The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

World Leaders' Special Workshop

Sun Myung Moon
February 28, 2010 and March 1, 2010
Central Training Center
Seoul Korea
Unofficial notes: Edgar Tanate

At the end of the document I have added my proposition based on the following words. (I hope that the remaining 80 days will be begun with an orientation centered upon these words.)

I. Purpose

This daily workshop is the period of educating special lecturers who can hold Hoon Dok Hae. (2/28/2010)

We are beginning this work anew because we believe that, when the new seed of the Unification Church is sown in the world stage of the future and is brought to fruition within 50 years, the world will more than become a world of peace. (2/28/2010)

I hope you understand that I am talking about these not-so-ordinary things because it wouldn't make sense for Rev. Moon to have done so much and yet failed to establish his representative, his heir, before he moves on. (2/28/2010)

We need to reorganize ourselves. The nation will become different; our places of living will become different. (2/28/2010)

I hope to make you into people that I want; I can never become the Rev. Moon that you want. (2/28/2010)

II. Goal

It is necessary for you to return and carry on with what remains to be done, thus becoming the representatives of Rev. Moon, and say "The young people should march forward with our banners flying high. Let us begin anew!" That is why this workshop is being carried out again. (2/28/2010)

I told you Unification Church members to save the nation, but… (3/1/2010)

1. Competence

This is for you to become competent enough to be able to say your say and overcome all obstacles, like Dr. Seuk here, even if you were facing top-level executives of a country. (2/28/2010)

You should have enough social knowledge to be able to criticize the leader of your nation. How could someone who is incapable of doing so take responsibility? (3/1/2010)

Do you have the means to stop others in the political sector of your worlds, when you are not strong enough to do so? (2/28/2010)

You need to know the state of affairs in this world. In living in this world, you need to have the leadership to not become the friends of evil people but instead to become their sympathizers and teachers. (3/1/2010)

A person who cannot stand in an independent position by himself and set an example before others in his environment cannot become a leader. (3/1/2010)

You need to study many languages. You must study them. You need to be able to speak at least five languages. (2/28/2010)

Make plans only after you have heard and understood about things. (2/28/2010)

2. Autobiography

Whoever has come for the workshop needs to give his personal testimony during that period. Why must you give testimony? You need to write your own autobiographies. What have you done here? And after the workshop, you will go out and work for four years, and for each year you work, you should keep a record of whom you should meet and what kind of a person he should be, and be resolved to fulfill your responsibility in at least 20 percent of the work, by forming a connection and sowing the seed that will stay established for good. Such will be the material for the autobiography you will leave behind you. (2/28/2010)

The audience is the object partner in the second stage. The object partner in the first stage is a one-on-one relationship in man and woman, and you need to start preparing to write an autobiography in which you will leave behind a record of the facts that you can reveal in candor to the object partner in the first stage, the facts that you could talk about and compare to even before God Himself, and win recognition from Him. (2/28/2010)

From the viewpoint of our descendents, they will say "The period this book was written in was the period of such and such a time, and these are the accomplishments achieved by our ancestor!" When you go to the spirit world, it will become your asset. Therefore, you need to leave an autobiography behind you. (2/28/2010)

Only when you know this can you make a record of what your elder brothers and sisters have done, what your ancestors have done, and what your descendents will be able to do as they carry on our tradition, by personally becoming the witness to your surroundings. In future, many people in high places in your nations will publish many evidences in books. Centering on the autobiographies of hundreds of people with precious titles, you will need to teach where the spirit and ethos of the entire people of your nations is flowing towards. Isn't that the conclusion to our God-given mission as we fulfill our responsibility of promoting the autobiography? (3/1/2010)

III. Period

You need to pay attention in the workshop until the end, and since three times four is twelve (3 x 4 = 12), the period of 120 days is definite and you need to stay in this region during that period. Do you understand? (3/1/2010)

IV. Participants

I said that those over 48 years of age should not participate. (2/28/2010)

