The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

The Direction Of God's Providence

Sun Myung Moon
March 18, 2010
East Garden
Unofficial notes: Michael Jenkins


We must understand the direction of God's providence. Because of the fall, human history has changed. Now because of True Parents, all is restored. To Americans God's providence is not easy to understand, and may sound like a dream. However, you must understand the core of God's providence.

We must go through the 8-stage process vertically and horizontally based on True Love. We are now going over the final stage. This is the process of completely changing the blood lineage.

Chang Shik Yang? (Yes.) We need to understand the message given in the Owner of Peace and the Owner of Lineage. We must understand both. This was given on July 7, 2010.

Dr. Yang read this message


All second generation raise your hands. All blessed couples raise your hands. Regardless of race and color I had to bring everyone together, no matter what persecution or opposition. Congressmen should come from our second generation. We have to understand the path of indemnity, without this America will be lost.

Now you have the textbooks, you must study these textbooks. From the external point of view, Father Moon looks like an average person. But if you go deep inside you will find his amazing quality.

Dr. Yang, you will not stay in America forever. After a few years you have to go back to Korea. If what we hope to achieve doesn't occur here, God may raise a country up from South America.

Yesterday was March 17th and soon April 17th is coming. Soon in Washington the cherry blossoms will bloom. Did you know that the cherry blossom is not originally from Japan but from Cheju Island? There are three major family names in Cheju. Dr. Yang is one of the youngest brothers there. He has been sent to America with a deep purpose, and he must not work on his own. That is why I put the educational materials here to ensure the right direction. I know what is right and what is wrong in America.

The Bering Strait Tunnel is the way to connect Russia and America. All can live in harmony; this is God's dream.

Many leaders are always coming to me to seek money for projects. But instead they should become owners that can raise their own funds. Other nations are in trouble. I can see the world and can feel the pain of the people who are starving to death here.

Today is a very amazing day. Today is the day I will bequeath the Sung Hwa Ceremony to all humankind. I will also give the seven special textbooks that should be the guide from now on.

Rev. Hwang please come and report.

Rev. Hwang:

When I was blessed as a 6000 couple I had to make three conditions: a seven day fast, three spiritual children, and three years of public life. Now an unprecedented event is about to happen. We are going to bequeath the Sung Hwa ceremony to all humanity. The helicopter accident was a more serious indemnity condition than the Danbury course. Who is the owner? God is the owner. We should return all our possessions and all of our life to God.

True Father:

I set up indemnity conditions to establish ownership for God. Father wants all humanity under God to receive His light from heaven. That is how you can become True Sons and Daughters and become princes and princesses for heaven. You have to offer whatever you have. You should have no reservations or any attachments.

Rev. Song gives a testimony:

I am in charge of Japan. On Feb. 28th last year I was directed to go to Japan. To choose me, my ancestors from 7, 14 and many more generations had to be prepared. I am resolved to go just one path.

Father sent me to Japan at the most difficult time of our history. The manifestation of Satan has been so serious in Japan, but because of God and True Parents I am not afraid. I don't know what will happen to me; I am facing many forces. I could be kidnapped or be killed. I'm ready to die.

I was trained by True Parents in South America. The other day I had a car accident and my wife and I were not hurt. Actually, I was supposed to die, but Father said, "God Saved You." I am ready to die at anytime in Japan. In Japan we can bring so many people.

Now we are involved in Direct Witnessing under Kook Jin Nim. The intellectual level of Japan is very high. Japanese members are really committed. They are always studying Father's words day and night. Our members are honest and will follow the will of heaven without complaint. 4300 members were kidnapped by faith breakers. Mr. Toru Goto was held for 12 years.

Only when someone outside the nation is putting pressure on Japan will it change. Kook Jin Nim is now taking care of this. We should be bold and courageous; then everything can be done.

God is watching over us. Billions of good spirits are behind us. I was able to give lectures to a governor from Korea. I am appointed by God and True Parents; this is a very different level than the governor's. I carry True Parents pictures at all times, which protects me at all times.

Now intense witnessing is going on in Japan and so many members are joining. When 50 guests attend I will make sure that 50 will be able to join. Father said we are living in a time when 3000 can join in one meeting, or even 10,000 people.

Rev. Myung Dae Kim (124 Couple) then shared about the rally we are having for the Korean Independence Patriot, Yoo Gon Soon. She was executed in 1919 as a martyr, and is the Joan of Arc of Asia. Because of her efforts and the Independence movement of 1919, Father could be born in 1920. Father has instructed me to do rallies and education in Japan and Korea.

Father is setting conditions for the Unification of Korea through rallies centering on Yoo Gon Soon's victorious and historic sacrifice. Until she stood up, no one could move in Korea to oppose the oppression of Japan. When she stood up the Independence movement could begin.

True Father:

The spirit world is now open. If you really see what is going on there, many great people will come forward. But you must be bold and courageous.

We will stop here for today. Have the heart to feed the people who are hungry, then blessings will come. 

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