The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

True Father Speaks: Pleading with Tears from the Depth of His Heart

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2010
Excerpts from the 43rd True God's Day Address
Unofficial Translation

The words that Rev. Moon speaks may seem very simple, however, these words explain the framework for how Heaven and Earth will become one. If you are smart, it should not take even 15 minutes to comprehend them. If you are not smart, you may not understand it even after 15 years. But if you are uninterested, you will never realize what these words mean even if you live for 30 -- or 150 years. Please pay very careful attention to what I am about to share with you.

Then, Rev. Moon showed the audience his small black notebook. He began speaking, following the order of what he had written down. During his speech, he pleaded with the audience, in tears, from the depth of his heart.

The Nation where only God is the owner is where "I" should have lived, and where "my family" should have belonged. From whom does the nation originate? From God! This concept is so great. God taught me this. It is an awesome truth. Therefore, we who were chosen and elected by God will never perish, even though we are rejected and expelled by this world.

Therefore, as I said before, "The people or race who originates from God, and who also attends Him, will never perish." I learned this truth when I was very young.

Thus, so long as you are living, you must do God's work. You see a man stand before you who has faced death many times, because he accepted the public proclamation to live absolutely centered on God. Now, this man is still alive against all odds.

What do you think, coming to see such a man? I have nothing. I own nothing. I don't even own a house. No one welcomes me! Because the first 9 years, since Cheon Il Guk was proclaimed, have already passed away, I feel now that I have no place to stand, no place to sleep, no place to spend even one night. All I can do is to shut my mouth before Heaven. How can I remain as God's representative, welcoming this tenth year of Cheon Il Guk?

What kind a person is Rev. Moon? I will teach about God. If God has His Will, then I will teach this Will to people. If God has love, then I will teach you about this love. I will teach people God's Will so that they can be owners!" 

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