Are there 200 people here today? That's not enough even to make a small group, and yet you have gathered them and called me here? Why haven't you made preparations? (2/28/2010)

Centering on the age of 48… (2/28/2010)

I said only those under 48 years of age and with a masters degree should be called here. (3/1/2010)

Well, are you worried you might lose your jobs if you come here? Rev. Moon also abandoned his job and his nation and went forth empty-handed, so why are you complaining when you have food to eat and families and means of earning a living? (3/1/2010)

If you have intelligent brothers or uncles near you, bring them to attend this workshop without fail for your descendents and your clans. (2/28/2010)

It feels good to see so many young people gathered here. (3/1/2010)

1. Duties

There are three important advices I can give to you. The first is to respect your group leader. And what would come next? Don't forget to give testimony. In order for you to touch the hearts of all the people gathered here, centering on whichever date is set for you, you need to read your testimony ten times, a hundred times and more even if you don't know the date you are to do it. Since you don't know when you might be asked to give testimony, you need to read it a hundred times till you are ready to convey the words that can move others from a position closer to their hearts than any other. You must not lie when giving testimony. Do you understand? If you follow these three advices, I can guarantee that you will win the right to become the heirs of God as His sons and daughters, as I have told you before. (2/28/2010)

2. Attitude

Those who are nodding off, and those who are not paying attention in the workshop, should all be dismissed. (2/28/2010)

Don't come here to boast of yourselves. (2/28/2010)

Those who desire to reach high places should begin from the lowest. (2/28/2010)

Rookies shouldn't come here to show off that they are rookies. Don't give off a bad aura and instead come here fully prepared. (2/28/2010)

Don't complain even if you are a little uncomfortable. (2/28/2010)

Don't criticize. (2/28/2010)

I ask you to endure and overcome difficulties. (2/28/2010)

You should become the people who can make Heaven weep tears, and at the same time be joyful, when you go to the Kingdom of God. Knowing the most sorrowful circumstances of God, you should be able to shed tears at a word. You should be able to sympathize with those who have followed the same path before you, and you should also be able to sympathize with those who are better off or worse off than you, with tears. I hope you will understand that this is one of the traditions of the world of love, and so endure and pay close attention in Hoon Dok Hae sessions. (2/28/2010)

40 years ago, I was younger than you are now, wasn't I? When you think about that, you can resolve to yourselves, "I will not be beaten by Rev. Moon." (2/28/2010)

Only when you form a relationship centered upon yourself can that connection remain closely related to you. That is inevitable because the beginning is connected to the end in karma. (2/28/2010)

You don't know when I might drop by again. I could come at 1:00 am, when you are all asleep, and hold an urgent meeting. (2/28/2010)

You need to become immersed in this until you are crazy about it. When you are immersed, you can be resurrected. To be resurrected again! (2/28/2010)

Since we know that the world in our hearts, the inner world, is precious, it is not the facial features of others that matter but rather their words and their actions. The question is what fruits they have borne, so if you live like that, then I will vouch for you without fail. (2/28/2010)

Don't spend your days in idleness when you know that the world can tumble down in an instant. (3/1/2010)

V. Workshop Fee

You like to get things for free, but this time there is a workshop fee. (2/28/2010)

VI. Organization

In regard to the organizational and structural content, everyone needs to undergo organizational training that surpasses the structures of government, communism and the US. When all peoples of nations are thus armed with such an education from grade school to college, there would be no fights in the land. (2/28/2010)

How many members should each group have, ten, twelve or thirteen? (2/28/2010)

Centering on the group leader, there should be twelve, no, ten members. It cannot be nine. Starting from ten, there can be eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen in a group, and even sixteen, for the couples should be paired up. (2/28/2010)

Select group leaders, so that the people in charge can be served by those below them. Unless the idea of serving those in charge is nurtured, the family will disappear. (2/28/2010)

