The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

The Center of the Universe

Sun Myung Moon
October 15, 2009

A luncheon celebration for the 10.14 True Parents' Cosmic Blessing Ceremony was held the following day, October 15, at Cheon Jeong Peace Palace. Father spoke extemporaneously to the assembled guests for six hours before lunch was served. Here are edited excerpts of Father's speech.

Henceforth Cheon Il Guk will begin throughout the world. The rally for the peaceful settlement of the cosmic parent UN (Rally to Establish the Truly Peaceful World of the True Parent UN) was held on June 1.1 In other words, we have gone beyond the UN. That is why from the first day of October, it is the Nation of the Peaceful Settlement of the Parent UN. The kingdom of peace has begun.

Though there have been many kings in many nations, from now on there will only be one king of kings. The question is in which country the name of that one king will be established. Ever since the beginning of history, there has only been one people that have used the name Hananim, referring to God as a unique being, as the one master. That nation is Korea.

This year's motto is "The era of proclaiming the victory of absolute sexual ethics, the right of true love, true life and true lineage in the realm of the cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth." In the realm of rest [Sabbath], it is absolute sexual ethics that come first. That is to say, in the era of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, the era of rest, absolute sexual ethics come first.

What are absolute sexual ethics? The reproductive organs of a father and mother are concave and convex. The convex gives and the concave receives, but until now there has never been a case of the reproductive organs of the mother and father coming together in unity as one vessel centering on God. This is because of the Fall.

Because of the Fall, Cain and Abel, and also God the Parent and the visible Parents were all cut off from one another. God and the [potential] True Parents were cut off from each other, the soul and the body of the [potential] True Parents, and the spiritual world and the physical world were cut off from each other, the vessel wherein the sperm and ovum of the father and mother could enter together and remain was broken, and the sperm and ovum that should have become the seed of the love of the father and mother could not become one. Everything was cut off. That is why everything is wayward. There is no center.

All people of the world are in confusion and so they do not know the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, any more than they know the process. There is no hope, no path, in the fallen world. Who made it like that? Satan did. People from sixty-five nations are here, but which nation is the center? Everything has become so complicated.

God is not in such countries like these. There is no God, no father, no mother, no family, no tribe, and no nation. How can we possibly return to the original world centered on the one homeland, the one mother-tongue, and the one tradition? The settlement of the Abel UN, begun the first day of October, marks our setting out towards such a world.

You need to know that.

That is why the homeland of the Abel UN was begun on the first day of October. Counting from the first day of October, the time left for us is three years and three months. If we say three years and three months, that's three times three, equaling nine. Everything needs to be completed during this period. That is why everything should be done by January 13, 2013.

From now on, those countries that join the Abel UN should speak in Korean, and conduct important events in Korean. They should us the language that is the origin of the homeland centered on God and True Parents. Since the invisible God, the Creator, and the visible God need co unite Cain and Abel, and everything in heaven and on earth that has been polarized in the directions of up and down, front and back, and left and right, they need to speak, but how are things turning out?

Henceforth, I will know no other language but Korean. When I try to speak in English or Japanese, without my being aware of it I get tongue-tied. I cannot get the words out. This is the beginning and the destination of the world of culture centered on God. We have already passed our destination and a new era of Heaven has commenced. Therefore, we need to establish the traditions of the world of a new culture; for the first time in history a new culture is being begun.

Thus, by not only using the mother-tongue but also enacting laws centered on the culture and traditions of the fatherland, and abiding by those very laws, we can advance towards the ideal world of God.

So what is it that I talked about on July 7? I'm referring to what I said at the celebration for the 233rd anniversary of American Independence Day. The speech given on that day was entitled "Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage." The owner of peace who is at the same time the ancestor of peace, and the owner of lineage who is simultaneously the ancestor of lineage, are not two but only one. The owner of peace and the owner of lineage are not two but one. God resides at the center of the sphere formed through the unity of the interior, the exterior and the center, the unity of the body, mind and spirit. The center of the universe is the True Parent, the True Teacher, and the True King, the King of Kings.

Though there are many kings in many nations, there is only one king of kings. What is the organization upon which the king of kings will later be safely established? It is the association. What do those characters represent? Our association signifies the coming together of God, Cain and Abel in oneness under the cross. The Chinese character for hae can be broken up into human being under which is the one four-position foundation over the character meaning day. Everything has fulfilled the contents of the providence.

Formation, growth and completion are also one. The center cannot be seen. Everything is accomplished through three stages. At the place where one has reached completion after passing through the three stages, there is only one concept, one ideal and one happiness. Only such a family of absoluteness can become the center of everything in the ideal world. That is why we need to use the Korean language from now on. Henceforth, you need to use the Korean language in the spirit world as well as the earthly world.

Everything is done through 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 137. We need to complete everything in seven years. This is not something that I am making up. If you don't know this, then you cannot be a servant in the kingdom of heaven, let alone a citizen of heaven. You cannot even be the archangel. You need to learn because you want to. Everything is accomplished only through absolute obedience; you cannot have your own thinking. Can you be thinking differently from God? No.

