The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

What Should Be Our Attitude During the Last Days?

Sun Myung Moon
March 30, 2010
East Garden
Unofficial notes: Michael Jenkins and Douglas Burton

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

True Father began Hoon Dok Hae at 5:00 a.m. and continued until 11:00 a.m. covering a wide range of topics, including drastic changes expected in world affairs by the end of 2012, the necessity to develop personal character, the value of adaptability, and the importance of achieving harmony. Father and Mother looked very healthy, and Father appeared to be in a good mood throughout the talk.

True Father began with the following words:

You must learn Korean. If you don't know Korean you will be in trouble," Father began.

If we do a good job, we can change things rapidly. You don't know the spirit world. In the last days heaven and earth will be turned upside down, and there will be chaos. Who knows the way through this? Only God and Rev. Moon. There is nothing to hide now. Only we can understand through the core of the principle. At the time of Noah's flood judgment all perished except Noah. How many people would survive if something like this happened again? Later there was a problem between Ham and Noah. The whole problem was to reconnect blood lineage.

How do we unify the world in the last days? Many people are not attuned to what is going on in the world. All people should be able to harmonize with the heavenly tradition; it doesn't matter if it is a developed country or developing country. Heaven and Earth will be turned upside down -- do you believe that? Many don't know whether to believe it. If there is an earthquake in the west coast -- how many will survive? Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and South America -- can they survive?

America must make the right decision at this time. Americans who try to live will die. In Hawaii maybe if you go to the top of the mountain perhaps you can survive. If you are asked to go up, then you must go up. If the entire continent sinks down, where would you go? The population of America is less than 300 million. What if they were all lost? Can that time come? That is the time we are in -- the last days -- anything could happen at this time. The evil lineage will be sinking down, and the heavenly lineage must be established. Haiti was devastated in an instant. In terms of location, an Island and the continent can both be changed. Does God exist or not? You did not answer loudly with enough confidence.

Changes in Geography

Right now geographically things are changing, even at this moment. Who can say that Korea won't rise to be the number one country? There is a tide in Inchon that is 13 meters high in its swing. This is one of the highest in the world. The incoming tide and outgoing tide, between 9 and 13 meters, swing in levels. Korea is the best destination for you to stay safe in the world. Kum Gang San (Kum Gang Mountain) is a good place for you to stay safe. The rocks have been there for thousands and thousands of years. Japan is an island. Even if a catastrophe takes place in the world, Korea will not be affected. Korea is the safest place.

So many people come to Las Vegas, however what if the earthquake occurs there, everything could be changed in an instant. Do you think what I am teaching is making sense or not? Many Americans are understanding that I am good for America, however some are not.

In Las Vegas there are people who would give their right hand for me now. Hyung Jin looks very gentle; he is a master in Martial Arts. However, he was shocked at how strong I am. (Father then spoke to Jim Rigney and asked him where he came from -- he said America -- Father said I know that but where? He said from Heavenly Father -- then he said Boston) Because of your white hair, you look like you are close to the North Pole.

People who live closer to the North Pole have blue eyes. Because of the blue water there, their eyes became blue over the centuries. The northern people look different than the Asians. Most of them are hunters. They chase after different animals. They sleep on the side, because the weather is cold. Because of this hunter background, westerners wear shoes inside the house. Westerns sleep in a bed and could fall out! Asians sleep on the floor and are safer! Because they hunted in the cold they had to sleep on their side and their faces became narrow. In the mountain I can go to many different places. Am I the kind of person that just goes here and there and sleeps? Am I that kind of person? I can sleep, but instead I prefer to work. I sleep little, however when I sleep I sleep very soundly. I'm good at playing and sleeping. I even studied how to snore. My body is very flexible also.

Pyung Hwa Kim (who was in the audience), why do you have your head down? You might be wondering why I was keeping you in Chicago. If I didn't keep you in Chicago, where would you go? Father is ninety but his hands are steady and back is straight. If you go to the top of the mountain you should be able to go there for many months.

How many Korean women are here? Mrs. Hendricks, where is your husband. (Dr. Hendricks raised his hand) Do you love her? (Yes) How can I be sure? Asians don't seem to age as much, however westerners look more aged when they are older. Westerners shape changes a lot when they get older.

Pyung Hwa Kim, what is your mission in Chicago? If you do a good job you can develop. What is your strength? Your strength is what -- singing? What is your strength? Is it singing or relating to clergy?

Dr. Pyung Hwa Kim then stood, walked to the podium and sang, "How Great Thou Art."

