The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

The Purpose Of The 120-Day Workshop

Sun Myung Moon
March 1, 2010
Hoon Do Hae (4:45 am)
Unofficial notes: Gunnard Johnston

Note: This workshop has been directly under Father's creation and dominion from its inception. Father made it for a very important purpose (see below) as a legacy to be remembered forever. Father wants to up the standard of how we do things, be more professional.

I do believe the 210 kyung-baes per day for 120 days = 24,000 is significant as a condition to make unity of heart with True Parents. I never before in my entire life felt so close to True Parents' than when I was at this 120-day workshop. I felt very close in heart with True Parents, not just in physical distance. Actually, we only saw Father three short times at the beginning of the workshop, and once more at the April Seunghwa Celebration at the Walker Hill Hotel, where about 2000 people had gathered, and that was a more general public event. This workshop is all about inheriting True Parents' heart of love, substantially. I'll post some notes from Father's initial talk at the beginning of this workshop.

True Father's comments on the meaning and purpose of this 120-day workshop (paraphrased through translation, but cross-checked with the Korean coordinator who speaks English very well, Victor Kim):

True Father:

Do you want to be a general in the army or just a soldier? We need to kick out Satan from the world. This is war. We need to pray and understand what to do.

(Father looks young and full of energy here at 5:00 AM. Father entered the room and started speaking immediately, with no formalities, not even a kyung-bae.)

Don't just follow me; learn why I do what I do. Pray deeply and strive to understand the reason and purpose behind what I do. We need to study what has happened in the Bible to see how God has worked throughout history, how people succeeded, how they failed.

Today we need to take care of the present leaders and especially the rising younger leaders, to guide them, especially the Second Generation, teaching them the exemplary life, how to live. I am teaching always by the way I live. My life has been an example, a template, for others to inherit.

That's why I lived as I did. I reported this in my autobiography.

We need to educate the Ambassadors for Peace about True Father's way of life and accomplishments.

It is our generation's responsibility to educate the next generation. I always do this by setting the highest personal example. I am doing this to teach to the next generation so they can rise up to take over the highest positions in the world. My job -- our job is to witness to the highest standard of living, living for the internal, eternal, spiritual standard.

Our goal is to raise up and strengthen members' hearts. We have to witness to the highest level of the world's people. How can we do this? See how it was done in human history.

How to elevate the hearts and minds of others: this is our job.

Already I am teaching you every day, setting the standard in my life and by my teaching. Witness to my life. Teach others how I have lived, and continue to live.

We know the Bible, we know Jesus life. Why did he die? It was because he did not have power in the world. We have to make power in the world! It is very important. We have to be strong. We cannot advance God's ideal if we are weak.

When I married with True Mother, I was much older than Mother. People asked many questions, and said many things. Why? Because they did not understand God's will and providence, what was needed at the time. With better social standing this would never have been an issue; it would have been explained by members (of high standing in society), and thus all concerns would have been answered. Because the members at that time, however, were so simple (not high society), not with social standing, I had a very difficult life. (The world opposed Father the same way it opposed Jesus when he was ministering on earth; Jesus had simple followers, too, fishermen, tax collectors, and the like.)

[This is one example of Father's difficulties due to few/no members of high social standing.]

In history we see that the old men make the foundation, and then the young men inherit and expand that foundation. Whenever I ask members to do something I cannot find the right people because nobody has the academic qualification. So now I am an old man and have no power, so you need to fulfill this; it is your job now. That's why I asked young people with at least a master's degree to come here.

Already I taught everything, and I bequeathed it all to you. Now you have to do it by inheriting my life style. The question is: how we can make Heavenly Father's tradition our own tradition. What is True Parents' heart, life, project (works)? We need to learn and inherit, then do it ourselves. That's all that remains. I've done everything that is necessary to make the foundation that can last for eternity on earth.

Why we need this kind of workshop?