Knowing this, the Blessing Ceremony should also be conducted in Korean, the original language. If others don't know Korean, then the Korean people should go and teach them.

I came, gave the blessing, and received a gift. This was a blessing of three generations. Grandfather, grandmother, yourself, plus Cain and Abel is a blessing of five generations. If you add God and True Parents, then it is seven generations receiving the blessing. The seven generations are all in one domain.

This year's motto is the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. We have finally reached the realm of the Sabbath and absolute sexual ethics. When a man and a woman get married and their sperm and ovum meet, what happens? Heaven and earth, and the universe, are blended and brought to a boil, but to do so the temperature must rise above a hundred degrees. Eighty or ninety degrees are warm and so suit the body, but it must go above 100 degrees and reach 104 degrees, 110 degrees, or 120 degrees, until the water turns into steam and become invisible, that is to say, until the water floats in midair.

To understand all this, you need to understand about the homeland, the True Parents, the True King and the True God, and what else? Behind God there are the True Parents, the king of kings of the spiritual world. You did not know about the king of kings or the True Parents, but now you know that "There is only one God. He is the True Parent, the True Teacher, and the True King, the King of Kings. Everything that was separated comes to fruition right here."

Cheon Il Guk is the homeland and hometown of God. The hometown of God becomes His homeland. The Chinese character Cheon [meaning Heaven] can be broken up into two human beings. The oneness of two people is what Rev. Moon of the Unification Church refers to as Cheon 11 Guk. In short, Cheon Il Guk is the nation where Cain and Abel, up and down, and front and back are united.

God is the owner of the empty space between Western culture and Eastern culture. There is only one owner; there cannot be two...

Everything has to pass through the three stages. You too need to pass through the eras of the womb, the physical world and the spiritual world. Coming out of the womb into the physical world, you do not know your mother and father.

You don't know heaven, earth, hell or the heavenly kingdom. Do you know the citizens of heaven? You don't. This is something you learn. It is certainly true to say that someone who is not perfected cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

That is why from now on, I need to prepare a new system. We only have three years and three months. Multiplying the two numbers (3 x 3), you get nine, and we will perfect that number. Numbers six, seven, eight, nine, and ten! You don't know them. You don't even know why the Sabbath day is number seven. Why is it number seven? You need to know all this. Only when you know this can you be liberated.

Henceforth, you need to know the traditions I have established. Only when you know those traditions can the kingdom of heaven begin.

God is the owner of the realm of space. He is also the owner of time. This is also true for the transition points in time. Oriental philosophy talks about space and time above the world. God created the day, the earth and the transition points [joints]. These come together to form the character for time. Time is a combination of day, earth and the transition points. In Oriental philosophy can be found time, and in time can be found transition points. There are transition points between the periods of childhood, youth, middle age and old age.

How many letters, beginning with A, B, C, are there in the English alphabet? In Korean, it goes Ga, Na, Di, Ra, Ma, Ba, Sa, Alt, Ja, Cita, Ka, Ta, Pa, and Ha! There are fourteen consonants in the Korean alphabet...

You don't know why the letters look like that, but I have come forward to teach you, so you can now understand what heaven is like, what the earth is like, what the East, West, South and North are like, what the sun and the moon are like, what the meteors and fixed stars are like, and what the universe is like. They can all be found in this face. [Father points to various points on his face and body.] Here they are: one, two, three, four, five, six and seven! The eighth is the breast, the ninth is the bellybutton, and this is the tenth. Then there is the eleventh and the twelfth. You didn't know that there are twelve summits.

In the Korean song "Arirang" the twelve summits are mentioned. Its lyrics say that one will become footsore and die before going ten ri (4 km), that is to say, before crossing the number ten. One will get footsore before going ten ri. In other words, your feet will have no place to stand. Even the lyrics of a popular song talk about the providence of God.

To make the owners of peace and lineage, the True Parent, the True Teacher, the True King... Rev. Moon has braved even death as the son of the one and only God yearned for jointly by the kings of all nations, to erase the history of conflict in which Cain and Abel bled and killed each other and to establish the correct bloodline and make only one world in the heavenly world and the physical world.

Absolute sexual ethics, the absolute concave and the absolute convex vessel refers to the Won-gu Peace Cup. Isn't a cup a vessel? The Peace Cup signifies the coming together in oneness of the concave of the mother and the convex of the father, and the sperm and the ovum dancing for joy together. Then what happens? They should be shot forth as the sperm and ovum of love that can reach the heavens as clouds...

Whether you like it or not, or whether you'd rather die or not, we need to make a textbook and teaching materials by which the tradition of the heavenly kingdom can be established.

We have already made an encyclopedia. Why are there so many encyclopedias? There is an encyclopedia of the American Indians, another of the white race, another of the communists, and even one opposing religion. There should be only one encyclopedia. I made a Russian dictionary. I also made a Chinese dictionary that has more than 380,000 words. Why? If a civilized nation does not refer to the encyclopedia of an enemy nation on its border them, then that nation will disappear.

