The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

We Must Create God's Homeland

Sun Myung Moon
March 19, 2010
East Garden
Unofficial notes: Michael Jenkins

During Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents, on the morning of March 19, 2010, Dr. Chang Shik Yang's prayer was given concerning God's Providence. Although there have been so many trials, we are grateful for God's blessing and victory.

True Father:

We must create God's Homeland where God can dwell. That is the kind of place we can leave behind for our descendants. We must build this ourselves. Heavenly Father is waiting for us to do so. For Heavenly Father we must completely bow down. When I leave, I will never know when I will be back here. We must push out all the darkness in front of us. We must pioneer a new world.

If you study all the materials that I have given you, you will achieve full power. These are the textbooks that I have given you. On that foundation you can cry out to God and you will be able to overcome all difficulties. On that victorious foundation you can meet your ancestors. We should be able to meet at the place where God and True Parents have been waiting to see you. These are the kind of things that we should leave behind as our legacy.

Another key principle is that we must promote the exchange marriage blessing. We must work harder to build a new world for the future. I want to teach you so that you will be able to rejoice in the spirit world and be honored as victors.

You will see that now Korea will start advancing before our eyes. You will see beyond America, China and Russia. If the Second Israel fails to protect the Third Israel, where should it go? The Second Israel of America must do God's Will.

I have gone through so many experiences and challenges, but I was always grateful to heaven. Everyone without exception must report to heaven. Americans, Koreans -- it doesn't matter, everyone must report to heaven. The question is how we can decorate the remainder of our lives. You have to make your own determination, not just wait for Father's direction.

Mrs. Yu then gave a report concerning her country, Malaysia.

Mrs. Yu:

2000 invitations were sent out, which brought 200 people, to a special conference. This is in a Muslim nation, so it was quite important and they supported.

In a Muslim country, the government is centered on the Koran. We followed Father's direction with absolute faith and shared Father's principles of peace. They understood so well and were inspired. When they came to Korea, Hyung Jin Nim gave a direct testimony of Father's Messianic role. They understood Father Moon's peace teaching. Now Father has given us the Universal Celebration of Sung Hwa, or ascension, and last night this was given to the whole world.

True Father:

Yesterday we had a very special event. It was most historic, and although only a small number were selected for honor, they were very special including General Haig. Also, though it was not a big gathering, those who attended will be significantly blessed.

You should understand that my autobiography is historic. You should buy it now before the price goes up. You should give this book to whoever you meet so that you can read and appreciate True Parents' life and work. I am telling you that this book is most significant; I believe that it will transform people. You must give this book out [to 430 people].

Father then asked Mr. Joo to report concerning True Father's Autobiography.

Rev. Kim Young Soon, who had been in Brazil for many years, then gave a report.

Rev. Kim:

Though I have had many difficulties, Father always guided me. I did a special kyung-bae condition of thousands of bows to God. Then Father began to appear in my dreams and guide me. The autobiography is so important.

True Father:

Some people may think they know me, but I am a mystery. How do I know which way to go? Because I know God. You too must know God. Do not worry about your future; just live for God. Mr. Kim I am sorry I interrupted your report. Please continue.

Rev. Kim:

Father's autobiography is the simplest way to approach people.

True Father:

You must completely center on Father's words and then you can become strong. This is the most important thing to give to your descendants.

Rev Yang, please share your reflections on last night.

Dr. Yang:

It was truly a special event in New York. Only those who were invited were able to come.

The official title of the Sung Hwa memorial ascension service was Honoring Legacy and Peace. Father is very grateful to General Haig. He was a four star general.

In Jin Nim was dispatched as a special envoy of True Father in order to represent True Family, during General Haig's burial ceremony. He was buried at Arlington Cemetery on March 2nd, then on March 8th we honored him in Washington.

We have had many rallies and events, however yesterday's event in New York was very special because it brought the spirit world and the physical world together as one. Ambassadors from different nations offered flowers for the UN representative who passed away in the Haiti earth quake. Other key representatives including Alex Haig, son of the General Haig, gave lilies and roses for those being honored. Dr. Hanabi, Pres. Wahid, PM of Iceland was also honored.

General Haig's son said that his father had often talked about True Father as a man of peace and principle. His son appreciated that Father had sent Rev. In Jin Moon.

In Jin Nim gave a great speech as she introduced Father. Now a True Family member always introduces True Parents. As Rev. In Jin Moon introduced Father, attendees could see the beauty of her relationship with True Parents. Rev. Joshua Cotter gave all of True Parents' books to Mr. Alex Haig.

Father then spoke so powerfully. It was originally a 13 minute speech, but Father added so much profound content.

ACLC clergy were also there. Clergy can mobilize many people. Pastor Barrett, Dr. Howard, Bishop Edwards and Bishop Stallings supported last night. The Clergy are working hard with In Jin Nim in outreaching to the U.S. Congressmen to move them to stop the human rights violations in Japan.

Let us also welcome Mr. Jim Gavin who will be the new head of UPF USA.

Rev. Hwang:

Yesterday we had an historic event in Korea. Father is the True Parent of all human kind. Father and Mother are willing to take responsibility for all people, therefore True Parents are the True Parents.

There were about 30 ambassadors together with 160 people there yesterday. The significance is that Father is bequeathing the Sung Hwa legacy to all of humanity. When we do a Sung Hwa ceremony we use so many beautiful flowers whereas others only have black clothes and one color for flowers. Why? Because we can celebrate the transition to the spirit world with a victorious life. Yesterday was a huge victory for True Parents.

True Father:

You cannot think the Kingdom of Heaven will be realized just by hoping for it. You cannot live your own way. When you do, you will find that you can't be with God. You must establish the realm of heart. That should be the core of the Universe, and is the formula course that our people must follow. When you have a clear system you can go through the growth process to reach God.

Heaven and Earth need to be settled in the realm of settlement. These things should be settled at this time. I want you to be serious about the blessing and the three generational realms.

Don't ever think that I can do things just as I want to. The most fearful people to me are my grandchildren. I have to keep my promise to them; if I don't I have to ask their forgiveness.

Family matters are very important. So Won Ju, we must read True Family: Gateway to Heaven very carefully and strongly.

Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt then read through to page 27 of True Family: Gateway to Heaven, and Hoon Dok Hae attendees promised to read the rest on their own. 

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