The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

Invocation at the Second Generation Matching

Sun Myung Moon
November 16, 2009

Beloved Heavenly Father! If we were to stop the flow of time and ask ourselves where we can find true sons and daughters and the true parents, we come to realize that the 6.5 billion people of the world live in a time in history when there are no parents, sons or daughters anywhere on earth. So, Father, we ask You to take hold of them. We know that we have failed to become the firstborn sons and daughters of the heavenly kingdom, inheriting the unchanging, everlasting bloodline of God for all generations to come, and so have failed to become the true sons and daughters continuing an ancestral lineage that is centered on peace, with the heart of true fathers and true mothers burning with a loving and true heart.

Father, You have been unable to fulfill the providence of the ideal You held at the time of the Creation, by which You desired to love Your children who were brought into the world through the blessing of heaven with a heart of true love never before seen in history, and to give birth to children who are not inadequate -- as people in the heavenly kingdom related by blood -- to inherit the historical tradition of the right of the elder son. You have been unable to stand in the position of the true parent, and You could not love Your true children with a heart connected to them through the bloodline; this has been our lamentable history since the Fall. We are also aware that we thus lost the owner of the entire universe, the eternal and unique owner.

Amid such a history, You chose the pitiable Korean people living in the land of Korea to know about God, to think about God, and to ponder God's will and God's high and noble family, nation and world, and You allowed them to have traditions as a people and to be centered on a core ideology by which they can continuously yearn only for the One who is unique. Though there have been many nations and many peoples, Your son is aware of the fact that the Heavenly Parent endeavored to have only the Korean people know God as the unique being.

Therefore, You searched and searched with an anxious heart to find the path through which You could manifest on earth, so that You could come down to earth and establish an ideal world that can live in the liberated and completely freed kingdom of heaven that brings unreserved freedom to the cosmos. And since then I have spent many years to pioneer the path to attend You.

Now, I have reached the age of ninety, and in these Last Days I will go to the spiritual world in the end and serve God, leaving behind incomplete achievements and results. But standing here before You are the second-generation members whom You have raised and whose blood has been purified through Your beloved blessed couples. Through True Parents, the tradition of the blessing has been newly established so that these young people are eligible to inherit the traditions of the heavenly kingdom, carrying on the virtuous lineage, pure blood and pure love. Clearing away Your sorrowful history, wherein the authority of the firstborn son and firstborn daughter could not be inherited, standing here are the children who were born of the blessed couples serving the Heavenly Parent, raised and nurtured to be distinguished as the chosen people in the midst of the world of heaven, earth and the liberation and freedom of Your triumph and glorious supremacy.

These are Your proud children who are seventeen to twenty-four years of age and who have inherited the virtuous bloodline, pure blood and pure love. They have gathered here to receive the blessing as those of the second generation. They were raised in the bosom of parents who received the blessing with nothing to be ashamed of… the original heart that watched over Adam and Eve as they grew in the original Garden of Eden, and they are participating in this incredible grace of the blessing of the second-generation children. Therefore, Heavenly Father, please love these young children even more, doubling the heart of love You wanted to give but were unable to give to their parents, and establish in them the traditions of goodness and peace that they should follow as the ancestors of thousands of generations. Please establish in them the substantial bloodline centered on Your life and eternal love and stepping beyond the fact that Your firstborn son and daughter could not be blessed, please embrace them with an even higher, wider and deeper love!

Please bestow Your grace of the blessing here, and now that You have opened new gates through which the tradition of the blessing of second-generation children from seventeen to twenty-four years of age emerges, please uphold it so that, passing through the love of the first and second generations, not only the third generation but thousands of generations to come may inherit the traditions of Your only sons and daughters who can carry on the traditions True Parents have established as the ancestors of peace and ancestors of the lineage.

Please guide them to embrace that path within the seven years between the ages of seventeen and twenty-four and to receive Your holy blessing and stand in the place nearest to True Parents.

Though many brothers and sisters have received the blessing before, at this time the seven-year period between the ages of seventeen and twenty-four for second-generation members has been set apart, so Father, please sanctify this period. True Parents' Birthday is approaching, as is the anniversary of their Holy Wedding, so please embrace, through the blessing, with a higher, deeper, wider and brighter love, their hearts that embody their original nature as they stand on this liberated occasion that stands in place of the Holy Wedding and the Golden Wedding of the True Parents.

The day of a new tradition in the blessing of second-generation members, receiving the blessing with the authority of the eternally liberated firstborn sons and daughters, has been opened, so please allow them to embrace their elders and show the results of their union as the fruit that can be set up as a textbook of the heavenly kingdom with which to instruct others. I hope and pray that You will permit those in this Blessing Ceremony to march forward to establish families -- which for generations to come, will embody the tradition of the heavenly kingdom -- and to establish the original tradition. Please bless them with greater blessing than ever before, and allow them to uphold the blessing even more than True Parents do, so that they can become the ancestors of thousands of generations who are permitted to have true authority over all things.

I report this earnestly, earnestly and even more earnestly in the name of True Parents. Aju! [Aju!]

Please receive glory and watch over us with love! Thank You, thank You so much. Aju! [Aju!]

At the conclusion of the Blessing Ceremony, True Father led all present in three cheers:

Heavenly Father Mansei! [Mansei] True Parents, Mansei [Mansei] The one hundred and ninety couples blessed today, Man Mansei! [Man Mansei] Be happy and live a good life. 

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