Since the encyclopedias of religion, politics, culture, and sperm and ovum have all been made, what is this about the assertion of the philosophy of love? There is no one other than Rev. Moon who has the materials and the original design to build that house. No one, regardless of which country they may be from, has ever helped build that house by adding a tile, a brick, a patch of soil or a piece of wood.

I am not an untrustworthy and reckless person. I can't live as I please. I may be able to predict dates accurately. What date is today? It is the 15th, isn't it? We are crossing the summit. We are crossing the borderline, but we can do so only when we know about it; we cannot if we don't...

There must have been thousands and tens of thousands of kings in many nations of the past, but they were all false kings; there is only one being who can be the King of Kings, the King of all races, and He is the invisible God. God is invisible.

Next, the visible God is the True Parent. God is the True Parent, the True Teacher is the True Parent, and the True King is the True Teacher. The invisible God split the one Being who can become the True King, the True Teacher and the True Parent into the spiritual and the physical aspects in order to bring him to perfection. To unite them into one again, God too has persevered. Unless everything is resolved so that the True Parent can come forth and set everything right -- that is, unless a solution can be reached on earth -- its substantiation cannot be brought about in the heavenly world.

Saying this, God has been working on earth through the four great saints, and what has He done amongst the followers of True Parents? The only logical and reasonable conclusion we can reach is that, unless the substantial realm is established in the four civilizations of East, West, South and North, and the original standard -- before heaven and earth were separated -- is put in place, there can be no foundation upon which God can work and the True Parents can stand. It is the one and only root of the tradition. There cannot be two roots or two traditions. There cannot be two cultures.

Have you become the owners of peace? Have you become the owners of the bloodline? No, you haven't. The invisible God and the visible, substantial True Parents need to come before the one and only God in the position of the True Teacher and True King, and establish the absolute sexual ethics of Cain and Abel in the realm of the cosmic Sabbath through the Won-gu Peace Cup. And this Blessing Ceremony" of the three generations is the marriage ceremony carried out at this moment in time, when t: the sperm of the absolute father and the ovum of the absolute mother should meet anew.

Quickly bring me the speech, "Establishing the Truly Peaceful World of the True Parent UN." I carry this with me wherever I go. I cannot forget it. The number of pages is -- and I tell you I didn't know about it I was surprised when I did find out -- it has 33 pages.

I cried and wailed before heaven. It was 33, the same number as Jesus' age. There are only 3 years and 3 months-33 again -- until January 13, 2013. We need to complete the course during this time. That is why we are in a position to always refer to the words of this book.

Since this is such a book, in the five lines of this first page of the introduction, I have put in the entire world. I revealed the history of Cain and Abel. The script for this speech was revised six times. This contains no traces of any other person; it only contains what I have revealed from my own head. This is the first speech I have put so much effort into. This is the only one...

"Our family members, who are receiving Heaven's love anew." The words "family members" appear here. You are our family members, who can enter the kingdom of heaven together, and who have shared meals together.

"He is blessing us to blossom beautifully like flowers and to live lives that are as bright as the sun and as clear as the waters of a stream. Our family members, who are receiving Heaven's love anew!" You are family members who can enter the kingdom of heaven.

Therefore, "On three occasions, once on January 15 and twice on January 31, we held the historic Coronation for the New Authority of the Liberation of God, the King of Kings, and our golden anniversary celebration. January 31 saw one such ceremony held at the Cheon Jeong Peace Palace in Korea, representing the East, and another held in New York City, in the U.S., representing the West." 12

I inserted the third venue. I wrote this three days ago. The third venue refers to the gathering held in Las Vegas. That is why I said, "In this way, we set the record of offering this historically unprecedented and never to be repeated providential event to Heaven in three different locations on the same day." I indicated that the ceremony was held in three locations though I originally mentioned that it was held in two locations on the same day: at Cheon Jeong Gung and in New York, USA, representing the western world. Las Vegas was omitted. It was omitted although it had providential significance. That is why I inserted Las Vegas as the third location.

Some people say, "Rev. Moon is now old and can't work, so he has forgotten about the church and does not recognize God, the nations of the earthly world, or the citizens of heaven, and now he visits the gambling places he likes and keeps company with satanic people, so it looks like he will end up in hell!" But that's not how it is at all.

I am the only person who can open the gates of hell, so I cannot avoid going there. I have taken on the most difficult task. My legs weigh me down so much; I have been limping with the sheer effort to move my legs one after the other. Even my sons and daughters think I enjoy visiting that place. When I tell them to come and visit me, they say "I can't go. You are going to an evil place, so I can't go there."

Yes, it is a bad place now, but see if it will still be like that after three or four years and a few months. Who came here and opened the gates, and who walked around shedding tears without having breakfast, lunch or dinner to save others? You need to know that this valley is stained with my tears...

You have three years and three months to work on my behalf. How fearsome is that? Everything is contained in this book. It is a mirror. 

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