The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

New Age, New Beginning and a New Organization

Sun Myung Moon
October 8, 2009
East Garden
Notes taken by Doug Burton

Hoon Dok Hae began at 5:00 am and ended at 8:50 am with approximately 200 people in attendance. Mrs. Wonju McDevitt read Peace Message 16: “The Providential View of the Pacific Era and God’s Will.”

Almost at the beginning of the session True Father announced: “We are entering a new age. We need to have a new beginning.” He told Mr. Dong Moon Joo that “we need a new lawyers’ organization of 120 people worldwide. Also former presidents should be involved with the Providence.”

Although he quickly transitioned to a number of other topics, True Father returned to the concept of the new godly era at the very end of the session. True Father announced the formation of a new educational organization, which he called “Hananim [God] Yeongyeonse [world connected to the spiritual world] Hyeop Hae [association]”

“Today is the eighth of October. We must make a connection between the physical world and the spiritual world." Bishop Kim, Rev. Peter Kim and Mr. Dong Moon Joo were asked to stand, as Father commissioned the three to work as a team, with Bishop Kim serving as the lead figure.

“We need to build a new nation. All here should be part of it. We are going to have a new structure,” he said, adding that in this new age God is going to be “owner of Heaven and earth.” True Father asked all present to pledge their loyalty to the new nation by putting their hands above their heads and clapping seven times. He also urged all who had pledged to set aside their wealth to finance the building of a new godly nation.

During the era after the coming of Heaven, the Unification movement can expect greater fortune coming because of the closer relationship we can have with the spiritual world, but in order to enjoy this new relationship, all of us must practice absolute sexual ethics. “We are witnessing an “explosive” revolution of the family. Actually, humanity is entering a new era,” he said.

At the close of the session Bishop Ki Hoon Kim announced that this was a historic day and that True Father had announced that he would return to America more often to lead our movement for the next three years.

As with several previous sessions, True Father explained how significant numbers can be counted on the human hand. Today he spent the most time talking about restoring the numbers “6” and “7,” He explained that the number 7 would be claimed by an alliance of the former WWII enemies (United States, United Kingdom, France verses Germany, Italy and Japan) with the nation of Korea.

“Whatever I do is based on a consideration of numbers,” True Father told the session. He explained that the numbers of 7, 8, 9 and 10 are the “difficult” years with “9” the number of special difficulty, which should give heart to those who have struggled through 2009. Certain numbers have an affinity, as do the fingers of opposing hands. For example, the middle finger of the left hand is associated with the number “6,” whereas its counterpart on the opposing hand is associated with the number “16.” Of course, the received western tradition is that the number of 6 is associated with humanism, or with Satan. True Father said that both “6” and “16” are important this year and that we “should go over them.”

True Father elaborated on the Chinese characters that spell the word, “Association.” pointing out that the characters include a cross and the pictographs for “parents and children,” as well as “Cain and Abel.” “We study Chinese characters in order to get clues as to how people think,” he said. At another juncture he commented: “If you cannot understand Chinese characters, you cannot discern the secrets of the universe.” 

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