The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

The Vertical And The Horizontal Should Be Matched

Sun Myung Moon
April 3, 2010
East Garden
Unofficial notes: Michael Jenkins

1, 10, 100 are three stages. The number 17 is crucial. You should understand that there is some standard that should be set up. 4 x 8 is 32. Jesus passed away at 33. He couldn't go over the age of 33. He was supposed to bring a successful 7-year ministry. Number 40 is crucial. We need four directions -- north, south, east and west. It starts with east where the sun rises. We should always look at the direction where the sun rises.

In everything the vertical and the horizontal should be matched. Sometimes you make a special pattern in fabric or otherwise -- the vertical and horizontal should be there.

You should stretch yourself to the east and to the west. From when I was young, Heaven educated me so that I could figure out many things. When you clasp your hands for prayer -- which thumb is on top: the right or the left? If your left thumb is on top, it means that you are more serving to the world. More than 50% of all people pray with their left thumb on top, including me.

Everything is created on the foundation of numbers.

Which comes first: harmony or unity? Harmony must come first, before unity.

You would like me to say you are great -- right? To be great you must have someone in the mother position. Some people do not want to marry. Men and women should come together. Husbands should be able to suck on their wives' nipples in intimacy. When men walk with women, men's shoulders are broader than their hips, while women's hips are broader than their shoulders. In this way, men and women create harmonious pairs. But God must always be at the center of a man-woman relationship for it to be principled.

You must make sure that you align yourself clearly on the vertical plane. It is God that represents the East. You must understand how the universe works. The saying "when in Rome -- do as the Romans do" also holds true for Heaven and the universe: to go to Heaven, we must follow the principles of heaven. Moreover, in this universe, we must follow its principles. The universe will not support anyone who follows individualism.

Even in winter, evergreens keep their needles and color. Evergreens are unchanging night and day, winter and summer.

You should understand that the East is important. The external world cannot digest the internal world. The internal world will always digest the external world. Though the West is developed, it is lacking some aspects of internal spiritual understanding. Though I have taught Westerners for several decades, they still don't understand. They think they understand the Divine Principle, but they don't fully.

These days, even elderly people can look very young with the right makeup on. Conversely, there is makeup that will make young people who wear it look older. Some elderly women want to act like younger women. These days there are gigilos that want to use wealthy women. They can entice an elderly woman to come with them but only to get the elderly woman's money.

What kind of 70-year-old woman has sexual relationships with women who are teenagers? There are instances of this happening. Men want to have many women. They would like to have four women at the same time and act like kings. They would like to live that way in the spirit world, but it will never happen because that is not God's way. God's way is one man and one woman loving each other completely. Many people don't understand this law of heaven.

Nations like to develop things that are strong and beautiful. Chinese people are good at handling steel. Steel technology is being developed further. The Chinese are advancing very rapidly. I predicted that this would happen a long time ago and now it has come to pass.

Unfortunately this world is not a trusting world. Americans can't even trust other Americans.

The problem in America is sexual deviancy -- homosexuality, incest and infidelity. That is why I created many heavenly textbooks to teach America. God's ideal of absolute fidelity will never change. Through those textbooks you can become a much greater person. If anyone says that you may be brainwashed by me, warning you, "Don't look! Don't get close! Don't touch!" think carefully about whether that person is speaking to you on God's behalf or on Satan's behalf.

You should be as pure and beautiful as the white lilies with the fragrance of beauty.

In general, people don't want to marry someone of another race or nation, but interracial marriages can bring something great between the two worlds.

Who is the person that looks like the Prince of Wales? What is your name? [Tom Walsh.] Tom in Korean means strong.

I can make friends with enemies and I can be happy with anyone.

Even if things are difficult, you can overcome everything with the educational materials that I have provided. You must go beyond your church, religion, nation and people. Do you think Jesus wanted to create different denominations that would fight with one another?

If Christians and Muslims intermarry, the enmity between Christianity and Islam will disappear. There is nothing to be afraid of if you can go forward properly with my teachings.

Does water flow in only one direction? No, water flows around the entire earth. When you look at the distance on the ocean you can see the horizon.

Unfortunately humanity has been worshiping false gods. I have to teach you to go back to the original state of humankind before the Fall. Satan always wants to stop us.

Despite such obstacles, I managed to prepare teaching materials. Those who study them sincerely and practice my teachings will live and prosper. You should be willing to offer everything you have for this. What we are trying to do is something inter-religious and international.

What went wrong because of the Fall cannot be straightened out by God himself.

What is important is to distribute Father's words. You must explain that my teachings are needed by the entire world. If you can distribute the textbooks to all 194 nations, then the world can be restored quickly.

You don't know how many hundreds of times I read the speech given yesterday. Many of you may say that I don't need to. However when you are living a life where you can't be with Father you won't believe how much you need it.

If the UN is restored, then the world can be restored very quickly.

My autobiography was published and it revealed many things that were not known before.

Let's talk about Cheong Pa Dong - it means the green pine tree that doesn't change color. We have church buildings in Cheong Pa Dong. We have a church in Han Nam Dong that will overcome our pain and suffering.

[Father picks up the Holy Song book]

We should collect more holy songs. 

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