The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Our Attitude towards God's Word

Sun Myung Moon
Excerpts from the book Hoon Dok Hae and the Mobilization of the Spirit World(1)
(Unofficial Translation)

Since a man who was created by God's word fell as a result of losing the word, he must be recreated by the word. That is God's word of love, God's word of life and God's word of lineage.

The principle is more precious than anything else. Have you ever thought of the principle being more precious than eating your meals, wearing your clothes, or sleeping? You should have viewed the principle as something absolute, and believed in the principle with a more precious and sacred attention, than anything else in the world; however, you could not live up to this standard. Now, you must repent.

You must breathe, spiritually, every day. Just like you have meals daily, you must connect with God's word. You must place more emphasis on connecting with the word than eating daily meals. You must emphasize the word as most important. Only then will you walk the path to Heaven.

Everyone has to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. However, it is more precious to receive spiritual nourishment, the word of God. The question for your life is this. How much will you nourish and grow your spiritual self, valuing God's word more than your daily meals.

You must understand God's word in your "chest" as soon as you understand it in your head. You also must understand it in your body as soon as you understand it in your chest. Then, you must understand it in your heart as soon as you understand it in your body.

It is no good if you act according to your own regard, while God's word remains only the words that you read. You must become the manifestation of God's word. God's internal heart must become your internal heart. Namely, you must become the embodiment of your original mind.

Truth must be actualized. The truth should be maintained and perfected in living human beings. Otherwise, the truth may be taken and misused by Satan. Therefore, I did not reveal the new truth until all required conditions are met and the truth is manifested in reality.

God's word will bring a result of goodness and carry out the grace of resurrection and the grace of recreation wherever it is spread. So you must be people who are equipped with the word and who can liquidate evil, carry out the grace of resurrection, and command the execution of recreation. Therefore, the place where such people, who are equipped with God's word, live together is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus said to Satan, "It is written: 'Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'"(Matthew 4:4) This is very real. Have I lived until now because I labored? Or have I lived because of money? It is neither. I have lived by holding on to God's word. As you see, I did not perish.

First is the era when you believe in God' word. Second is the era when you practice God's word. Then, last is the era when you live your life -- your whole life -- centered on God's word. You will enter the era of living life. In order to transform this world into the Kingdom of Heaven, each of these steps should be followed faithfully. We will develop in the order from the era of faith, to the era of practice, and finally the era of living life.

The spirit world is a place where people live their lives centered on God's word. Since every action in your daily life is in accordance with the word, you must be disciplined here on earth. In other word, if you dislike the word of God, you should not eat your meal. You must enjoy and taste the spiritual nourishment more than your meals. Since the word is the eternal spiritual nourishment, you must be trained to develop the taste for the spiritual meals that last forever, while you live this limited earthly life.


1. Hoon Dok Hae and the Mobilization of the Spirit World is a book that compiled excerpts from Rev. Moon's speeches. This book was published in Japan. There is no English translation for the book. 

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