The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

A Special Time In Providential History

Sun Myung Moon
September 30, 2009
Hoon Dok Hae
Sheraton National Hotel, Washington, DC
Doug Burton

These are unofficial notes (and by no means comprehensive).

Following the reading of Owner of Peace and Owner of Lineage, True Father commented that this speech represents the conclusion of his ministry in America. We should understand this speech in order to educate ourselves about the future.

Father also said that several important events of this year amount to historical moments that will never come again. Today we have a special time in providential history. We must not miss the opportunity, he said, referring to the anniversary of the founding of Holy Spirit Association for Unification of World Christianity on May 1, 1955 and the release of his autobiography at the COEX Center in Seoul on June 1, 2009.

Everything can change in a moment, but people don't recognize it. There is only one time and one moment when the world needs to be one. The Fall of Adam and Eve changed the entire world in a single moment, he explained. He said that only he and God understand the full significance of historical moments such as the Coronation Ceremony of Jan 31 or the Golden Wedding anniversary of the 50 years of blessing of True Parents.

Father explained that the Peace Cup celebrations that went on for 13 days beginning April 21st was the period of celebration of 50 years of marriage, and was like a period of liberation for God, amounting to a cosmic harmony tournament. This is the day God longed for since the creation of the universe. Actually it was not a day -- only a moment…. It was the first time in my life that I had this kind of moment. The June 1st book celebration in Seoul was such an event.

In the future, if someone forgets to mention that day as a significant event, they will be hung upside down in hell, he explained. The achievement of this Jubilee year is very significant. Not just anyone can restore the sin of the false parents, he said. This is a Jubilee year -- when you go beyond 50 years [of blessing], you bring liberation and freedom to God. You cannot imagine the course of indemnity I and True Mother walked. Fallen people don't know this. Many years from now historians will tell what I cannot tell you now, he said.

A recurrent theme of True Father's remarks is that the current time period is one of momentous change and demands urgent action. During this season, God is beckoning to you as Lords of Creation to participate in welcoming new life, he said. At the same time, God is beckoning us to live lives as bright as the sun, as clear as a mountain stream, lives without any shadow, he said. A new period of grace is beginning when many people can join the generation of innocence and purity before the Fall of Man. He explained that a new era has started in which the good governance of God can easily digest the evil governance of Satan.

However, Father warned of possible dangers, too. He explained this using the metaphors of X's and O's whereby God is in the position of 0 and evil is in the position of X. If the internal world does not go the way of the Principle, there is a bigger X waiting to happen in the external world, he said.

"Citizens of Chung Il Guk, who have the true love of True Parents as I do, time is running out! Now is the time to establish a new heavenly law," Father said. Even the people sitting here now do not realize how they should be living for True Parents. The events of the coming three years will set the course for the following 1,000 years -- until Jan. 13, 3013 he said, adding that in this new era, God will not be held prisoner.

It will be an era of the Pacific-rim nations, and the earth will return to its original state. People no longer will be beyond the reach of heaven, so they must lead blameless lives. We must do this. Absolute sexual ethics will be essential. From now on, purity of lineage, and purity of sexual ethics will be all important, he said.

Father explained that this will lead to an era in which reconciliation and peace will come about through lineage, cross-cultural marriage and cross-racial marriage.

V/R Doug Burton 

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