The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

The Settlement of the Abel UN

Sun Myung Moon
March 31, 2010
East Garden
Unofficial notes: Michael Jenkins

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

On the morning of Wednesday, March 31st, Hoon Dok Hae was held with True Parents at East Garden. Starting at 5 am, Father began to speak:

The Settlement of the Abel UN

We are headed toward settlement and we must have a new system of the heavenly nation. Centering on God we are to have the Kingship and liberation of God centering on the Pacific Rim.

(Won Ju McDevitt then read from Father's speech on August 3, 1958, "Jesus Who Came with the Destiny of Restoration).

Father then resumed his talk: "In the last days everyone has a responsibility. You cannot avoid it. We need to have a plan and clear mind on what we are going to do. The question is what direction we are going in to take for the future. We will have to embrace the enemy. Even for the flight there can be a good flight or a poor one. The leader must be able to digest any kind of situation. Wherever we go we should make progress constantly. We need to understand that Father isn't following just someone's idea. He is following God's will. He is the only one in history that can really know what is needed.

The title is the settlement of the Abel UN. If America doesn't bring about the embrace of the UN it will go down. I will be transparent and clear about America. Moving in that way, we must continue developing. This is the age of settlement. At the top of the observatory we must make it so that we can fly from this place. People who lose in a competition cannot go to the place of struggle. They are not qualified.

How can people with different philosophies claim that they are following the truth and come against the Principle? I want to appoint you as my representatives but you must be getting better each year. What is there to be proud of in America? Many Americans have their own individual idea, and they think they are better than others. God must bring a Universal Principle -- to unify everyone on a higher level. Every human being wants to live in that kind of place where God will dwell. Such a place is so difficult to appear. I have worked so hard almost 40 years in America, I spoke in English and then Korean. After living here for three years - I wanted to run away. I spent my most precious years in America.

The Honey that Binds Us Together

People from all the developing and developed countries gather here in America. There should be a special honey that binds us together -- that honey taste has to be the sweet taste of God's presence. This sweet spirit of God is what can bring all the different people together. The teachings I give are so precious; if you really study you will see how precious they are. When I hear my teachings I get the feeling that I want to eat the book, it's so delicious! "Amazing Grace" is great, but it is not enough to cover what God is doing now.

When you make your eye very small, you can see a very exact point. We must be focused, because the world is not just fun and games. There are very serious things that we must be accomplished now. God's Kingship must be expanded. This must start from here and now.

Young Seng means eternal life. We must be liberated in eternal life. God must be liberated. Where is God's hometown? This is a serious issue. The world has been still in the night. Where can God stand? He cannot stand in the fallen world. Did day come from night or night from day? Can we say the son is from the father or the father from the son? We cannot choose which way we like. There is a principle and it is universal. There are many colors of God.

Though America has developed so much, it can actually do harm to the world if it is not following God's guidance. In this very powerful world of Las Vegas, many powerful businesses are invested there. There are all these women who show themselves there. It used to be a barren desert. There are women there who show their bodies and feel no shame. Why do they do this? To make money? They could make money to eat in other ways. If their beloved man comes to that place there is no man that can stay with that woman.

I have gone to Las Vegas more than 25 times. It would be something if I went once. Now I have gone many times -- I am open about it. Why? I go with a hat and among the people. The reason I go there is to build a ladder on which human beings will have a way to God. It is a huge ladder from the dungeon of hell that will liberate people. You have to be careful at this time, or that ladder could be blown away.

We have to restore the number 13. We have to overcome every number there. Las Vegas in America is like Monaco in Europe, and Macau in Hong Kong. Now in Russia. All over they have gambling places. Which is the best? They have their own world of gambling. Russia has their view of it; China has their view of it. They want to control the money. China can manipulate the stocks and the finances of the world. How will we bring about settlement in this world?

An Abiding Need for Balance

How are we going to digest gambling in this world? I majored in electrical engineering. I can analyze and understand things very quickly. We have to be totally focused at this time, and then we can do a right job for heaven. If we can't do the right way it will go in the wrong direction. We have to see the way to go from the Principle.

Americans may not be persevering like Asians. How are we going to receive the seeds from heaven? When you want to collect good seeds -- you put them in salt water. The bad seeds will float and whatever is solid will be stable and stay on the bottom. The same goes for marriage.

I have seen everything in America -- incest -- father-in-law and daughter-in-law, grandmother and grandson, mother and son, father and daughter -- what kind of life are they living? They are living worse than animals. This must be cleansed.

Koreans generally can move much faster than Westerners. Many leaders of the world like me and trust me, however there are many who don't like me and are apprehensive about me. I have raised young people from being hippies into good families.

Sometimes the man has a shape of a woman and a woman like a man. How can we balance this? Some have blue hair and red hair and strange colors. We need to understand what the heavenly standard should be.

What is the center of the Universe? In communism they like the color red. What about a powerhouse? If it has 3,000,000 volts and that is sent out, the power level can be decreased. If it is not balanced, it can create an uneven system that is unstable.

