The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Principle relationship between Abel children and Cain children

Sun Myung Moon
February 2010
From the "Fundamental principle of rebirth"

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han March 24, 2012

True Parents spoke about the relationship between Cain children (us) and Abel children (True Children) in terms of the most fundamental issue of the spiritual and physical rebirth centered on True Parents.

i) True Father explains in The Spiritual Rebirth through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, "In Christianity, the Holy Father (Father God) is God and the Holy Son is Jesus. Then, what is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is the Mother God. You cannot be reborn unless you receive the Holy Spirit which is the Mother God. The Holy Spirit who is the Mother God must give birth. This Holy Spirit longs for Jesus. How much does she long for Jesus? She longs to see Jesus like crazy. You did not have such experience, did you? The longing heart of the Holy Spirit, Mother God toward the bride, husband God must be reflected in the human body. You must be reborn by having that kind of heart. There is no birth possible without going through the love of the parents. This is the Heavenly Principle."

ii) True Father says in The Rebirth through True Parents and True Children, " is the same in the Unification Church today. You all must absolutely fall in love with Father. All men and women should shed tears longing to see Father. You must have a longing heart and love for Father more than for your wife, or husband, and more than for your own children. Unless you have such heart welling up, you cannot be connected to God." (p714)

"Through whom do you think you can establish the condition of having been born? Father alone is not enough. You need to go through the True Children. No matter how important Father is, you still must go through not only Father alone, but also Parents and their Children. True Parents will have True Sons and True Daughters. Then, with whom should sisters unite? Sisters should unite with True Parents and True Daughters. Brothers should unite with True Parents and True Sons. Because woman fell first, restoration of woman has to be done first, and then the restoration of man will follow."(p718)

"You cannot go into True Mother's womb. Therefore, what you need to do is that you must become one with True Children. You must be in the position of a fetus in the womb through this 3 years period." (p719)

True Parents loved Cain children more than Abel children (True Children) True Parents first loved Cain children (us), while sacrificing their own children (Abel children). True Parents expected that eventually Cain children would protect and raise True Children on behalf of True Parents, and would help True Children to become one with True Parents.

However, this didn't happen as expected. True Father said, "That has been my life. My life has been that way up until now. I live according to the Principle. I do not directly take care of my children. Even though they live in East Garden, it is not I that teach them every day. Who should educate Adam? The Archangel should do it. It is not God who will do it. Who should educate Father's children? The 36 couples should do it. However, Unification Church does not have the foundation to build the attitude of traditional educational." (Total Indemnity, God's Will and the World. P894)

Abel children (True Children) carried the cross because of the Blessed Families (Cain children)

Not only that, True Children carried all kinds of our sin, Cain children's sin -- faithlessness, failure to fulfill their responsibilities. True Children had to go through the course of the cross.

Now we, as the Cain children, should deeply repent that we have been just receiving True Parents' deep love again and again without knowing the painful heart of True Parents, and without knowing what kind of difficult course True Children have had to go through as they carried the heavy cross of the heart.

January 23, at the American Leadership Conference, In Jin Nim spoke with deep heart about how patiently True Parents have been waiting for the Cain children to grow and to become victorious. She also spoke about how much she has been patient for Cain children. She said that she wanted us to understand how Cain children should attend True Children, and expressed her desire for us to do it. Then she said, "If you do so, then I will love your children (second generation) at the sacrifice of my own Abel children, just as True Parents have done."

Thus, she showed us clearly that if more American brothers and sisters become the object of heart to In Jin Nim who is standing as the representative of the True Children, and achieve oneness in heart with her, and work together with sweat and tears, then not only our past debt will be cleansed, but also the way for the victory of today and tomorrow will be opened. And she also showed us if we Cain children unite with True Children, we will receive great Heavenly Fortune, and True Parents' dream for America will come true.

Let us become one with True Parents and bring victory in all the activities we do! 

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