The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Sun Myung Moon - God's Day Celebrated at Cheon Jeong Gung

Tossa Cromwell
January 1, 2010

As 8:00 a.m. neared, Master of Ceremonies Dr. Jun Ho Seuk led the hundreds of people who had gathered from around the world in singing the Cheon Il Guk national anthem Blessing of Glory in preparation for the entrance of True Parents. When True Parents entered, everyone rose and gave a warm round of applause.

The Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon and his wife Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, known simply as True Parents to Unificationists around the world, first went to the front of the offering table and lit the seven Holy Candles to symbolically bless the fruits, rice cakes and other foods that had been set out as an offering to God on His holy day.

True Parents, who were dressed in traditional Korean robes, then stood in attendance to receive the ceremonial bows of those gathered. At the order of the MC, the gathered Unificationists brought their families, their tribes and their nations to God and True Parents in the gesture of a bow.

Having received the official bow, True Parents took as a seat as the leaders, members and supporters of the Unification Church again sang Blessing of Glory in Korean, the mother tongue of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The celebration of the 43rd True God's Day and the 9th Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship continued with full bows offered by representatives of:

1) True Children's families on earth and in the spirit world, and the five great saints,
2) second-generation Blessed Families,
3) all Blessed Families in the physical and spirit worlds,
4) the three major providential nations -- Korea, Japan and the USA,
5) the six continents of the world,
6) the world's religions,
7) True Parents' relatives,
8) the worldwide Abel realm,
9) the worldwide Cain realm,
10) the entire spirit world

As the bows concluded in the main hall of the Cheon Jeong Gung in Chung Pyung, South Korea, the men in their dark suits and the women in their light dresses stood to recite the Family Pledge together in Korean. After the pledge was complete, Dr. Seuk asked Rev. and Mrs. Hyung Jin Moon, the international president of the Unification Church, the international chairman of the Universal Peace Federation, the international president of the Youth Federation for World Peace worldwide, and last but not least the youngest of True Parents' seven sons, to offer the report prayer for the ceremony.

In his prayer, Hyung Jin Nim said to God, "Thank you for allowing us the year 2010. We saw you work great things in 2009. True Parents brought great victory in 2009. You want to allow us to inherit your true love. Through the providence of restoration, you prepared Korea so that True Parents could come to the earth. True Father was to complete Jesus' mission through going from the position of servant of servant up the vertical eight stages, and from the level of the individual expanding through the horizontal eight stages. Thank you for the amazing grace that we can be attending True Parents. For God and True Parents' glory, please allow us to become Blessed Families who can proclaim, with greater courage throughout the world, that the Second Coming has come to the earth."

After Hyung Jin Nim's prayer, True Parents blessed the bows, pledge and report prayer by cutting the celebratory cake while everyone sang Happy True God's Day and Happy Coronation Ceremony to the tune of Happy Birthday.

After the cake had been cut, True Parents receded to their seats behind the offering table and partook of the Holy Meal. After completing the meal, True Parents handfed rice cakes to each of their children -- known as the True Children -- their sons- and daughters-in-law, and their grandchildren (and one or two of their grandchildren's spouses!)

At this juncture in the program, the choir of the Unification Church World Headquarters Church -- where Hyung Jin Nim is the pastor -- performed the congratulatory song God's Grace.

Next, Dr. Hyo Yul (Peter) Kim read True Father's 7 a.m. speech given on Jan 13, 2001, on the occasion of the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship. Included in this article are some notes taken during this reading:

True Parents could not hold God's Coronation Ceremony on their own. It could only be held on the foundation of all the people of the world joining together as one people of the heavenly lineage.

God could find Adam through Jesus but he could not find Eve. God had prepared a nation through Jacob's twelve children becoming twelve tribes and eventually establishing one nation for Jesus to come.

No one can become a child of True Parents without being connected through lineage. Once someone is connected to True Parents through lineage, neither God nor Satan could separate him/her from True Parents.

After someone goes beyond the level of the nation, he enters the level of direct dominion so Satan cannot invade him or cut him off from God.

Only True Parents can give the Blessing. Therefore, True Parents have to bring together all the religions of the world.

Through the coronation ceremony, the nation changed.

1. The lineage received from heaven should not be dirtied no matter what.

2. Should not violate human rights.

3. Don't steal Heaven's public money.

The lineage of Blessed Families is God's lineage so it should not be dirtied by habits of the satanic world. Lineage is more precious than life.

Three basic relationships: parent-children, husband-wife, brother/sister. You need to become one with them and live together in joy and harmony. You should live exemplary lives in front of your parents, children and brothers and sisters. There will be a time when the nation gives prizes to the families that are most exemplary.

