The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

Hoon Dok Hae By the Numbers

Sun Myung Moon
October 7, 2009
East Garden

At Hoon Dok Hae on October 7, True Father poured out his heart for an audience of more than 200 members for more than six hours at his East Garden residence. In line with the 12-hour Hoon Dok Hae session held on October first, much of his explanations focused on the significance of specific numbers relative to spiritual growth, the nature of the current transitional time period, the mystical significance of parts of the human anatomy and certain geometrical shapes. Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt read the Tenth Message of Peace, first given on Nov. 21, 2006.

At 6:30 am True Father called for a break to watch a webcast of a soccer match between teams representing the Korean city of Seongnam (sponsored by Il Hwa Ltd), and the team from Daejeon. Seongnam took the match with a score of 1-0.

Bishop Ki Hoon Kim presided as MC. Mrs. Hee Hun Standard and Mr. Tossa Cromwell served as interpreters.

True Father gave much attention to the number 10, since we have entered the 10th month and since October 10, 2009 is a significant day of this year. “The days of October 7, 8 and 9 are important; Repent of everything before October 10th, when you should become a new person,” he said in concluding remarks. As he has done so many times before, True Father educated the members about certain numbers and figures which are ciphers for the world of sin, conflict, and confusion as opposed to other numbers which denote new beginning, completion and good luck. For example, True Father made frequent comparison to the duality of “O” which denote God’s world, as opposed to “X” which denote sin, conflict and wrong direction. In Korean schools, O and X are the marking symbols of correct and incorrect answers.

“In the age of the Fourth Adam, we should be able to settle, and eventually eliminate all the 'Xs.' In the fullness of time all those who oppose the Unification Church will fade away."

True Father pointed out that 6 is a central number. If we mark one corner of a rectangular book as 1, the midpoint of an adjoining edge as 2, the next corner as 3, the midpoint of the next edge as 4, the next corner as 5, and the midpoint between the first and final corners as 6, the final point marked 6 becomes the center of gravity of the book. Also, if we count out the peaks (fingertips) and roots (low points between and outside fingers) of our left hand, starting from the point outside the thumb on our left hand, then the tip of the middle finger, which is in a central position, becomes the number 6. He also demonstrated how the number 9 is under Satanic influence. “We need to know the relationships of these numbers in order to understand how heaven and earth should relate,” he explained.

Later True Father explained that people in the fallen world can’t orient their lives toward truth and goodness -- and ultimately to happiness -- because they can’t see their way beyond living out six kinds of human activity: “eating, sleeping, coming, going, and finding good and bad.” True Father explained that people can’t understand themselves and feel lost because they can’t understand the number “10,” which is a symbol of spiritual perfection.

Much of his talk focused on the significance of the number “eight.” Pointing to his left hand, True Father demonstrated that the significant number of “7” can be counted on the joints of the thumb. He also pinched his thumb and forefinger together to form a loop and counted out seven stations around the loop, pointing his finger of the other hand into the loop to identify the number “8” in the invisible center. “Eight is the center of the invisible world,” as well as the number symbolizing a new beginning, he said, explaining at another juncture that each of us has the mission in life to perfect eight stages of growth on the horizontal level and eight stages of growth on the vertical level. Eight is also the number of portals into the human body: two eyes, two nostrils, two ears, one mouth and -- surprise! -- the invisible “breathing hole at the very top of the head through which one makes spiritual communications with God. There are eight types of male figures in God’s providence today: the invisible God, True Parent united with God, the King of the nation, the grandfather, father, husband, Cain and Abel.

Why is all this significant? “Western people easily get blocked, because they can’t see how to move from number seven to eight. They have no concept of subject and object, ”he explained. True Father appeared to imply that getting our lives aligned with the divine numbers enmeshed in the creation would empower us with springs of spiritual energy and good fortune. “When you play Blackjack and you get the root number, you win. If you get the wrong number, it’s under Satan’s authority, and the dealer wins,” he explained.

True Father urged all his listeners to reject the vile, carnal temptations of the fallen world. “Do not allow yourselves to lead a casual life. We need to learn proper standards of conduct. Those who lead casual lives will be washed away by the tides,” he warned.

“All of you struggle with mind and body. You need to stand on the foundation of seven and eight in this tenth month. Stand on this foundation and go around and make “11” and “12” the numbers over which we have dominion,” True Father advised.

During the break between halves of the soccer game, Bishop Kim reported on the success of the Gala celebration of the debut of True Father’s autobiography in Arlington, Virginia on October 1. In addition he reported the testimonies of ministers at the Original Divine Principle Workshop at the Hilton Hotel in Alexandria which concluded on October 3. 

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