The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

To Members on True Parents' Birthday

Sun Myung Moon
February 19, 2010

Father spoke extemporaneously for twenty minutes during the eight o'clock celebration of his ninetieth birthday (by the heavenly calendar) at Cheon Jeong Peace Palace before reading his speech, "The Sovereignty of Cheon Il Guk That Serves God Who Is Opening the Eternal and Unchanging Era of the Heavenly Calendar."

Dr. Peter Kim read the same prepared speech on True Parents' behalf at the birthday luncheon a few hours later, and Father read it at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on March 18 at an event entitled Honoring a Legacy of Peace: A Memorial Festival of Ascension and Unity.

Until now I have made many strong statements as well as confident declarations, but now that I have celebrated my ninetieth birthday if I stood here and talked for too long, you might say that this man shouldn't do that. Yet, even if you whisper such things to each other, I will know. But I now know with certainty that the path of the servant has welcomed me, so I won't talk quietly. This hall is filled with people whom I can trust a hundred or a thousand times over, and to whom I would like to pass on what I have to say with a loving heart. The question is to whom I should pass it on.

Knowing that, I will read what's written here quietly, savoring it.... In the sermon I gave on June 1, at the Rally to Establish the Truly Peaceful World of the True Parent UN, in the introductory paragraphs, I said that God is eternal and unchanging and that the providence of love cannot be achieved by oneself. I am sure you have read that short speech many times. Everything needs an object partner; that which is eternal and unchanging needs what is unique, and what is unique needs both the present moment and eternity.

Based on that, today I will not delve into the motto but instead will talk about the sovereignty of Cheon Il Guk that serves God, who is carrying on the eternal and unchanging era of the heavenly calendar. It is the sovereignty, not the citizens, nor the families, nor the nation.

God is sad because He does not have sovereignty. Why did Jesus say that when someone slaps your left cheek you should turn the other cheek? If God were able to take pride in having sovereignty He wouldn't be treated that way. We need to be gentle and humble, don't we? If that is so, we don't even need to talk about it. Everyone should be gentle and humble without having to be taught to be, because the day of the bigger, wider, higher, deeper and vaster world of the future, which is based on values, is coming. God knows about that, and He is waiting for it.

The heavenly calendar is eternal and constant. It will follow the history of the heavenly kingdom, not the history of humankind. And the sovereignty is that of Cheon II Guk, which serves God in carrying on the era of the heavenly calendar.

Would Jesus have told the satanic world to be gentle and humble? If Jesus had been the sovereign, he could have manifested that reality without exerting himself and without anyone knowing about it, because he would have had that capability. But the shocking fact is that no one has been able to do so until now....

God's hometown may be Jeongju, but the amazing thing is that wherever on earth the object partner created by Him is, be they True Parents or not, and no matter how deep or low that place is, it can be the basis for the restoration of the homeland. On top of that, when God's bright, eternal and unchanging kingship [sovereignty] emerges and begins to expand, every form of creation will be full of joy and be more valuable than the most precious treasure.

Thinking about this, on this bright day -- the one and only ninetieth birthday I will celebrate in my life -- my heart is full of joy, but I think about the past, which is filled with many sad times and many trials. Those trials reconnected what had been severed; and the world that was buried under a river of the enemy's blood and blocked by those incidents will one day allow our peaceful God to smile. In that world, with laughter in our hearts, we will be able to plough the owner's fields, which are rich in the nutrients that will make the seed of life grow. We will feel pride in doing that work for God. Knowing that, let us share this brief time together....

When you look only for the good in everything in the world, you will only see the good side; when you look for the bad, you will only see the bad side. According to the intrinsic nature and attitudes of human beings, one may either complain about one's life or see only the good side of it.

Well, it will take a short time, about sixteen minutes, to read this speech on my ninetieth birthday, thirteen minutes if I read fast. If I read faster, I could even finish it in nine minutes. Would you like me to read quickly or slowly? Would you like me to read loudly or quietly?... I hope you will sit tight and pay close attention, opening your eyes wide even if you have small eyes.

Why have you leaders come from nations around the world? You've come to eat the birthday cake. You've also come to receive gifts. Isn't that so? You've come to give me birthday gifts, haven't you? Which is it? If all these people were to come at the same time to receive something from me, I might be suffocated to death. Have you come to give, or to receive? If you've come to receive, my body would be gone in a second, not even leaving behind a strand of hair or an eyelash, because everyone would steal everything I have -- because a thousand years from now, it would be worth a fortune, even in the eternal world. You couldn't buy it even if you paid billions of dollars.

Knowing how precious this birthday is, and that the precious words spoken today should never be forgotten, should you pay close attention? Should you open wide the doors to the rooms in your heart, or open them just a crack? How wide should you open them? First, you have to open them wide so that God can enter your heart, and then keep Him there and don't ever let Him leave until He begs you to let Him go. Wouldn't you like to do that, to be His owner for once? You could be; it's possible. With that in mind, let us spend this time together. 

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