To Go High You Must Go Through Difficulties

You should not be like a balloon that can be blown away. Do you want to be a small fish or a big fish? Do you want to just be blown away as a light fish? It depends upon your different features at this time. There is a toad with a lightning-fast tongue. But if it swallows something, it can digest it. If people are laughing day and night they will never forget the sound. I have been in America for over 30 years, wherever I go I can be good at it. In your case, did you really study about the spirit world? There are people who can read fortunes and say I am such a good person, they can say this is something high and low. If you are only going to focus on going high -- you will never grow and cannot stay there. You must go through difficulties to go high. Colorado River is flowing at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Right now Father is over 90 years old, but even now he can do whatever is necessary to fulfill. His teeth are strong and his health is very good. Parents are so excited to see the tooth come out from the baby. In the olden days in Korea children's teeth had to be pulled out with a silk thread.

(Father pointed to spots and points on his arms.) When these go away I know it is time for me to go to the spirit world. However these spots are still here. It's not time for me to go.

My lungs are so good that I can make a sound for a long time (Father made a sound for a very long time using all his breath -- everyone was laughing). You must have an object partner. You can never be proud of yourself alone. You must have relationships for decades that really have the depth of heart. The hunters don't develop that depth because they are focused on the short term and getting daily food. Even at the age of ten I was asking all kinds of serious questions. A lot of deep thinking occurred.

Do you like a long Hoon Dok Hae or a short Hoon Dok Hae (Everyone answered "looonngggg!" Father laughed knowingly). Westerners say "Oh, we have no time to relax and play; we need a short Hoon Dok Hae."

You must be able to digest everything very well. You must look at your face and how it looks. From the eyes, tears are shed. From the nose and mouth, water comes out when you cry. I spoke for 16 hours straight. Why didn't I have to go to the bathroom? Because I sweat so much.

You should be able to digest and overcome whatever you are related to. If you are not able to do that, you will fall behind. Constantly you must make efforts. Is there anywhere where Rev. Moon's words are not conveyed?

Father then called Dr. Chung Jong Choi, who reported: "My daughter passed away from cancer. I really grieved and felt God's heart from losing Adam and Eve, and True Parents losing five children. I couldn't begin to imagine the pain they went through.

Sometimes when parents aren't fulfilling, a child goes to the spirit world on their behalf. I believe my daughter wanted me to stay here to fulfill my mission with Unification Thought. My daughter showed great strength and didn't show her suffering. When Father talks about my daughter, I think of True Parents who lost five children and two grandchildren."

Father resumes talking: "We go through all kinds of different situations for all of us. Through that our hearts grow and develop and we can be closer to others. We can experience the heart of parents: whether it is joyful or painful. We can go through cycles up and down and can expand the scope of our emotions. Whether it is yute time or other times. It doesn't matter.

We should be able to be friends with anyone. What kind of prayer should we offer? We must be able to relate. That is how we will not be defeated. We should be able to move forward and establish the tradition that will last forever.

Unification Versus Harmony

Which comes first: Unification or Harmony? You must make Harmony first and then bring about Unification. People who hate others cannot do well. They burrow into the snow and find a place there. They must find a place where they can endure and develop the personality in which they can marry in all four directions. Germans want to marry Germans, French -- French and so forth. Now Germans should marry French and all should marry in four directions.

When Father goes for a drive he doesn't sleep; he looks at everything to check what is going on. God is able to relate with all of the creation. They all have to have partners. It's hard to marry after you get to be 30 years old. Everything has a balance -- in dancing when one foot is forward the other is back. The arms the same -- there is always a balance between the legs and the arms. Nothing can work by itself.

If your left hand is working, your right has to complement it. There can be a deep and a shallow. In the universe there are all aspects of diversity and harmony. The only way to make unification is to make harmony first. More important than unification is harmony. There is really no Unificationism by itself; there must be harmony. Women who live alone can die alone and lonely. Men need the womb of a woman to have a baby. The woman should be protected by the husband. They need each other.

When you go to the countryside the man must shoot the lion and protect the woman. The woman must have the husband in front of her and protecting her. Even university professors must understand Father's teaching. We need to have our brothers and sisters and our parents. What kind of relationship is needed? It is subject and object. In the Unification Church men and women cannot remain just horizontally -- they must become husband and wife. The Intelligence agencies cannot get rid of Father's teaching because it is fundamental to marriage and family. Father is taking care of God, and God has recognized Father Moon as his son. If you have ten older brothers, I can make ten leaders for ten tribes. After you understand Father's words you can understand who Father is.

