The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

Women From Seven Different Nations Must Join Together

Sun Myung Moon
November 8, 2009
Cheon Jeong Gung
Translation:Tossa Cromwell

Hoon Dok Hae was held in the presence of True Parents on November 8, 2009 on the third floor of Cheon Jeong Gung. Dr. Jun Ho Seuk, Rev. Sun Jo Hwang, Mr. Jeong Ro Yoon, Dr. Bong Tae Kim, Mr. Dong Moon Joo and 120 Women’s Federation members also attended. Following are unofficial notes of True Father’s words, as reported by Mr. Hyun Jae Lee of the Korean FFWPU History Committee.

Father asks Rev. Hwang: What is today?

Rev. Hwang: Today is the day of the substantial establishment of the True Parent UN.

Father: Is it the day of arrival or the day of settlement?

Rev. Hwang: It is the day of settlement.

Father's Words:

From now on, the fate of nations, the world and heaven and earth will be determined by whether or not they follow these principles, in accordance with this program. Women must take this to heart. I'm not just talking about Korean women. Women from seven different nations must join together, as incarnations of True Mother who represent the mother of the world, and become one to deal with problems of the world as if they were problems in their own families, their own nations, or their own world. Women must create that kind of a legacy as a tradition for future generations. True Mother must be at the center of this.

Because it was woman, centering on Eve, that flipped over the entire blood lineage in Eden, women have had to make many sacrifices throughout the course of history in order to repair and purify all these things.

The reason that the term true peaceful world is included in this title is that it talks about the location of the Garden of Eden. True peace refers to a standard of peace in which someone who has inherited God's blood lineage becomes a mother and, with God at her center, forms a tribe, a people and a nation at a level higher than the nations of the satanic world. If we cannot go beyond that standard, then the settlement of the world of the True Parent UN will be eternally impossible.

Father's children went to the spirit world. For whom did they go there? Was it for my sake? They went there for your sake. It was to liberate the women of today. You must go beyond this difficult pass and overcome intense difficulties so that you can avoid punishment and execution. You have no time to think about food, about day and night or about your sons and daughters.

The number of Blessed people who can speak on behalf of heaven and earth should be 70-80% greater than the satanic world. Now, the percentage is less than that. The preparations have not been set but the time has come, so we must set a condition appropriate to the season. We now have three years and one month left. You should say, I will take responsibility to set the remainder of the necessary conditions during this time. If your husband can't, then you should, and if you can't, then you should have your sons and daughters do it.

God has no one but me. There is no one else who is willing to go to the place of death. Father is trying to cross this final pass through which individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and the entire world can become one. However, if I die simply as an individual then it would not be enough of a foundation for God, so God cannot have hope in me, either. Even when I cross that pass and stand before the gate with the key in my hand, I cannot open the door. Satan must come and open the door for me. Even if all 70 million Koreans are united centering on Father's autobiography, I still would be unable to open the door.

When I look at you, I can look at you in detail but when God looks out into space, he thinks, What I can I do? Where must I go? I can allow 60% of the Israelites and the Blessed people, even if they are false children, to go through, but God cannot allow even 1% percent. The question is how to complete even 3%. How can we do that for God? More than 16 nations should come together and tell God, Father! We will fulfill your wishes in Reverend Moon’s place. They must keep going until they attain victory in the end.

On January 15 and 31, we held three events related to God's new liberated authority. They were not about God's liberated authority towards me, but towards you. The nation cannot cross this pass and the world cannot cross this pass, so you must cross this pass and welcome God's liberated authority. Whose coronation was it? It was a coronation of you going beyond the pass of victory. That is what you must do. Father is going beyond this pass for your sake. What are you going to do? Are you just going to live your lives as if this has nothing to do with you? This is not Father's responsibility. It is your responsibility.

We talk about the parents of heaven and earth, but if that had included humanity, making it the parents of heaven, earth and humanity, then everything would have been over. People did not know that God is a God of character up until now. Without perfecting His character, God cannot set off.

We must give the Blessing during this year, next year and the year after that. This upcoming wedding ceremony will be on the 14th, 15th and 16th. Up until now, people married in whatever way they wanted, but from now they cannot. Parents need to teach about marriage ceremonies that do not violate Heaven's laws and way. You must prepare those kinds of events.

You should not recommend people unless their blood lineage is such that you are completely sure that you can boast about it. Parents should not think that they could enter a good position now because of Father's special grace if they have not set the standard of educating their children in their everyday lives. That would be wrong. That would create a problem for 330 generations of your ancestors. I am not planning to go that far. Therefore, I must make a cut-off point. Tens of billions will be cut off.

However, I don't intend to worry about that. If people are doing the wrong things and working to fulfill their own wishes, if Father gets caught up in their workings, who will be hurt? Father's lifespan would be shortened. 

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