The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Jesus Would Have Become The King Of Kings If He Had Lived To Be 43 Years Old

Sun Myung Moon
April 4, 2010
Hoon Dok Hae
Las Vegas, NV
Unofficial Notes: Michael Lamson

These are very unofficial notes. Tossa Cromwell sat next to us and translated but it was not easy to catch everything and I am not at my best that early in the morning.

The Hoon Dok Hae was very small. 24 people were invited and Father said that 24 is a very good number.

Hoon Dok Hae lasted 3 ½ hours.

This was also the 271st Ahn Shi Il. After we offered our bows and recited the family pledge Father started talking right away. Father was so full of energy and was really happy. We were all still standing when father started talking so we stood for over two hours. At one point Dr. Yang motioned for us to sit down and Father said "What are you doing? Did I tell you to sit down? You should do what I say!" so we kept standing. I really felt that father was teaching us while he was sharing. Many times through the Hoon Dok Hae he talked about how important it was that we stay focused on what he is doing and what is providentially important and not be mislead or distracted by others.

Some of the main points were:

1. Jesus would have become the king of kings if he had lived to be 43 years old.

2. God has connected all the stages for heaven and earth to become one.

3. Adam and Eve should have established all the correct relationships and that would have balanced heaven and earth.

4. Everything is edible for human beings, God made it that way.

5. God created humanity to be parents of the universe but because of the fall humanities position was reversed.

6. Unification is only possible through a vertical True Love. Vertical and horizontal need perfect balance, this is the Four Position Foundation.

7. Father spent a lot of time doing the hand counting thing he does and sharing. He said that the Western world has a different way of counting. Counting can be done in different ways. Father counts with his hands.

8. It is important to build ideal relationships.

9. True Love means sacrificing yourself and becoming the zero point.

10. The ages of individual, family and world go through the Eight Stages.

11. Exposition of the Principle is the core truth.

12. If you understand the vertical standard then the horizontal standard can be established.

13. Ideal relationships can be formed by going through the Eight Stages, a growing period. We can make ourselves perfect, this is possible.

14. The starting point is number one and that number connects all the numbers.

15. Members need to understand and establish the numerical system using the hands.

16. You can tell much about a person by their hands.

17. Adam and Eve acted in their own way and fell. If I am the leader you need to be one with me. You should not sit down, I did not say sit down.

18. You need to stay out of the shadow and live in noon time.

19. Where does the light come from? Does it come from darkness?

20. True love makes everything become one. Some men think that they are the best and do not respect women, I will fix this.

21. A lot of snow is melting but this will make things cold. In the future there will be spring in the north pole. Everything is always changing. Animals and people will move as things change. Black people will start to become white, things always change. We need to have a lineage of peace. The snow in the Poles will melt. The moon will make the water go up and down.

22. Just because white people have white faces and hair does not mean that they can figure it out.

23. Gods lineage has a higher temperature. God's lineage is a 10 and Satan's is a 9. This is why True Parents can go North, South, East and West, this is why we need True Parents.

24. The spirit world will work with even numbers, subject and object will need to give and receive. Husband and wife are both needed to receive nutrients.

25. If you like something with your mind you will like it with your body, eyes and organs.

26. Man and woman need to become like God's younger brother. We can partner with God so we need to have the same harmonious dual characteristics. Men and women have both male and female hormones.

27. God needs humans to reach perfection.

28. God is no longer by himself. He has people to walk around with. From the sun appearing we can walk around in the 3D world not just a 2D world.

29. In the West people feel that everyone is equal. People that do not understand the Fall can not understand restoration.

30. Satan grabbed and ate the ace instead of God. 20 + ace = blackjack

31. Remember that if you fail once then try and try again. East and West must become united, April 1 is a special day. We united the two calendars.

32. If people had united with Jesus he would have married. Jesus mother did not find a partner for him so he was not happy.

