The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

God's Day 2010 Midnight Prayer

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2010

Beloved Heavenly Father! Here stands high Cheon Jeong Gung, the palace of the heavenly kingdom, where representatives of pure heart, whose minds and bodies are immaculately united within the realm of the cosmic Sabbath and who are victorious representatives that have triumphed over the world's abominable, satanic history are gathered here today as the heirs and owners of this palace. You have become one in body with the Parents on earth who stand as Your counterparts and who have established Cheon Jeong Gung. This was done in front of Heaven in order to eliminate all paths of lamentation and of suffering.

In the name of True Parents on earth, in order to establish the realm of oneness of pure heart in heaven and on earth, as desired by God, how fully the True Parents have become one with You, our Father in heaven, and the trinity who came and went on Your behalf, and united in one heart and one body with the many saints and sages who had sacrificed themselves in the religious realm! And finally, True Parents have won the supreme victory over millions of hardships on the central path of suffering in the satanic world on the foundation of the supreme victory in their hearts.

By establishing this palace wherein heaven and earth can become one, and centering on the thirteen years based on the ideal of the establishment of Cheon Il Guk in one generation, which can move us into the era of the seventh millennium, we have passed through the single-digit numbers of one through nine, and reached the two-digit number, ten. To reach this horizontal two-digit number, the invisible Father and the True Parents of the perfected Adamic ideal, with their victorious and supreme authority, have climbed over hills of suffering and death in attaining the unified realm of pure heart and the unified realm of all victories.

As the owners of this palace, we have lived through the first nine years since the establishment of Cheon II Guk, passing through the single-digit years -- one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and nine -- and reaching the tenth year, a year expressed in a two-digit number, where the give and take between the horizontal and the vertical can take place and the perfection of the number seven and the number nine can be attained. By reaching the two-digit number ten, and going on to eleven, twelve and thirteen, and beyond to the three digit numbers, we can now attend Heaven with the authority of the princes of all victories. Based on the three years that are left to us until we reach the number thirteen, and the three vertical stages from formation and growth on the horizontal line of progress, everything that is defiled in heaven and on earth can be purified and this world can be made into a unified world of purity, pure blood and pure love.

True Parents can become not only Your representatives but also the heirs to Your complete authority. Under the banner of True Parents' supreme victory, they have liberated and fully freed heaven and earth and have pushed hell completely aside so that only God can be connected to the earth. They have brought to the world the textbooks and teaching materials on the traditions that God wished to set up on earth, so that they may remain forever as His traditions in heaven and on earth. Thus, by the 22nd of last month, everything was completed through True Parents.

Until now we have personally taken on the responsibility of creating a temple of education with these textbooks and teaching materials and have become one with our sons and daughters in our family so that we can inherit the entire kingdom of heaven, God's supreme ideal at the time of the Creation, with the supreme victory by which we can move beyond the realm of the never achieved reality of princes and princesses in the heavenly kingdom. Uniting their families, tribes, peoples, nations and cosmos -- who had gone beyond the never attained reality of princes and princesses in the kingdom of heaven -- You have, together with True Parents, gone through the Coronation of Liberation and Complete Freedom and celebrated the golden wedding anniversary. Now three years are left to us until we reach our final destination of perfection, after passing through the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth years centering on the final, tenth, stage.

Today, in the new tenth stage, we are truly grateful for the grace of God and True Parents who have allowed us to usher in this era wherein we can reach our goals directly by covering the shortest distance possible to heaven and earth's one goal and to the foundation of the victorious supremacy and of the kingship of the victory of all nations, crossing over the valley of the sorrow of the new Parent in heaven and the Parents on earth, with the privileged authority of liberation and freedom. With that grateful heart, in the realm of mind with one focus, each and every one of us will overcome all suffering and advance toward supreme victory. Throughout the history of the nation of Korea which attended God, the king in the substantial palace, the invisible God in heaven, Cain and Abel were brought to submission and people have crossed the crest of the blessing by which they could become one in mind and body with God, as Your direct descendants based on Your lineage. Father, You have allowed us the privilege of liberation by blessing all created beings after passing through suffering for the sake of liberation and freedom, so please permit everyone to become the citizens of the heavenly kingdom who can experience gratitude to God and True Parents.

I am grateful to You for opening for us the world wherein the patriots and virtuous men and women belonging to Heaven can serve God and the Parents who have no relationship with the Fall and establish the kingdom of peace wherever and however they wish to construct it. Please, therefore, allow them, from this day forward, to become the sons and daughters of True Parents, who can inherit all the authority and power of Heaven as Your representatives, and to become the ancestors who can inherit the blessed lineage as princes and representatives of kingship. They are here today, hoping to become the owners that can guide all of heaven and earth into our Heavenly Father's liberated realm. So please bestow Your blessings on them and permit them to go beyond the tenth and eleventh stages and become the heirs of the supreme victory of liberation, freedom and perfection and to live with their ancestors in heaven and their descendants on earth as we attend You together.

I report and declare this in the name of True Parents. Aju, Aju, Aju. 

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