The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Providential Mission until January 13, 2013

Sun Myung Moon
Circa 2010
Excerpts from "Hoon Dok Family Church and Establishment of God's Father Land"

Trillions of people in the spirit world know who the Reverend Moon is. There are so many people who criticize me in the world. However, in the spirit world there are more people who praise me.

We must dedicate to God the unified world under Heaven centering on the worldwide level main palace that we will build. Since Satan chased Adam out, we must build the Father Land that we can offer to God based on the perfection of Adam on the world level.

You must understand that God gave you the unimaginable goal of completing the unification of the entire world by January 13, 2013. You are living in the age when you must build the palace where you can attend Heaven centered on your tribe -- the palace where you can attend the king of the tribe. You must know you are living in such a serious era.

On January 13, 2013, you must welcome Heaven by linking and connecting all the palaces representing all tribes. We must complete these tasks while Rev. Moon is here on earth.

True Parents demonstrated the entire contents of the restoration providence within a short time to humanity through their life time. However, the completion of their work happens at one moment. This time period is the period until January 13, 2013 in the Unification Church. This time period is when we must cleanse, harvest, and store all in the Heavenly storehouse. After this day, it will be a new age that will be developed by the second and third generations.

Why is Rev. Moon keeping himself so busy? Why am I keeping such a busy schedule, despite the fact that after reaching 80 years of age, I should rest my body, well? Unless I push you every day, how long does it take to complete the providence to develop in the Gomundo islands? If you are dying with an illness and can be cured by a surgery, can you postpone such surgery for several months? Our situation is even more urgent than this.

The great turning point in your lifetime is now. Until 2013, there is an era when Satan's world will attempt their last desperate acts of aggression and struggle. It is a fearful age when even a son will deny his father; thus, you must keep your eyes wide open.

A person who knows the reality of the spirit world will know how to conduct his life. By the same token, you must live your life in accordance with God's word. You must engrave this in your heart. 

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