The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

Our God-Given Responsibility

Sun Myung Moon
October 29, 2009
Excerpts from Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Peace Palace, Korea

To expand the autobiography work worldwide, I have now declared that awards will be given to those who have achieved success. Focusing on the Korean residents living in more than a hundred and twenty countries, the blessed families need to devote their lives, their wealth and all of their loyalty, and fulfill the responsibility of successfully distributing the book in four hundred and thirty places, in the homes of each and every family in the world. So, you have resolved to distribute the book in four hundred and thirty places, to give the book to your tribes as the tribal and clan messiahs and nurture them to become blessed members who can bring their clans in front of the nations of the world...

You need to know that with my prayer, we have already concluded the declaration and proclamation by which we resolved to fulfill our work of distributing this book to our clans, guiding and supervising them as their tribal messiahs, and helping them to become registered in the heavenly kingdom, all by D-Day, January 13, 2013.

Since the world's 6.5 billion people are all in one big family, based on that family and in your district, you distribute the four hundred and thirty books focusing on the blessing. I have dedicated my life to fulfill that work, and God has also been striving for tens of thousands of years. Now our work is finally coming to fruition; that is why you can work in this mirage-like age without suffering hardships...

Only those who have succeeded in giving the book to families reaching this number will be rewarded. That will be a gift of money rather than a prize -- to encourage you to fulfill your responsibility of registering their tribes in front of Heaven. So you will need to distribute this book night and day, twenty-four hours a day.

Until now I have visited Las Vegas seventeen times to set up the number seventeen and have devoted all my effort in doing so; similarly, those who receive this award, this bonus, should resolve anew to give the book to more than three generations, up to ten, thirteen, and over a hundred and thirty generations.

Your God-given responsibility is to complete the foundation of your tribe, the foundation of the blessed families, as the tribal messiah, through which can be connected the realms of the tribal messiah up to 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13, in relation to the seventh stage. In that regard, I have made the payment and the proclamation and even offered a prayer asking God to bless us. You need to know this fact clearly.

Centering on the five great saints, you need to take up your portion of this responsibility, and all of you need to work with the twelve sons and daughters of Rev. Moon through all twelve months, to carry out the organization of your tribes. Together with the boonbongwangs of the relative nations and the ambassadors for peace, the rally for the realm of the Sabbath for peace in the True Parent UN (Establishment of the Truly Peaceful World of the True Parent UN) centered on True Parents, was held on June 1 to set up the number seven. This being the era we now live in, you need to complete and fulfill the tasks whose completion has already been proclaimed...

What God-given responsibility have I fulfilled? It was my task to pass on the right of inheritance to become an owner of peace and an owner of lineage. If this is done, there will be freedom and peace. The right of freedom in the providence of restoration refers to freedom and harmony. The body and mind must be one; otherwise we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

What is freedom? The body and mind have been separated until now. Not one person in history has ever united his body and mind. In the Last Days, on the basis of freedom and harmony brought about through the unity of mind and body, achieved through applying my teachings, unification will take place. And on that basis of unification, peace will be attained. And what would the situation of the lineage be on the basis of that peace being attained?

Instead of being in conflict with and in contradiction to each other, husband and wife will unite in harmony, and centering on the foundation of the blessing which was to be established in the original Garden of Eden, which is based on the freely victorious Cain and Abel and the parents, and centering on the clan, the world's 6.5 billion people should be blessed all together at once. They should form one people and bring about the settlement of the twelve tribes -- the Israel realm -- and the realms of heart of the first, second, third and fourth Adams. Thus, in only one day, everyone should attain freedom and harmonize together, and the unification of South and North must be achieved.

Only on the basis of having dedicated everything as belonging to the kingdom of God can the lineage of freedom, harmony, unification and peace come about. I am not only talking about marriages across certain barriers; that is just the individual level. Since Adam and Eve could not enter into a marriage to resolve division, the nation and the world were lost because exchange marriage did not take place. And so both marriages to join families and marriages to bridge nations should take place.

