The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

The Path of Shedding Blood, Sweat and Tears

Sun Myung Moon
Compiled 2010
Excerpts from Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Addresses in Japan
Unofficial Translation

When I go to some country and stay there at least two days, I feel like giving everything I have for the sake of that country. You realize that everyone is God's child, once you are connected in hearts. Human values cannot be determined by your cultural or historical backgrounds or even conditions of time. The cultural background does not determine who you are. Neither can human value be defined by your historical background or your customs or morays.

Address at gathering to congratulate the completion of the World Tour, September 29, 1965

I see many young people gathered here. If all of you young people commit to save Japan, it is no problem to restore Japan. Moreover, world salvation is no problem! However, some of you may be thinking, "Rev. Moon is a special person. His commitment to strive forward against all odds in the path of restoration inspires us all gathered here. Only Rev. Moon can do this. We are different from him altogether." Don't you think this way! I get really hungry if I skip a meal. I can sense keenly how hungry you feel, while talking to you. Why? I am very sensitive toward other people. I sense you get tired before you say so. I feel cold and hot weather intensely. I feel all that before you recognize them.

Then, you may be thinking, "Aha, Rev. Moon is the only one who has such sensitivity. Rev. Moon has the mission from God, so he is like that. But I am not like him." You can't be loose and fast by saying that. The attitude that God wishes you to have is this. If Rev. Moon is like that, you who love and long for him, must try to do more than him. Then, the world would come around at once back to God. If you determine to endure working for God more than me, your action will make the world restored to God at once. Rev. Moon is thinking how to raise such young people.

Address to members at Sosei-Ryo, Tokyo, October 8, 1965

Members of Unification Church should not drink alcoholic drinks. Why? It is because I proclaimed it before Heaven and Earth. When you go out on a business trip, other business people who do not understand your commitment may ask you to drink, saying "Oh, just a sip of beer, right? Germans drink beer more than they drink water in their life. So why don't you taste it." But you must be resolute saying to yourself, "You guys go ahead to drink and enjoy it. But I will not drink any alcoholic beverage."

The question here is how can you get excited and joyful even more than those who get stimulated and cheerful by drinking alcohol? I can get such excited and joyful feelings all by myself without any artificial help. You must have such resolve. "Please drink and enjoy. (Father imitates a sound of pouring a drink into a cup) Ahhh, I feel great!" You must feel greater excitement without depending on alcoholic drinks. Unless you are able to do so, you cannot win over this world. "Let's enjoy together. Let's do it." What should you do? Let's sing a song. Do many things with more gusto than those who are drinking. You need stimulants -- well this may be over the top -- then you need to tap into the realm of stimulation.

It is human nature that the greater the purpose, the greater the stimulation. You need to get stimulation. Why do you need stimulation? If it takes ten years to fulfill your purpose, you need to get the power to operate, through stimulation every day, for the course of ten years. How can you replenish? I have a plan for tens of years in order to influence the world. You know this, right? Then a 40 year plan -- "Go forward!" for at least 40 years. I am proceeding for my first 40-year plan. From this point of view, you must gain this feeling of excitement.

Address to members at Sosei-ryo, Tokyo, October 8, 1965

You should be grateful to a person who witnessed and taught you this life path as your spiritual parent, shouldn't you? Jesus looked for the three disciples who would give their lives before him; who understood the suffering of Jesus as their parent and would feel his pains as their own pains. Unless you establish the condition to restore this standard as a spiritual parent, you cannot restore the person whom you witnessed to. What do you think; is it an easy task? Compared to this, raising your child is rather easy. However, in order to raise your spiritual child, you must invest at least three times more efforts than your own child. In order to establish this spiritual standard and foundation, Rev. Moon did not sleep more than two hours a day for at least 7 years. I invested my entire effort, forgetting what to wear or what to eat.

Address to members in Kouchi Church, Japan, July 10, 1967

Anyone can be my leader whether he is young or whether he does not understand anything. I bowed and saluted to a three-year-old child. A small child does not have sin. Think of a three-year-old child, his obedient heart toward his parents is much superior to average adults. Imagine a child relying on his parents and embracing them. This image shows pure and genuine feelings. Compared to the attitudes of adults, who weigh various aspects to decide if following is beneficial to them, the obedience of a child is much greater. If God sees pure and genuine obedience and a longing heart for God's realm of love in a child, He would never say, "You are only three years old. How can I take you seriously?"