If you follow these laws, you can become a heavenly family and you have total freedom in the spirit world.

If you can become someone whom people say, "I wish I could live like that person," that is a sign that you have become a heavenly person. Because I have lived an exemplary life of goodness, all sorts of people have recognized me as a good person. Even dogs can tell what kind of person I am.

After Peter Kim's reading, regional leaders in Japan with the greatest results in 2009 offered flower bouquets to True Parents.

Finally, the anticipated portion of the day's event arrived when True Father ascended to the podium amid a standing ovation.

True Father started by saying that the message read by Peter Kim should be like a seed that bears fruit in history. Then that fruit should be harvested by the owner, and it should have the content so that it can be planted again over the course of three generations.

Father added that he has taught us everything we need in order to do that.

He then asked everyone what they think he will talk about. He would speak about something simple, yet most essential -- something that could even unite heaven and earth. It wouldn't take more than 15 minutes for smart people to understand his message. However, people who are not interested in learning from True Father may be unable to understand his message even after the passing of 15, 30 or even 150 years.

True Father pulled out his pocket notepad.

"There have been many things that I have talked about over the years, but many people do not realize how valuable this little black pocket notebook is. How much money would you like to buy this notepad for? There are some people among those gathered here today who are valued by their nations. They may even have treasures that will end up as national treasures, to be remembered and revered by all people for tens of thousands of generations in the future. However, their notepads are more precious than such treasures and more precious than their children."

Father went on to interpret the meaning of the word notepad in Korean, saying that it denotes something that can be used with one's hand; something that can be loved with one's hand; something that can be created with one's hand.

"Through notepads, people can leave their traditions for future generations.”

"Fallen people, people in the position of Satan's elder son, like to have mistresses. Leaving their wives at home, they search far and wide for beautiful women, and then invest their whole lives and wealth into their mistresses. They follow the mistresses around and through them the fallen world continues to expand. For such people, there is no need to have a notepad to record their legacy for historical purposes. That is how Satan is. However, Heaven must leave records. Do you understand?”

"Then, in our Unification Church, if we were to compare organizations, we could ask which organization is the most precious, and which time period (such as spring time, summer time or the other seasons) is the most precious. Each of us could also ask which time in our own lives was the most precious. We might record such content in our hearts, but there would be too many things to keep bottled up in our hearts. It would also be hard to figure out which time was the most precious since many time periods might each seem like cherry blossoms. The fruits might seem the same unless we had a good record of each."

Father proceeded to talk about different types of noodles made in each province of Korea. Father connected that discussion to the soccer ball, and from there went to talk about a pool table in the Cheon Jeong Gung. He said that the words "pool table" in Korean sound like a table you could look at again and again because it is so precious.

"And if you can't remember something at the pool table, you need to take out your…? That's right, you need your pocket notebook!"

"Do you know people who like to read palms? It is said that nowadays our Japanese Unification Church members are so good at reading palms that they can make enough money to live, anywhere they go, by reading palms. Do we say that Japanese people are of the man nation or the woman nation? [Audience: "The woman nation."] It is said that women like to read palms. Women, do you like reading palms? Do you think you should like using a pocket notepad or you should like reading palms? Do you think it's more valuable to live while looking at your wife's face or while looking at the face of a mistress? What is more precious than that is the pocket notepad.”

"So how much could Father sell his notepad for? If I asked for 100 million dollars, would any of you buy it? If we were to ask God and he said to pay 100 million dollars, then there would probably be an auction so that everyone can have an opportunity to buy the notepad. Then, in the auction, if a rich man from Pyeong-an Province bid, '100 million dollars!' someone else would probably ask him if he is from the northern Pyeong-an Province or the southern Pyeong-an Province. If the bidder is from the southern Pyeong-an Province, someone from the northern Pyeong-an Province would probably bid, '200 million dollars!' Then someone from China may bid, 'One billion dollars!' considering that China is much more prosperous than North Korea. Then, someone from the North Pole might bid, 'Ten billion dollars!' Someone from the South Pole, '100 billion dollars!' What about someone at the highest point in Heaven? How many billion dollars would such a person bid? What do we call one billion times one thousand? [No one in the audience answers.] I can't remember what it is. Anyway, my point is that the only person with a notepad that could bring such a price is Reverend Moon's. If you had all of heaven and earth to give for Reverend Moon's notepad, would you want to buy it or steal it? [No one answers.]"

Father then opened the notepad and started to read from his notes to the audience. He started to analyze Korean honorifics and their implications. His speech continued on for a total of around six hours. 

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