The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Third Visit To Cheon Bok Gung In Yongsan

Sun Myung Moon
March 7, 2010
Cheon Bok Gung, Korea

Sun Myung Moon May 1, 2011

This is my third visit to this church in Yongsan since its construction. Who is the owner of settlement, and what are the land of settlement and the people of settlement in the necessary providence guided by Rev. Moon, who has waited for the time when the nails and the columns would be in place here?

You should not be mere visitors who have come to sightsee in this country, which is drifting along. You need to put down your roots here, as well as your branches, leaves, and flowers, because you should not be left out. Devote yourself fully so that you will not be ashamed in front of history after this three- year period.

Thus, you should look forward to the day on which you can inherit the kingship as princes and princesses and carry on that work in the name of the children of the Lord, and shed silent tears.

I will take the lead, and I hope that even one more person will be able to take part in receiving this grace. There are our brothers and sisters, our parents, the chiefs of tribes, and the heads of nations.

I should take responsibility. If I can't give this task it to anyone else, I should take responsibility since I am the only one I can trust. Even if a person has rushed out in haste and been run down and killed in an unfortunate accident, I can believe that he has every right to stand tall in the homeland he had aimed for. The question is, How many such people are there? How many? Based on True Parents' teachings, how many people can answer "I am one"?

This is the headquarters. [Father refers to some American presidents, and continues.] They are only the heads of one nation out of many, but each one of us is a person incomparable to anyone who has gone before, because we can receive the seed through the center of the homeland. How grateful each of us should be, therefore, to know that Heaven has prepared such an ideal for us!...

You cannot go in front of God. You should already be following me before I step out in the lead, with a firmer resolution than mine. You should give out the scent of being who you are, shouldn't you?... The sons and daughters of Heaven, each person who received the blessing as a church member of this assembly in Yongsan Borough, should be able to take the lead representing the thousands here, and march forward singing, bridging the realm between life and death. Shouldn't they, therefore, know that they should hurry and be determined not to be defeated in following that road, but stand up and march forward?

Yu Jeong-ok? [Yes!] Sing the song about the white stallion, with the hope that these people will go back to their hometowns with dreams of the future in their hearts, enjoy their weekend, pay their respects to their ancestors and become exemplary in the eyes of those in their tribes or clans. Where will the white stallion that has lost its hometown go? Let's finish with that song.

[As Father is leaving, he passes the all-girl choir of Japanese second-generation members that had sung a welcoming song.] Are these children from Japan?

[Hyung-jin nim: They are the Seonhak Choir. They've come from Japan.]

Girls, please sit down. These are young children in their teens. How many groups of young people like these are there in the world? Who will raise these youngsters? Who will teach them? In this wild and vast satanic world...

When I look at them, I want to stay with them; I want to become such a young person.

I am one who burned with passion, crazy about completing the providence, and wanting to do things for the sake of these people. Please don't forget that my heart misses that era when I could show you such qualities, and that I am living with the pain that the summertime of my life has passed. 

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