The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

True God's Day Morning Speech

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2010

Now that a new heaven and earth is beginning, with God enthroned as the king, can we waver back and forth? Of all the eventful days anywhere in the world, which day do you think is worth noting and recording?

Father is reading from a small notebook.

This is a notebook I bought at the beginning of the thirteen-year period. I bought and used it before we began the work of establishing Cheon Il Guk, and the first time I wrote something in it was on October 3, 2001. What day was that day? It was the Foundation Day for the Unified World Nation.' What is the Foundation Day? That year saw the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God and the beginning of a new heaven and earth.

So "you and I," the concept of "we," begins from God. Otherwise, there cannot be you or I, or we. Is there someone called Rev. Moon? You and I -- we -- all began from God. I am in the land where only God can reign as the owner, and that's the nation where our home is! Who does it start from? [From God!] This is something wonderful.

The Republic of Korea is a small nation on a peninsula, one of the three nations of the Far East, and here dwell the people who know only the unique, time-honored Lord of that nation?

You and I, we -- the people established by God -- cannot be ostracized or destroyed. When I was young, I lived in a village of people who had been driven there by the Japanese- controlled Korean government. This nation began from

God, however, and a nation that attends God will never be destroyed. I learned and understood that fact from a very young age.

My ninetieth birthday is only forty-nine days away, and yet I still do not own a piece of land or even one piece of property. What must the king of beggars do if he has gone to Las Vegas eighteen times but does not have the time, and the environment does not give him the freedom, to sow the seeds of the blessing there?

October 3, 2001, the Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World, the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God and the beginning of a new heaven and earth! First of all, you need to know that the words "you," "I" and "we" begin from God. "I" and "we" begin from God! Without God, I could have never known who I was.

Who am I? I am the person who teaches about God, and if God's will exists, 1 am the one who knows about it and teaches it to you; and if God's love exists, I am the person who teaches about that love; and if God has possessions, I am the one who can teach you God's singular will from the position of the one who can always be the owner. It's not possible that someone would not find hope in such a mission and calling, is it?

No matter how great God is, and regardless of the fact that He is the one Supreme Being, He too would be gone if He did not have an object partner. If a person needs another person and adds to that person's revealed value, one plus two becomes three.

Father resumes reading from his notebook

The announcement of the era of the opening of the seventh year of Cheon Il Guk, and the new year's motto given on January 1, "Eog Mansei for the Sacred Reign of Peace in Cheon Il Guk, the Realm of Cosmic Peace." Aju! It is all in here. Here, also, are the special instructions given at the World Leaders' Meeting on True Parents' Birthday on February 26, 2007!... The instructions given on the forty-eighth Children's Day, on November 11, 2007, the questions in regard to the preparation for the rally on December 17, 2007, the list of the king tribes in Korea, the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel, the Bering Strait Tunnel, and so on...

The 2008 New Year's motto, "Mansei for the Ssang Hap (combined) Jubilee Years, the Seventh and Eighth Years of Cheon Il Guk Based on the Universal Peace Federation." The announcement of the era of the new Korea, the era of the perfection and embodiment of True Parents, the era of freedom and liberation, the era of the kingship centered on God, the era of the overall, complete, perfect authority and omnipotence...

The 2009 New Year's motto was about the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth.... In addition to that, the path the sperm travels in the relationship of absolute sexual ethics, true love and the true father... The sperm set out but have yet to come to rest, so they have been waiting for thousands of years for the day on which they can find their place. The true-life relationship, the path of the mother's ova, the realm of the unity of the three conditions, the era of the three children starting out, the era of fruition...

Instructions. The perfection of the individual, family, nation, world, cosmos and God, the completion of the cosmos, connecting to the era of the free fruition of the blessed families -- liberation and freedom, the eternal fatherland and the world of peace.

And below it is written, May you enjoy your inheritance, Aju!

Next is May 4-6, 2009, centered on May 5. The era of the realm of true love, the era of eternal prosperity, the era of the Family Party the era of the Abel Party the era of the Parent Party, the Party of Absolute Unity and Stability the Party of the Equilibrium of God... There is nothing after that. I haven't written anything after May 4-6.

As we mark the tenth year of Cheon Il Guk... Special note! It is the era of the unification of the new and the old calendars, the era of the unification of the old calendar and the Western calendar. Why should that be so? In the era of the unification of the new and the old calendars, you need to calculate horizontally and vertically, centering on the left hand. To calculate the sexagenary cycle, you need to use your left hand, not on your right hand.