Even when I go to a casino I can figure it out and become king there. People go for greed and to gain money, but that is the way to lose everything. If you understand this environment you can overcome and dominate the environment. With one-tenth they can see I can multiply it 20 times. When people lose money they come to me for help; I will teach them that the way to go is not to have greed. I have seen many different types of games that have been played. I can do this with my eyes closed and can educate people on the principles of success. In my wallet I always have a good amount of money. It is important to take care of people. If I have money, then I can give money to people to help them and to take care of students and all people.

Does love come from affection or affection from love? If you ignore the husband, you will lose. It's now the environment where the President can listen to me. The intelligence people all support me and know my value.

I knew that Unificationists will become Congressmen in America. That is going to come. You should be more active than Rev. Moon. If I asked you to give a donation of $10,000 would you do it? (Father asked one person -- he said yes.) I have also sold flowers myself.

In a way, the most difficult place is America. There are so many languages. Father many times wears hats and goes among the people and relates naturally because they don't know who he is.

Now we have so many clergy that are close friends; through this the 2nd and 3rd generation will come as well.

Father Calls for Candidates to Run for Office

When I was in Moscow, I wanted to prepare the young people who can lead the nation. In America there is a lack of loyalty to God and many can be led the wrong way. It is our job to correct this.

President Lincoln, did he represent the North or the South? Father wanted to bring liberation. There is a lot of animosity in the south toward black people. No matter what they are trying to do they cannot be happy with this conflict. This all must be resolved. Father wants to eliminate this conflict.

In America we must prepare people to run for the U.S. Senate. Those who are over 50 years old -- should they run for the Senate or just follow? What about Neil Salonen? How old is he? (64 years old). Even the young people from Harvard, Yale and Bridgeport could run however the people I am asking to run don't seem enthusiastic and don't really want to do it. This is the time to be serious about these activities. In Jin Nim and America should be supporting me -- not the other way around. The root is root and the trunk is trunk and the branch is branch. You must raise up your children properly. You will be miserable if you don't do that.

What about people who are prepared to run for Congress and even President? When I say you must love me, does that mean me alone or does it mean love all people. If you truly love me then you will also love all people. I supported Archbishop Milingo and he received the blessing. Now how old is the Pope? (82).

Won Ju, please read the Divine Principle. The books that I am reading now are my early speeches from the 1950s.

Will you take responsibility for Las Vegas? Washington DC and NY should take responsibility for Las Vegas. Everyone should give $2000 and have their names written down. Everyone in America should be participating. Then this nation will be more powerful. What is the mirage -- something that looks real but actually is not. This is something the Israelites should not have pursued. What they did was amazing. New York and Washington should be supporting the project in Las Vegas. All the people in the spirit world can be blessed. This is a chance to be blessed.

Father called Mrs. Hendricks to sing. She is so shy, but because she has a western husband she has to become brave. (She called her husband -- Father said no) You are the wife of the President and you must have the standard. If he repents, you will receive so much blessing. (Mrs. Hendricks sang the Korean song, Omaya Nunaya). This is the song that we can sing in loneliness. We must make this shady place into a shiny place. Do you have father and mother alive and the relatives -- do they like you? (Mrs. Hendricks said yes)

What about 10,000 or 100,000 people who can come. We will give the autobiography to all of them. You must give the autobiography to 430 people.

Dr. Cho speaks from the podium: "Father just ate rice balls in Atlantic City, making special conditions with prayers and Hoon Dok Hae. This three year course is the most serious time of all. We should be a willing offering at this time. When we see the story of Isaac. This was the offering. Like Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham was asked to find even one righteous person.

In Las Vegas we were asked to find 20 righteous people. The spies were sent. The Army of Canaan had two spies and gave Joshua and Israel a good report. We are in that kind of situation right now. We should think that Father is just eating rice balls and sacrificing. If that is the case we cannot lift our face before True Parents. That is the question that I ask to myself.

We all must go to Las Vegas -- and have that kind of heart and you should understand what Father is doing in Las Vegas. This is the battlefield.

He went to Las Vegas because the Satanic Culture is deeply imbedded. Father is coming to judge and cleanse it so that it can become a city that embraces God's heart.

Father made the Cheong Jeong Gung (Proper Palace) and the Cheon Hwa Gung (Palace of Heavenly Harmony). Cheon Bok Gung (Palace of Heavenly Blessings).

Father's main purpose is to realize the unity of the Cain and Abel UN. To bring that unity, Father must set conditions throughout the world.

Father wants to establish the Parent UN in Las Vegas. Now the righteous people in Las Vegas are there. Father chose 12 of those hotels. Our leaders in Las Vegas are leading toward that goal.