Putting twelve or thirteen or more or less in a group, the people in charge of the groups should be chosen once a month. Since three times four is twelve, (3 x 4 = 12), during the four months you should serve the four group leaders more than even your own parents, brothers or sisters. Thus you will make the key by which can be opened all that was blocked in the gap between Cain and Abel, the unfilial piety between parents and children, the foundation of nation and patriotism, and the foundation of God and His followers. You have the means to make the key for both inside and out. (3/1/2010)

VII. Program

What should the workshop be based upon if there is a textbook already made for the workshop? I have designed a program for the workshop, and if you come to me of your own accord and say, "We will do such and such things", do you think I will follow what you have made? Who made this program? (2/28/2010)

You don't know where God is, what the Kingdom of God is like, and how the people of Heaven are to form a relationship with this earth in future. This program is designed to teach you these things, but how can such a great program, which is tens of thousands of times bigger, be made to fit in? It can't be adjusted. Therefore, you need to pass through the process of asking and answering questions centering on the matter of life and death based on a strong leadership system. (2/28/2010)

Even though there are millions of people in the entire universe, only the person who can serve the One Being can become the leader of the human world. No one, however, knows about the One Being, God. (2/28/2010)

I have already talked about the program concerning that on my way here this morning. (2/28/2010)

From March, I have to make plans centering on a new program, and I also have many other things to do besides. Since you know what you are supposed to do in the process of continuing with your studies, go on with what you are doing, and I will work on my own things. (2/28/2010)

Next time, set a time to come and make a detailed report on the program to me. There were many things to amend. (2/28/2010)

1. Devotion

I made preparations from before dawn. You need to make devotion. (3/1/2010)

You should pray. When you pray, all that you pray about comes true. If you pray about someone's life, and that person doesn't believe in it, then he will be taken. It is a very important matter. (3/1/2010)

2. Hoon Dok Hae

Pay attention in Hoon Dok Hae sessions. Therein lays your way to blessings and the golden path. This is infallible. (2/28/2010)

You must remember the contents of Hoon Dok Hae every day without fail. (2/28/2010)

Becoming a representative who disregards Hoon Dok Hae sessions is the greatest obstacle in receiving the workshop. (2/28/2010)

Hoon Dok ministers, carry out Hoon Dok Hae! (2/28/2010)

This Cheon Seong Gyeong should be read on such and such days, and henceforth everyone should do Hoon Dok Hae every day and Hoon Dok Hae sessions will become more important than ever. Therefore, those Unification Church members who do not have this book will fail. (2/28/2010)

A. Textbook

If the universe grew through power alone, then it couldn't grow if the origin of that power was cut off. Where is the eternal power? Where is the eternal ideology? Since there isn't one, I have introduced the eternal ideology through this book, and that is why this book was made. (2/28/2010)

What is Cheon Seong Gyeong? This was not easy. It took thirty years. The World Scripture took 50 years. Herein lays the gist with which you can criticize the most famous scholars and doctors, thinkers and systems of the world. What is Pyeong Hwa Shin Gyeong? It is the scripture of God through which peace can be brought about. (2/28/2010)

You will be taught from today. I have made this textbook. This textbook is not the textbook of God. It is the textbook for God's providence of salvation after the fall, and does not deal with the world before then. Only when you know about the roots can you know about the stem, and only when you know about the stem can you know about the branch, and only when you know about the branch can you know about the leaf, and only when you know about the leaf can you know about the flower, and only when you know about the flower can you know about the fruit. (2/28/2010)

You need to have all these books. You need to prepare them all to receive the workshop. Do you intend to share others' books? That is unacceptable. (2/28/2010)

Completely and thoroughly fulfill your duties. And the key to doing so lies in this. What is this? It is the textbook. (3/1/2010)

Centering on the 14 years, I have made the textbook before I topped 70 percent of the limits of my capacity. This textbook is needed thus. (3/1/2010)

I have made them all, all the textbooks. What for? What would we do with them? They will be republished and emphasized, because at present there isn't an enclosure wherein the young people can be made to shed tears and nurtured to grow. The economic and national foundations that their mothers and fathers have laid before them are still intact because I have connected them to the foundation laid down by Heaven, through the many victories and meritorious deeds of Heaven reaching 70 percent. Thus, the nation and the Church are still here. In future, the Church and the nation will cease to exist, because I will do away with them. (3/1/2010)