The satanic realm, which is close to this world, is to the left. It is a world completely buried in materialism. It is the materialist era -- because it contradicts the theistic era. The left hand is trying to get rid of the right hand, and it calculates horizontally and vertically. If you were to look at it centering on the left hand, you could see the twelve signs -- rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog and pig. Do you know how to work out the sexagenary cycle? You need to know how to do it, from now on. If you don't, you will not be able to understand the real substance of Divine Principle.

There was Explanation of the Divine Principle. That was in 1957, right? It was after the liberation of Korea. Next came the Divine Principle in 1966, and what came next? The Substantial Divine Principle appeared on May 5 of the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk! Since then, we have studied the real substance of Divine Principle.

The liberation of God in His heart began from that point. God has not yet been liberated. Though people have argued about the communist and the religious realms based on the theories of humanism and theism, the Won-gu Peace Cup Cain and Abel Cosmic Harmony Rally and Settlement Era encapsulates the issues! This is the path you must follow....

Now then, here are the special notes as we usher in the tenth year of Cheon Il Guk! It is the era of the unification of the old and new calendars. There is no need for the Gregorian calendar. Did you know that our lunar calendar has a thousand-year history as a perpetual calendar, and that lunar calendars have been used for ten thousand years? The lunar calendar can be extended or shortened, which can't be done with the Gregorian calendar. That is how twelve months become thirteen months every four years.

It is difficult to cross the number thirteen, the thirteen summits. Once we cross the thirteenth summit, a new heaven and earth will come to be.

That would be the day on which God would be done with the making of textbooks and teaching materials. What textbooks? They are not textbooks from me, Rev. Moon. They are from the king of kings! The king of kings and God -- not one or the other, but the two -- united as one in the spiritual and physical worlds to make these books.

What could God do if He were alone? Even though He would be breathing, He would have no object partner to love. There would be no need for Him to live then. Not even God Himself can live in only one digit. How could the absolute, unique God become the God of goodness and the God of evil? God as the subject partner and God as the object partner must stand on a horizontal level and occupy two digits.

With one digit, you can't reach any great number -- not ten, a hundred, a thousand or ten thousand. If God were alone, He would disappear. That is why I talked about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division before, didn't I? If you add one to one, it becomes two....

Even if you are alone, and you wanted to form a sphere in which up and down, left and right were connected, how would you do that? To become a sphere, up, down, left and right need to be connected; within the sphere these four can be separate from each other....

Everything is connected. In other words, there isn't an odd number. Therefore, centering on the even number, the number nine becomes ten. Until September, we went up in one-digit numbers, until nine. Ten, eleven and twelve are no longer single-digit numbers. From ten it goes up to two digits. As it becomes ten and the tenth stage is reached, something horizontal comes into being in relation to the vertical realm.

Everything adds up. That is why everything I have worked out becomes an even number and does not remain an odd number; everything comes together. Once Heaven's bloodline and not Satan's bloodline comes into its original place, there is nothing that cannot be done; everything becomes connected and Satan's bloodline disappears automatically, because it does not have an object....

Before the Divine Principle appeared, whoever went to the spirit world remained alone. Whether a man and a woman went together, or even if a husband and wife went together, they could not remain together, but had to separate. Only when you become the object, and form an even number, can you meet. It is only in the Unification Church that the way is established through which one can enter the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world, centering on the family. That is the inevitable conclusion, because of the connection of the bloodline untainted by the Fall. Aju!...

Do you think the Unification Church will come to ruin? Even if the Unification Church came to ruin, what do you think would happen to the textbooks, the teachings I have given? What are they? What books are these? [Textbooks.] They are textbooks, and what else are they at the same time?

Anyone can make a textbook, even now. The most famous university in the world would be in a position to make an encyclopedia. Anyone can make one, but no one could make my teaching materials, because no one knows the content. In this book, not one thought of my own is included. They are all God's thoughts. Because they were all taught by God, they all follow reason, so what would happen even if we came to ruin? God cannot come to ruin.

Since that is the irrevocable truth, if you follow behind God and receive His protection, right before your eyes you can see the place where you are supposed to dwell. You know what to do then. I know what I have to do. I have been raised to my present, important position in this chaotic world. So, what do you think will happen even if more complicated problems arise, as long as I am connected to God? Know that you can be connected to what I have accomplished through my having reached this lofty goal.

Have confidence. It is good to remember the fact that the path our Unification Church is to follow will surely be a wide one.

If you don't like this, do what you like! Live as you please. But even if you do that, keep the textbook in your bosom and give it to the religious believers or the prophets who can foretell the future in your towns, and ask them, "Please, enlighten our descendants!" Then even if you are gone, there is a possibility of building a new nation. Since the textbook and the teaching materials exist, those who make an effort will inevitably reach their destination -- because it is their destiny. This is the only possible conclusion, Aju! 

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