Some people might pressure us with power, but it won't work as far as the people are concerned. It is because of this understanding of the balance of electric flow we could make the happy health machine. If they used it continuously many would be healed. Some may try to claim that they made this, but God revealed it through me. If you go to different doctors -- they can have different views and not find the problem. There are judges that have different opinions, and so the standards are unstable.

For 90 years -- I have been working and guiding people in many nations -- in 194 countries. Korea, Japan and America especially. The UN, if it really understood its role, it would fulfill. That's why I'm trying to help the UN. Should the world be centered on America?

It is a nation built by immigrants. Wherever we go there is a tendency, like seasonal birds or fish, when we want to return to our home roots.

Who determined the four directions: east west north and south? However, there must become one system for everything. In America we use inches and the world is using meters. Which is better? Because of so many standards it is a world of confusion, disunity and woe. Many nations are watching me closely for the direction to go.

The Heavenly Standard

We need to know the heavenly standard. There must be a different strategy according to the position we are in. We are spending a lot of money in each nation. I'm the kind of person who follows God's direction. There is a constitution in America -- does it promote mind and body unity or the selflessness of individuals or just individualism? Since it promotes individualism, it will not last. It has to develop. So many world leaders respect me. Prime Minister Heath of England really respected me. When General Haig made his transition, we honored him. Whether it's a Republican or Democrat is not the most important thing -- what is most important is the quality of the character of the person elected.

That is why I have given you the textbooks on how to understand God and His providence of restoration. These books teach you the Way of Character.

Did night come first or day? First there was darkness, according to the Bible -- God beyond the darkness created. If you are courageous, you will not lose anything. Americans like orange juice. What juice do I like -- McCol juice. It came from the cold whereas the orange juice comes from the warm climate. There is a difference. First there was night. Religions by themselves cannot bring unity -- religions can make things more difficult if a new principle doesn't emerge. How can America deal with China? By force or power? No. Only by love. I want to bless the Communist world and liberate theme.

Even when we are talking about suffering and pain then this all must be dissolved and overcome. From this principle we must bring the east and the west the communist and the free world together. How? Through international blessing. If the father is Russian and the Mother American -- it will unify the right and the left. All the arms should be turned into farming tools to protect and cultivate the land. Those people who committed sins in front of Rev. Moon must ask forgiven.

If there is fighting between the boar and the ants who would win? If there is an earthquake where will it come? Korea is safe. In New York if we worked on joint development with our assets, we could have made a lot more money. But it wasn't the right way for us.

America is now getting better at soccer. In American football, the game is very fierce and many get hurt -- they use their hands. Americans like tap dance and only use their feet -- however when you dance all the body should move, the hands should go up and the opposite. There should be balance. Dr. Seuk is very good at Martial Arts. Rev. Do Sun Im is the head of all the martial artists. Name the field that I wasn't involved with. I could be very good at any game. Mr. Park who is in charge of the soccer team now was taught by me. We are working to establish a soccer association at the UN. However just a large association doesn't mean you are one. In the sports world I am known to have teams that are number one.

In Las Vegas you have to understand how to win. You must be able to make more money. The dealer can't stop even if you go to sleep. If I have money, I always give it to others.

(Someone got up to leave) Father said -- where are you going? If you have to leave, you have to bow down, and go quietly, when you stand up tall and go it looks like you are opposing Father's speech. Go by bowing down.

(Father asked Dr. Yang who the key black leader is that leads the Nation of Islam. Dr. Yang replied, "Minister Farrakhan.")

Las Vegas sounds like "Lost Beggars". I have my secret way of working from the corner to the center. It's all done through the Principle.

Although I'm a grandfather, but when I grabbed an American he couldn't get away. I am not afraid in America. I am guided by God. We just need more people.

Dr. Yang -- please read my speech.

(Dr. Yang read that Father has 13 children -- Father said -- why did you say 13? Its 14 children -- Dr. Yang answered '14 Abonim.' Father replied: "What did you read?" Dr. Yang said: "14 Abonim." Father replied: "Then why did you say 13?" Everyone laughed -- Father really doesn't miss anything.)

With these words -- the world will not be able to oppose. Through these contents all the secrets in the world are revealed and that I have been walking a path of life and death. Through these words, you can resolve all the problems of your ancestors. You should have a complete library. These books exist on different levels -- and should be for the children -- grade school through university. Hell on earth and hell in the spirit world can be removed. You can then hoist a flag for the Heavenly Kingdom. You can live for thousands of years and eternity. Aju.

There is nothing more to teach about. You should not live as you please -- you must follow the way of these books. God is guiding you in your life.

In Las Vegas there is a house -- called the Cheon Hwa Gung. Is it bigger than East Garden? It's just a regular home -- to find that, however there had to be internal preparation -- it's very bright light and fresh air there. Actually all we need is a simple tent and God's word. We can live forever with that. We must study deeply Father's words and then mobilize all of our different relatives. Shall I go to DC? (Yes). All you need is the words I give you. 

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