand, then 10. This (ten) is the subject.

In Eastern philosophy, the numbers six and nine are enemies. How many numbers do we have? How many letters are there in the English alphabet? [Audience: 26] It is 25 letters with one extra. The number 26 can never have a partner. '15' and '25' have partners originally, but '26' doesn't have a partner.

If we can't finish our lunch, we have to eat it at dinnertime. The leftover rice at the bottom of the rice cooker tastes good. It's not too hard and it goes down well with water.

Our face has three directions: two sides (peripheral view) and straight ahead. Centering on Jesus there were three disciples: Peter, John and James. James was on the west -- if there were enough seats, he would sit. If not, then he would yield his seat.

Women had to sell their flesh and blood in the night and day. There should be harmony and people should get along well with each other. There should be no word such as divorce.

The Israelite people are like a certain type of tree. The tree goes up straight and it goes to the sky and casts no shadow.

The word mango in Japanese means the woman's sexual organ. The languages of the world should be harmonized. When people from 120 nations meet me they all grab my leg. They grab my pants (pants means "lets see the ground"). You have to take the blood out of your hand -- you have to shed blood.

I cannot give grace to older brothers and uncles in America who take advantage of their female relatives -- that kind of nation will disappear. Will you become one and dissolve this kind of tragic violation of heaven?

The 50 states -- if we take two groups of five states we will get ten. Two five's make a ten -- there is no odd number left. This is an ideal foundation. The subject and the design become one. All the four great Saints came from the East. Jesus came from the East.

The water that is boiling would come out of the ground. The solar and lunar calendars are the center. That can't come from the desert. Look at the law of harmony for heaven and earth. It is a dancer. When you look at your wife -- in order to have a daughter-in-law you must have a son. You can bring a daughter into your family through your son.

Women prostitutes go on top of men and, by so doing, destroy the world. Three and four makes seven. You should go deep underground. The pillar needs the moon, which is the design of the night. God likes the shadow and protects the shadow and this makes God joyful. Who do you want to be next? You want your wife to pay attention to the scab on your finger. You want to give your whole body to your wife without concern to do whatever she wants with it. If you get a bad disease you can't digest it -- don't get such a disease.

Here in Las Vegas, centering on the principles of indemnity, we have to go down from nine o'clock to three o'clock. We need to understand that God is doing this based on indemnity.

We had the UN, Washington, New York and Las Vegas events. In America, these ten people should go to five states each. There will be two pairs: five from the East and five from the west. In Korea, it is the day we commemorate the substantial resurrection of True Father.

January 1st and January 13th have special meaning.

This is Cheon Hwa Gung -- the palace for harmonizing the heavenly nation. In this house, there are dark beams on the ceiling representing the night. The two white pillars represent the earth and mark the spot where the first 1/3 of the room ends. Let's put a canopy outside and expand the space outside the door. A canopy should always be carried over the king, creating a shadow for the king. A canopy would protect people from rain.

Electricity can go anywhere.

When I came to Las Vegas all I could see were jujube and palm trees. There are jujube trees in Hawaii as well. In Hawaii, the top of the Island is over 4000 meters high. There, you can find fruits from all four seasons. There are no snakes or mice in Hawaii. Wherever you go, even the top of a mountain, during the day or night, you can find no snakes or mice. But there are turkeys in Hawaii which leave droppings nine times per day. Going over nine hilltops allows us to attend the king. We established two gardens in Hawaii. The one that represents Eve is the Queen Garden. There was an English lady who lived there. At first she didn't want to sell the house, but later she realized she was wrong. That property became the Hawaii Queen Garden.

We have a golf course in Hawaii. Wild boars live in Hawaii. Wild boars are the counterpart of the elk. There are six continents and five oceans. Hawaii is the place that can determine the destiny of America. Korea learned from that time (possibly referring to the bombing of Pearl Harbor).

Caesar's Palace is here (one of the casinos in Las Vegas). He was able to conquer Africa and Spain.

It is possible for me to digest Las Vegas. We went to Washington, which means washing stone, where stone representing Jesus. We went to New York, which represents stone because it is built on a rock. The Hudson River means hard son. It is hard and unchanging. East Garden is the Garden of Eden. We can catch striped bass there. Sturgeons live in the Hudson River -- do crocodiles eat sturgeons?

Bear Mountain is there.

Which nation has the greatest shark? Egypt, in the Nile River. Egypt sounds like from the olden times, so the name represents old nation. The sharks there can grow up to a length of twelve meters. One of those sharks could eat a cow in one bite.

Where is the Nile River the most narrow? What is the name of the narrow area of the Mediterranean? Gibraltar -- that is the place of pirates. The western nations and Russia are connected there. England means the nation of woman. Scottish people are very proud and their army wears skirts.