I have performed this work based on my responsibilities as the Messiah, so you should never forget that this work can only begin after you have dedicated everything belonging to you, even your nations, in front of Heaven, and that everything owned by the citizens of a nation is restored to its original state before the Fall in the name of their nation under the ownership of Heaven. Aju!

God is absolute. He is said to be unique; if that were the case, how would the partner realm come about? For absoluteness, there must be uniqueness. If you want to be an absolute being, you must become a unique being. Outside absoluteness, there is no concept of uniqueness. This something you have to know.

If you want to give Divine Principle lectures, you need to know about all this. The Principle is explained in both the explanation and exposition of the Divine Principle. These principles can be taught but we haven't substantiated the main content.

I have already made Explanation of the Divine Principle and Exposition of the Divine Principle; I have already set down the main content there. The date on which we will achieve that and beyond is January 13, 2013. You need to know that this is also January 13, 3013. We will reach across a thousand years. We need to restore it to God's ownership and return it to Him; only when twelve is restored can seven and eight be restored as well. Who, then, is the owner who can explain the principal argument by which these can be restored? Only I can do so....

What day do we observe in the Unificationist Sabbath? [The eighth day.] Why must we observe the eighth day? There are forty-six Ahn Shi Il The shi used in Ahn Shi Il means "to attend." Ahn Shi Il is the day on which we serve God, whereas the Sabbath day is a day of rest, Ahn Shi II is a day of attendance...

The satanic world does not know God's representative. There were no Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, because Satan had invaded and taken the bloodline. The seed of true love is the bloodline, isn't it? Can Satan have true love? Number nine is as far as he can go.

No matter how great the horizontal line is, without the vertical line it cannot help but disappear; the relationship between the Parents of Heaven and Earth and their children refers to vertical and horizontal lines. In the relationship between husband and wife, the left, and not the right, is in front. The relationship between parents and children form a circle, but the relationship between husband and wife forms a line running from left to right.

Those who do not know the language of the homeland cannot become citizens of the kingdom of heaven. The homeland is the nation that serves God. It is the mother country. It should be God's homeland and hometown. However, Satan built his capital city in the homeland and chased everyone out. I was chased out of Moscow, Beijing and the U.S., and even in Korea I had to live like someone without a nation.

From the age of seventeen, even at the age of thirteen or so, I saw my mother and father taken to prison and wept as I saw my elder brother under investigation. Amidst this, I heard a voice that said, "Don't shed tears! God has endured far more injustice than you, and yet He persevered and did not shed tears. You should not shed tears, because you are the son, the grandson, and the seed of messiahs of past generations, who should serve God." You should not shed tears even if you are cold and living in poverty.

I did not shed tears even when my own children died. I could not shed tears if I was to establish the Day of Victory of Heaven.

Who are the Korean people? They are the Dong-Ee race. The Chinese character pronounced e consists of dae meaning big and gang meaning an archery bow. In other words, the Dong Ee race are people who are good archers. An arrow is not shot horizontally; rather, it is shot into the air. So it does not fly in a straight line, but instead describes an arc. At the center of the arc, there are no angles...

My name is Moon Yong-myung. Yong is made up of rip, meaning "to stand," under which is the character for "moon". The bottom right character is gi, meaning "the body" over which is sang, meaning "above," centered on God; within it are three sons. That forms the character for Yong. The name is Moon Yong-myung! He is the person who discloses the truth of heaven and earth as the representative. How much he has fought against Satan in the spiritual world! In what year did Satan come to submission on March 21 [1999].

[Father points to the calligraphy of "Cosmic Realm of Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth"]

What is that? It was in 1997. It was on July 7, the seventh day of the seventh month on the lunar calendar... So, what should come in front of the Cosmic Realm of Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth? It is absolute sex, that is, between the absolute sperm that is the seed of life of the absolute true father, and the ovum of the mother who is the parent body of the womb of life.

My goal has been to bring about the abolition of borders, starting with the individual. The barriers that prevent the body and mind from becoming one should be eliminated. Nothing can be accomplished if the body and mind are disunited. If husband and wife are disunited, they need to break down the barrier separating them. A quarrelsome family cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. In the next world, they will have to wait. 

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