We need determination; learn True Father's life; study True Father's book. Father's life is very impressive and powerful. Learn Father's life and understand it, then live it and teach it to others. This is our job!! This is the time we are in today!! We need the vision and power of True Parents, and we need to live it for the sake of God's will and for the benefit of others. We need to make a text-book of Father's life to teach it to others all the most important points:

How True Parents sacrificed in their lives.

Understand Father's life and Mother's life.

Seven deaths and eight resurrections shows how I overcame all difficulties, every way Satan tried to stop me. I overcame everything.

Satan could not stop me.

We need a text-book to teach this.

Let us keep the pride and competence of True Parents (Their love for God and to fulfill God's will). True Parents are working 24 hours, no time for anything else. 24/7 dedication. Life of total offering. Nothing for selfish purpose.

We need make a text-book about True Parents' lives; even give examinations. We need to understand Parents' lives. When I was young I wanted to go to school but my parents didn't have the money. So I went to middle school by working day after day. Finally I could enter and graduate. It was not easy and I had to work hard to get an education.

This is God's will: I have to teach about my life until I die. People must know how I have lived in complete devotion to fulfill God's will.

Already I am 90 years old. I feel sad that I have not done more. But I always have determination to fulfill God's will, and I live with that determination all the time, non-stop. We need to witness to people about God's will. These things must be learned by the age of 30; after this time it is much more difficult. So we need a text-book of True Parents' lives.

I made a very precious record which can inspire and uplift many, many people. Such teaching can save humankind. Only living to fulfill God's will. That's all. That's my life. We must make this text-book.

We began a political party a few years ago, but it could not go anywhere; no power, no foundation, no results. So now we need to prepare members before they are 30 years old to pursue the positions that can move society. We need to make Heavenly Father's army! We need to prepare leaders of this army. We need to make powerful soldiers for Heaven! I am sorry this has not already been done.

[Father is in tears now.]

This is a most important time now. There is not much time. I am very sad about that. We need to prepare the text-book and teach to others, especially young future leaders. (My body's situation is not so easy; I need injections at the hospital. I need help to stay energized. I get massages two or three times each day to keep my body supple. But don't worry. I'm OK.)

Witness to Heavenly Father, be His children who represent Him well. Spiritual world is prepared to move forward but we are not so prepared. We need to remedy this from now. We need to prepare ourselves to witness and raise up champions for God's will and work. We need to show the world we are not mediocre people; we are capable people, we are people that are valuable to the world. We are representatives of True Parents who are very capable people.

Testimony from Rev. Yu
(Once church leader in Washington, DC; bug-eyed man some years ago)

Some high level people in Korea and Malaysia prime ministers' offices witnessed to True Parents. The Malaysian official called for close ties with Korea because he was so impressed by Father's life (via the autobiography?).

We cannot advance without witnessing to True Parents. Without witnessing to True Parents we can go nowhere; also, there is no meaning to what we do in life. Witnessing is the power and the life of our lives. From witnessing we gain spiritual power and can make great financial power, too.

Rev. Pak Won-gon Testimony:

Witnessing power -- going to visit company executives and other important leaders -- is so great now! If I tell you all I feel I will burst from all the energy I feel! When visiting these local leaders the very common response was that these local leaders were sorry that the Unification Church had suffered so much, that True Parents were living in relative obscurity. Even Christians have been very positive and supportive of True Parents during our visits and witnessing. We need to make the witnessing book (testimony to True Parents way of life).

Hoon Dok reading by Won Ju McDevitt -- Satan and Marx speak to Father's life. Also Lenin.

Father speaks again:

Spirit world is already mobilized and working, so we need to catch up by making good conditions in our earthly life. (Follow Father's example. Study Father's life, inherit Father's victory, expand on Father's foundation: witness to leaders, especially young leaders; educate them in Principle and Father's life. [Must make the book about Father's life.])

We have to do our part for spirit world can work through us. We should make 12-person teams to witness to new people.

Already I am 91 years old. Soon I have to go to Heaven. I have to go to my home town. I have to go to Las Vegas. I have to do God's will. (This is Father's life.) 

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