The Older Brother is a Representative of Father and the Older Sister is a Representative of Mother, August 9, 1967

What do you think when you see a person who desires to gain money only for himself, and who enjoys making others lose money? You must give benefit to others. Rev Moon lives his life like this even now. When I return home in the evening nowadays, I experience extreme pains in my eyes because I am exhausted. The more exhausted I am, the more pain I experience. Then, I don't need to wonder, for what purpose I am so tired. As I go forward on the public course, I must not be a minus for Heaven. If you go the path in order to benefit Heaven, even if you say to God, "please do not worry about caring for me," Heaven has to concern about you. In order to live like this, you must know what you need to concern, always. You must place yourself to receive Heaven's sympathy at all times. In the course you pursue and the course you have trod, you should remember the fact that you are going the course of filial sons and daughters and the course of patriots.

Witnessing at Risk of Your life, March 14, 1971

Rev. Moon does everything at the risk of his life. Sleeping and speaking -- I do everything at the risk of my life. So, I forgot about eating breakfast. You are going the path to Heaven. In the path, it is no problem missing one meal, one bowl of rice. Remember, going this road is more serious than eating a meal.

The Responsibility of Leaders, September 14, 1971

If I go to a mountain and I end up deep in the mountains alone, I don't feel any loneliness. I don't feel lonely even if none of you are with me. In the deep mountains, looking at hills and dales from a cave, I am intoxicated by all the enjoyments in the mountains. You will see a wild boar running around. Don't you see it? You see a lot of wild animals living there. Why should a man, the highest animal -- smarter than any other wild life -- die there of starvation? But, you say, there is nothing to eat? When you use your head, you will find tons of things to eat. Anyone can find an unlimited food supply. Where should you stay? It's easy; just build a hut or some place to sleep.

A swallow makes its own home, its nest, right? If, even a little bird can build its nest, then why can't human beings, the lords of creation, build a place to sleep? It's ridiculous, huh? This is how I think. So, I don't feel helpless. Well, I am saying you don't need to support me there. I am confident. Do you know what I am saying? I studied many subjects. I know a lot of things. I studied these subjects' natures. How about fish? I observed personally every single kind of fish that is native to Korea. The only exceptions are the whales. I went to every river, pond and lake to look for fish. I studied every kind of fresh water fish in Korea. I know them all. I know the characteristics of each type of fish there.

When Rev. Moon went to the mountains in the past, I could not stand it if I did not go to the other side of the mountain and enjoy the scenery there, because I have so much curiosity. No matter how hard it is to climb up the mountain, unless I go to the other side and look at the scenery, I would feel terrible. I can't stand just looking at the side of the mountain that I can see from the ground level. This is my nature. With this strong inquisitiveness, I discovered the world of the Principle. I have to make inquiries when I start looking into anything. If I could not see and investigate even one angle, I would feel I was cheated out of the truth.

The Responsibility of Leaders, September 14, 1971

Rev. Moon only slept an average of two hours a night after he arrived in America. After I sent everyone else to bed at midnight, I stayed up until 3:30 to 4:30AM to study pressing issues. The time was pressing; I had no time to sleep. I have no time to get tired. I had never slept more [than 2 hours a night] for at least seven years. How many hours do you sleep?

Single-Mindedness at the Risk of Your Life, Tokyo, Japan, July 8, 1973

Rev. Moon has been fighting with his own practical accomplishments. You must compete with practical achievements. You must have your own proven record. What makes your proven record? It is not just regular sacrificial work. You must prove yourself, giving 24 hours a day, throughout your life to produce your accomplishments. Only then, will you become the hope for Japan. Moreover, you will be the hope of the world. Do you follow? If you invest yourself like that, you will accomplish your tasks. By inheriting the proven standard that Rev. Moon has established as your own tradition, you must give your efforts for the sake of Japan and Asia. You must give your best at the risk of your life. Let us commit to this lifestyle.

The Central Point of the World and Our Hope, February 6, 1974 

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