Parallels to Israel's First Entry into Canaan

Two women helped us, just like for the spies in Canaan. The amazing work of God is happening in Las Vegas. There are many connections protecting True Parents. One elder woman of prayer received word that Father is in total dominion of Las Vegas and that he is totally protected. Father as you know has conquered the ocean going out in the most dangerous sea.

True Father continues: "Rev. Yoo has been lecturing throughout the world on the most serious contents. This is the time of greatest blessing, yet some don't understand and are running away. This Universe is so huge. Now the largest telescope is able to measure and understand four million light years away. Now a bigger observatory is being made that will see 100 million light years. After 2013 space travel will be developed and we will be able to travel for a vacation to take pictures and go around. There are 3000 solar systems -- there are places where life can be sustained in other parts of the universe. In the Spirit world you don't need food to survive. In the future food sources will be developed such as juices that can sustain our needs for a long time. This will happen on other planets. Now is not the time to search for what we should do. We should follow."

Rev. Yoo speaks from the podium: "The Original Divine Principle - On Sept. 1, 2008 launched the Original Divine Principle. We planned to launch the first workshop worldwide in October at Hawaii King Garden. I taught the Original Divine Principle and we moved to Cheong Jeong Gung. The Education Session to proclaim the liberation and fulfillment of the Portion of Responsibility in God's Providential History. We thought our portion of responsibility was to be obedient, however the only way we can fulfill our five percent portion of responsibility was through Absolute Sexual Morality.

True Parents were the only ones to fulfill and teach this. The Original Divine Principle is first to teach us about God and Absolute Sex. It you look at the eight great text books -- they contain this teaching. We often thought Father's teaching was just practical and principle teaching; however it is really the teaching that is cosmic eternal teaching for the perfection of our souls. This is through the completing of Absolute Sex. Because of the Fall, God is the original being of Absolute Sex and Adam and Eve failed to become absolute beings of Absolute Sex, and therefore they could not become the beings that could become the embodiment of God. This is a very profound meaning. Father is not only the True Parents but also the King of all Kings. Therefore some representative must teach the Original Divine Principle.

We have to understand God deeply and really become one in heart with God. How is God existing and living at this time? God didn't give an answer right away. All these people who attended learned so much. They heard six 90-minute lectures each day.

Father is the cause and the beginning point. We must follow Father's direction and then work. We must understand the relationship of God and True Parents. Father has been making preparation for 90 years and Father has touched the whole world.

We need to understand the absolute value of True Parents. There will only be one set of original True Parents in History. This is once and for all time. How precious is the time when they are here."

Rev. Yoo then testified that Hyung Jin Nim is living such a serious life style beginning at 2:30 am. "He does 210 bows each day then reading the Cheong Seong Gyeong. His spiritual life is completely sacrificial, and that is why he was chosen as the one to represent True parents as the spiritual leader for our movement."

"Resemble Your Parents"

Father resumes: "The beginning and the end should be one. God wants to embody himself with human beings. Every angle should be the same. We should be totally one with this and centered on God. You resemble your parents and their features. This is the way that the Universe should go: not its own way but all must resemble God and all must resemble True Parents. There is a center and we always must go through the center to get to God. No matter how developed the mission is it must go through the center to get to God. What is it that Rev. Moon is afraid of the most? In Korean we say night and day. Everything started from darkness, and then the light came in. In one body there is a head and a tail. There is a beginning and an end. There is order. Christians don't understand the principle of give and take action."

Dr. Cho spoke again: "The Happy Health machine is designed and built by Father. It is based on the principle that you must have balance of all pair systems in your body. Older people can get cataracts. This can cure them. God has not begun to open the doors of science and there is so much more to come. In the future there will be medical geniuses from our second generation."

At 10: 30 a.m. a note came from East Garden's kitchen. True Father read it aloud several times: "King Daddy, You said you were hungry, remember? Please come and eat breakfast. -- Shin Jung Moon"

Father said that he must obey a note from Mother and Shin Jung, his grandson, together. However, he continued speaking for another half hour.

"How can people cheat on their spouses?" he continued. -- If you cheat on your spouse, you'll be taken into spiritual world in the next three years. Just wait. Why do you want to divorce your spouse? People who divorce will not be welcome in the heavenly nation. They will disappear. That's what hell is, when you disappear. Can you promise me you will never divorce your spouse? Father then asked Mrs. Wonju McDevitt to read Father's speech given in 1958, "Let Us Be Survivors." Father said that the world he described in that speech is being realized 58 years later. 

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