Our mission is at present in a conjuncture, and we need textbooks and teaching materials to reveal our path. Since you have the textbook, you can go and read them to others, and if they don't listen, gather all of your relatives and in-laws and have your sons- and daughters-in-law emcee the event, and deliver the content of the workshop to them. Thus, you can turn them around. (3/1/2010)

B. Prayer

Did you read the prayer yesterday? I prayed in such words, not omitting even one word. You should memorize it and interpret every part of it. (3/1/2010)

3. Testimony

Don't talk about True Parents, but instead give an introduction of yourselves, the background of the family you were born into, and what you have done. In short, introduce and talk about yourselves, and what you have been doing until now. (2/28/2010)

You should reveal who your ancestors were, what you used to do for a living, and even where you lived in discomfiture and so came to work in the Unification Church. (2/28/2010)

Talk about what you used to do for a living before you came here, and what the situation of your family is in regard to your mother and father and brothers and sisters. (2/28/2010)

What did you do for a living? Talk about your career and even where you were dismissed from. (2/28/2010)

Talk about your merits, and introduce yourselves. (2/28/2010)

Two people should give testimony each day. (2/28/2010)

You need to give testimony, and when you do so, do not take others' words as reference. (2/28/2010)

In your testimony, you need to evidence the life you have led. (2/28/2010)

4. Witnessing

In order to be set free from the condition more quickly, you need to hand out 430 copies of the autobiography to others and manage them almost as if they were your own siblings. It is easy to manage them. Don't take an hour for each, but set a time like fifteen minutes, and when you have witnessed to 430 people, keep a journal about them and then you will be able to manage ten, fifty, or even 100 or more in a day. (3/1/2010)

Divide amongst yourselves which and what number of families you will take responsibility for, and organize and divide yourselves in terms of region, county, and district. (3/1/2010)

5. Religious guidance centered on the Word

You begin anew from a standstill. History progresses through processes of stops. You need to make arrangements. (2/28/2010)

Those scattered people who have ideas and intellects are drawn towards a greater magnet. They don't need explanations, for their minds understand. Why? Even though they themselves may not like it, their minds like it. They cannot be parted from the Word. (2/28/2010)

Os can welcome any number of Xs, and all kinds of history, but Xs cannot welcome even one small O. (2/28/2010)

Among all the people, all the religious followers, and all His sons and daughters, God only needs the fruit that can love Him the best. (2/28/2010)

There is only one God, and I too serve under Him as His son. We are all brothers. (2/28/2010)

Become young people, that is, have a young state of mind! (2/28/2010)

When you say something, put it into practice. (3/1/2010)

All our Unification Church members have the ability to call together and arouse others. The only way you can move them is to live for the sake of others. (3/1/2010)

Don't think of it as a coincidence. Facts deemed as coincidences could easily rouse history as the predetermined motive of history. (3/1/2010)

VIII. Evaluation

Now then, you need to have tests. I don't make just anybody a leader of the Unification Church. (2/28/2010)

Record the gist of all that I have told you. You will be tested on them. (2/28/2010)

This time, everyone should be made to take a test. Keep a record of their evaluation grade, because before worrying about what good speakers they are and whether they have fulfilled their duties or not, we first need to see that they are smart enough. You should write autobiographies and give answers intelligently. (3/1/2010)

IX. Last words

I am the one who is to walk the last path. Now is the time for me to gather in the harvest. (2/28/2010)

I need to go quickly. When I go to the Kingdom of Heaven, I can revolutionize billions. (2/28/2010)

Why is Rev. Moon still alive? His work is to reap the fruit of God, but since there is only one fruit I can't die yet. Even when I am over 100 years of age, I still need to teach others and leave the one fruit behind me, so that it can be planted and passed on through not only one, two, three or four generations but seven generations. Otherwise, a nation cannot be formed. (2/28/2010)

