The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

Time To Receive The Blessing Anew

Sun Myung Moon
October 9, 2009
Hoon Dok Hae at East Garden
Notes taken by Doug Burton

Hoon Dok Hae began at 5:00 am and ended at 8:00 am with approximately 200 people in attendance. Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt read Establishing a World of Peace Centering on the True Parents (True Father’s talk in Washington Oct. 1, 2009) and later Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage (July 7, 2009). Mr. Tossa Cromwell and Mrs. Hee Hun Standard served as interpreters. Bishop Ki Hoon Kim was the MC.

True Father began by explaining the context of the speech he gave to an audience of 1,500 people on Oct, 1, 2009, pointing out that “if you read the speech without understanding the meaning, you will miss the point.” True Father explained that this speech is key to the way we have to go for all eternity, and that the speech was like a heavenly constitution. “In the future everything will be conducted according to the heavenly law. Our house should belong to heaven. A house of true peace must not have any trace of the fallen world.” This statement is like an “original blueprint,” he said, adding that “there is nothing like it in the world today.”

He also explained that God, who is unique, absolute and eternal, cannot stand by himself, but can stand on the foundation of people who are unique, absolute and eternal. “That’s how it can be done: through lineage, a new lineage. Now we have made connection to God’s new lineage, [so] we need to receive the blessing anew,” he explained. “Human beings who should have received these attributes are fallen people.” “The Fall means falling down and disappearing. God must reappear and give His love. Cheon Il Guk is not established yet.”

“Today we have a new historical period when the environment prior to the Fall can be restored. I am telling you this knowing the whole of God’s providence,” he said.

There were three dominant themes of today’s talk: first, the historical significance of the coronation of God, second, the association of the world connected to spiritual world, and third, sexual differences as a reflection of the Divine.

Regarding the first, Father discussed the ways that the Coronation events of Jan. 15, 2009 and Jan. 31, 2009 were unique in human history. “There have been many kings in the history of the world, and many went to hell.” The coronation was not like the crowning of a new Japanese emperor or the investiture of a new pope. “This coronation was for the king of kings, God’s vessel on the earth,” he said. The coronation required that there would be the golden wedding anniversary and the publication of True Father’s autobiography. Today, True Parents are the substantial representation of God. The coronation could only happen one time in history. The event was actually the coronation of God as king of kings, but True Parents are totally united with God, therefore it was their coronation, too."

Second, the new organization, “Hananim [God] Yeongyeonse [connected to spiritual world] Hyeop Hae [association]," is the bridge we must walk for the next three years and three months. “Cain and Abel should be united with humanity through true love. After this, we need to establish Cheon Il Guk,” he explained. The Chinese characters denoting Cheon Il Guk, includes the character for “heaven” which is a symbol of two people. The words “Cheon Il Guk” imply “God’s homeland, unity of Cain and Abel, two people becoming one (whether husband and wife, brother and sister, parent and child, etc), heaven, and nation. “These five things will amount to the Kingdom of Heaven and will lead to freedom. Evil will disappear,” he said. He explained that we must now move through eight stages of development: level of children, of families, of tribes, of people, of a nation, of the world, of a federation, and of God.

Third, True Father took pains to comment on God’s motivation for creating sexual difference and what is proper and not proper. Although the creator God is a unified being of harmonized male and female characteristics, as far as human sexuality goes, the invisible God expresses himself through the convex, male organ, and has created the concave, female organ as his object. The model position is for man to be on top, women on bottom. “In the West, many women are on top. They can’t receive. This is going against the Principle,” he explained. He also spoke to the issue of Western women tending to use their husbands as servants. “The woman is suckling the baby, nurturing children, and she is seeing her husband as idle, so Western women think they are superior to men because they give birth,” he explained.

There was guidance on sexual practice, too: "when husbands make love to their wives, they should start at the bottom, with the feet together and stimulate all parts of the body, moving later to the lips and breasts. A man should try to envelope his partner with warmth. The warmer women feel, the more easily they can feel fire,” he counseled.

True Father also spoke about the wisdom of the Orient, which is much needed in the West. “Western people -- even presidents of nations -- don’t understand fundamentals of the world known even to five-year-old children in the East,” he said.

At the very end of the session, True Father announced -- without explanation -- that “from tomorrow [October 10] we can restore the number 101, the number 100,000,000 and the number 1,000.”

Bishop Kim closed the meeting with an exhortation to all members to read and study all of True Father’s speeches. "The more you listen to them, the more you will start to understand,” he said. 

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