England is on the International Date Line. Then Ecuador is the partner of England. Norway is the king of four great sea industries. Do they have a statue of a sea woman in Norway and Sweden? Norway and Sweden became pirate bases.

The South Point Casino guards the gate to Silverton and this will become the most important place in the future. Reno is where Young Jin Nim died. It was at the Harrah Hotel.

You ten people will go to the 50 states. Then the Second Israel can stand as a mother and give birth to Israel. You can go in one hour and one half. You can go to your hometown in one hour and thirty minutes in the future. I'm making these kinds of roads.

The Mayans and Incas crossed over the Bering Strait. There were no people living in the Grand Canyon. As the people climbed in Korea, they would wash on Mt. Baekdu in Heaven Lake. There is a Korean saying that if at first you cannot succeed, you must try, try and try again. They were deeply heavenly bound.

I rode on a wheelchair in the UN. The Christian era is ending. Christians may come to a time when they want to destroy the Jews again. China and Russia are coming close to Communism again.

When people eat a lot, their belly button is hidden. There is a hole right at the belly button. Women have the breasts, womb and belly button. Let's look at Father's speech.

Father then read his speech.

In World War II, Germans knew the secrets of the monasteries. Germany, Russia and France had monasteries. Bandits on the mountains were thieves. England is the place where the pirates can observe their power. Norway and Sweden were the bases. The shirts that they made were easy to make. Women made the zippers.

England stole 450,000 Koreans around the world. France and Italy took Koreans and sold them. Handsome men took beautiful women from Asia and made them into queens of the Europeans nations. That is why we must think about the Mongolian people. They are stronger than the Western people. The Mongolian birthmark is passed down by mothers. Whether a child is born with the Mongolian birthmark is determined based on its mother. 70 % of the world has this birthmark. If we could gather the ancestors connected there we could establish global kingship on that foundation.

The central nation of Asia cannot be China, because it has no religion. Japan oppressed Korea. Korea must be the one. The Adam nation had to restore the Bride. Eve means to go work and come back. I was looking for a bride for Korea. England could not be the bride -- they are too free with sex. The first was England and the second was Iran -- in England there are various treasures -- the precious things from Europe were all brought to England after England won the war. England is the nation [in which people are the] least ashamed to show their lower parts. Is Hawaii connected to England? Is America part of England, France, Germany? Germany had no interest in Asia. [Germans] went to mountaintops and saw the lands they could conquer. The bandits and thieves in Germany had great strength in their shoulders and legs.

The pirates were dancing. When they finished their travels on the waters, they would dance and find women and they made a kingdom of the satanic world. This is how the current kingdoms of the satanic world became kingdoms.

(Referring to the Seunghwa Ceremonies being carried out in Honoring Legacy of Peace events) The resurrection is not just for our church members -- it is for the people who otherwise will have to go to hell.

You have to receive Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim's tradition. They are in the position of Cain and Abel. We can unify North and South Korea.

If you marry your sons well, they will prosper. You will have nothing to worry about if they were married well. After sitting it out, we must have joy together.

When I did the 50-state tour (in 2001), I did 52 events. How is that? I went to Harlem and went to Canaan Baptist Church with Rev. Wyatt Tee Walker. I did two extra events. I proclaimed OK. (OK stands for) Open of the Kingdom.

If you read my autobiography three times, you should be able to shed tears 30 -- 40 times during your reads.

The nations of the communist world will group together. Kim Jong Il gave us permission to build the headquarters of the Unification Church in North Korea. We are selling seven different kinds of cars there. We sold 1,700 cars in North Korea. (Pyeonghwa Motors) will be even greater than Hyundai in the future. Korea will be the best (automobile) manufacturers in the world. (There is a market for) cars in India, China, and (other parts of) Asia. Washington, New York, Chicago and Las Vegas will be recognized in America.

I have unified the Kingdom of Heaven in which we can liberate God. I am the King of Kings who could represent the night and the day. These two cannot be divided, and there will be one reign of peace. Like the Pacific Ocean, there will be no barriers. The negative and positive electrical currents make it possible for people to live in joy. This can allow the hometown to get established.

Were you inspired by yesterday's message? Did you make a determination? Even if I am not here you must make a determination to fulfill and read and study my words for even 1,000 or 10,000 years.

Now a new direction has been initiated for the 50 states and you are organized. Right? [Audience: "Yes!"] You must be willing to invest your money, power and land to save this nation.

What's scarier than an investigative group from Congress? Having a public hearing in the Congress is most important. The 4300 women kidnapped must be vindicated. Some were raped and some even died from this. Now (people) will realize that the Japanese government is not supporting human rights. I'm standing on the front line to do this. We have to take this to the UN and educate them so that Japan can do the right thing.

You can complete these five states in one week. If you do that then it will be an historic record that you are a disciple of True Parents. Could General Haig have done that? I am here to liberate God. 

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