It will all come to an end within three years. I don't know if what I will need then will be a stick, an iron hammer, a cannon or an atomic bomb. That depends on your determination. If God needs such weapons and such tools, He will find and yield such people, but how many such people could there be in the world? (2/28/2010)

Even when I am not here, when you carry out Hoon Dok Hae and become someone who can discover yourself in it, and hold on to it and not be able to live without it, then you can become my representative and my heir. Everything has been made ready, and not one thing is wanting. (2/28/2010)

Even when I have passed away, when you make my words ring out here, then I will appear and the entire spirit world will cooperate with you. (2/28/2010)

I hope you will make the resolution to become the princes and princesses who can uphold, serve and love God. That is my ardent wish and the flower of the purpose of my teaching. How many such flowers will there be in three years? How many seeds could be reaped from the flowers that blossom in the field? Knowing that God needs those who can make a garden of flowers by continuing with the work of True Parents as the mothers and fathers raising the citizens of the Kingdom of God, no matter where they are sown, you should do your utmost best to do so. I am a weary man. (3/1/2010)

If the results of my work are needed in heaven, then I will go to heaven. If they are need on earth, I can't set the condition on earth and so I will take the three years to set the condition. (3/1/2010)

I understand and believe in the fact that I am Rev. Moon whose mission it is to work at the forefront to make people into sons and daughters of God who can respect Him, and to endeavor to make them His kith and kin, the princes and princesses with the right of inheritance, and His representatives. (3/1/2010)

You young people! Only when I can believe in the young people could I be able to replenish the seed of hope; therefore, I will believe in them and go away now. (3/1/2010)

My important task at hand is how many confident people I can leave behind me, working as leaders in governments across nations in the world, while I am still on earth. (3/1/2010)

Proposition on the remaining 80 days of the workshop
(Director Victor I. Kim, Foreign missions department of the world missions headquarters)

I hope plans of the workshop will be made based on the following:

I. Purpose

1. To establish representatives / heirs of the words of True Parents

2. Education of special lecturers who can carry out Hoon Dok Hae

3. Internal reorganization and making a fresh start for the construction of the substantial Cheon Il Guk

II. Goal

1. To become representatives of True Parents

2. To become Unificationists who can save their nations

3. To become leaders with professional competence who can influence their nations

4. To prepare one's own autobiography

III. Period

120 days

IV. Participants

1. Age: Under 48 years of age

2. Education: Masters or higher

3. Duties

1) Respect one's group leader.

2) Don't forget to give testimony.

3) Don't lie when giving testimony.

4. Attitude

1) Modest

2) Uncomplaining

3) Patient

4) Earnest

5) Determined

6) Completely devoted

7) Focused on one's inner growth

V. Workshop fee

1st 40 days (1,200,000 yen / 100,000 won / $1,100 / €770)

An addition of 30,000 won for each additional day

VI. Organization

Number of members in each group: 10~16

Group leader: One person to be chosen every month to take responsibility for that month

VII. Program

1. Devotion: Early morning devotion (True Parents exercise, Cheon Ji In Tong Il Gi Gong Exercise, Meditation, 210 bows) and prayer

2. Hoon Dok Hae

A. Textbook: Divine Principle, Cheon Seong Gyeong, Pyeong Hwa Shin Gyeong, Owner of Peace Owner of Lineage, True Family the Gateway to Heaven, Family Pledge, World Scripture, the autobiography

B. Prayers

3. Testimony

1) 2 people per day

2) Content: Introduction (Background of ancestors and family, period of growing up and career (social/church), merits, etc.)

3) Note: Don't talk about others; only give testimony about how you have lived your life.

4. Witnessing

1) Activities centered on the 430 copies of True Parents' autobiography

2) Organization: Family circuits centered on region/county/district

5. Religious guidance centered on the Word

VIII. Evaluation

1. Method: Test

2. Area: Lectures, autobiography, etc. 

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