33. If we do not follow and understand Father we can not save the 50 states.

34. Divorce causes many lineage problems. Do not divorce.

35. In the Unification Church we marry people from different races and we learn to live together.

36. I am born in the year of the Monkey. People born in the year of the monkey and the year of the rat marry well. Mother was born in the year of the rat.

37. The exchange marriage if done three times between three nations will create the ideal world.

38. I married Stallings and he has two sons that represent Cain and Able. Twins from one country should marry twins from another country.

39. America could still divide and disappear. Are there any normal homosexuals? One man with one woman is correct. One man with 100 wives is not the way to build a nation either.

40. We must make unity on all levels (Eight Levels) and we must kick Satan out of the king's position.

41. People can no longer live anyway they want to.

42. I said lets go to the casino last night but you ran away. You must follow Father and Mother. We must be willing to carry the cross as Jesus did.

43. Where is God's homeland? He has no homeland. The textbooks will create God's homeland.

44. Tom Walsh means the son of the world. You look like the Crown Prince of England. We don't know how princess Diana died. You can stand as younger brother and able to save the Crown Prince. You always obeyed me well when I asked you to do things.

45. I have to save Hyun Jin Nim. My children can not. All my children should meet and come together. Kwan Jin Nim says he is not Hyun Jin Nim's younger brother. I can make new organizations.

46. Hyun Jin Nim is doing things in my name and I do not accept that. He is using my words and I do not like that. Hyun Jin Nim is moving away from me. I can be buried in a sand beach. There can only be one True Parent and only one older brother. Centering on True Parents things can hold up.

47. Satan has been misusing people with false love. With my love everything can be digested.

48. I can give orders to heaven and earth. We want to restore the number 14 so I will need to live to be 114.

49. I can digest the Satanic world completely.

50. Without Father we will lose our position and out foundation. This house is called the Palace of Heavenly Harmony. I will allow your children to be married to my children.

51. When I go to Kodiak it does not rain. Did you know that?

52. Cain and Able are used to restore many things. Dr. Yang and Rev. Kim should be united.

53. I can still jump and run and maybe fly. I gave the blessing in 120 nations and the seed will grow.

54. The Seunghwa ceremonies have been introduced now in four places, DC, NY, UN and Las Vegas. The UN kicked me out and now there are earthquakes. When Korea can hold Seunghwa ceremonies with the name of the UN things will work.

55. we will be the younger brothers of God. I have prepared everything. The 120 nations need to do what has been requested. The museum will have things from the 120 nations. The museum needs to be a living museum.

56. God can now have dominion over the light and the darkness because of the textbooks and the autobiography.

57. The world will have no boundaries and complete freedom. I was going to read after Hoon Dok Hae but let's read the UN speech together. You are just a few here but you are the pillars. Please understand how blessed you are.

58. We are now making the substantial place and it will be a place where kings from around the world can meet. Leaders from 194 nations will meet there.

59. We can see the reign of peace and True Parents will be the pillars for this. Everything I have dreamed has come true. You will enter the homeland as direct sons and daughters of True Parents.

60. Father asked each person in the room to say a number starting with one. There are 24 people in the room. Father said 24 is a perfect number and that each person in the room will be blessed.

61. God is here to be naked as Noah was and we will not do what Ham did. The District leaders should teach Original Divine Principle and do as I say in the states. Father said the leaders in the room are needed by God. You should hold these Seunghwa programs in all 50 states. 10 leaders will go to five states each. Do you understand? Do this even if you have to go into debt. You must become people of absolute obedience. If you do this everything will work.

62. Rebirth, resurrection and eternal life, we all need to go over these three hilltops. We are now past the age of the family and nation. Father has asked the spirit world to come to earth and help and they are here. If you block the way of the Unification Church your ancestors will come and take you to spirit world.

63. During this three years you must focus. If we do not follow heavenly law after three years it will be a scary time. People who do not follow heavenly law will be punished by spirit world. Even if you go into debt to fulfill it is good not bad. 

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