The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

Korean Characters Are Based On The Shape Of The Human Face

Sun Myung Moon
September 19, 2009
East Garden
Hoon Dok Hae
Tossa Cromwell

As Hoon Dok Hae started at 5:00 am on Saturday morning, True Father asked Archbishop Ki Hoon Kim to count all the members in attendance. This was accomplished by counting the number of rows across and down and multiplying the two sums. An estimated 360 members were in the main Hoon Dok Hae hall, while an estimate of 300 members were in the next room and outside the main hall. True Father asked that papers with the numbers from 1 to 430 written on be prepared.

Without any reading, Father started speaking. He explained that the Explanation of the Divine Principle represents the formation stage, the Exposition of the Divine Principle the growth stage and the Original Divine Principle (Note: the actual Korean title for the Original Divine Principle, literally means "the Theory or Doctrine of the Pure Principle").

Father said that the "root" through which we breathe is at the central point on the top of our heads. He said that Eastern thought can be known through studying the Thousand-Character Text. Father also said that Heaven taught him fundamental truths. According to Father, Korean characters are based on the shape of the human face. Father said that perfection can never be attained through Western civilization. He said that individualism does not tell you how to relate properly with those above you, below you, to your left or to your right. Father said that Western people cannot keep a promise for longer than three years because they cannot endure longer.

Father talked about stepfathers and stepmothers. He asked, "How can there be love when you have been with 10 partners? How can there be affection?"

Father said that the root of the vertical ancestor is different than the root of the horizontal ancestor.

He said that there are many couples in the Unification Church in America but if True Father and True Mother are not around, it feels like there is no one there.

Father said that he is good at being a servant. He said that he has many friends, since God and nature itself is his friend.

Father said that he is the ancestor of the blood lineage.

Father said that American families are not harmonious. Instead, they fight with their mouths, with their eyes, with their noses, and with their hands and feet.

Father said that he will have to go to Moscow or China if he is kicked out of America.

Next, True Father asked a Japanese sister sitting in the front row to sing a song. After she sang, Father asked True Mother to sing, commenting that he had learned singing techniques from True Mother. After True Mother sang (a song about Korea that utilizes the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic), True Father sang, a song about flowers that grow on mountains. After he sang the song, he asked True Mother to sing the song with him and they stood and sang it.

At this point, Father asked if the papers numbered from 1 to 430 had been prepared. Archbishop Kim presented the papers to Father. Actually, 700-800 sheets of paper had been prepared, with the numbers 1 - 430 written on 430 of those papers, with the rest of the papers blank. Father asked two women representatives and two men representatives to hand out the papers to the members in attendance, but asked them not to look at the papers yet.

Father asked whether Rev. Kwak had come to Washington DC yet. Bishop Kim reported that Rev. Kwak couldn't come yet, but Rev. Hwang is coming in two days to oversee the rallies to be held all over America to promote True Father's autobiography for Korean Americans. Father said that the rallies must be held in 12 cities, with two events in each city representing Cain and Abel. He said that Korean men and women should attend the rallies to commemorate the publication of True Father's autobiography.

Father said that all Americans, Koreans and even people in smaller nations must all divide into 120 groups to go out to 120 nations. He said that this is to complete the return to the hometown nations.

Father said that we need to know -- the Four Books and the Three Classics (the Seven Chinese Classics).

Father said that there is nothing among his teachings that he has not practiced first himself.

Father said that heaven and earth were separated from the parents due to the fall.

Father said that absolute sex, the absolute ovum and the absolute sperm must become one with the absolute God.

Father asked everyone to open the papers they received. He said that only people with numbers on their papers should stay in the hall, and everyone else should go and wait outside. Then Father asked everyone to sit in the order of their number. The first row was people who had numbers of the form 20n + 1, for example, 1, 21, 41, 61, 81, up until 421. Each row of people to the back of the room was made into a team of 20 people. Then Father asked that people who had graduate degrees to come to the front of their lines. Those people were recorded. Then the people with college degrees were recorded. Father continued to speak:

He said that when a man cheats on his wife, he kills the 400 million sperm that come out of his body. He said that men who cheat will have problems. He also said that women have not been grateful for the sperm of men. If a woman seduces men and have many men give them sperm, there is no way for them to be forgiven. He added that God sacrificed a lot to save women. He also commented that there is no woman who can tempt Father.

He said that when someone sins in kindergarten, he must be forgiven in elementary school. If someone sins in elementary school, then she must be forgiven in middle school. If someone sins in middle school, he must be forgiven in high school. If someone sins in high school, he must be forgiven in college. If someone sins in college, he must be forgiven at the graduate school level. If someone sins at the graduate school level, she must be forgiven at the level of government minister. If someone sins as a government minister, he must be forgiven by the president. Father said that you can't just repent to God. You have to go through the eight stages.

Father said that if you pray at Chung Pyung, you can have your illnesses healed. Your bent back can become straight there.

He said that there is only one King of Kings: God. He said that we must attend God everywhere we go.

Father said that peace and love alone cannot bring unification. Unification can only come through the blood lineage.

Father said that America, China and Russia will thank Father.

Speaking about the title given to Hyo Jin Nim, Father said that he sent Hyo Jin Nim to the spirit world so that he could bring unity through fighting in Father's place.

Father mentioned that Rev. Jeong Eog Yu, who was present at Hoon Dok Hae this morning, is the Original Divine Principle lecturer.

Father mentioned that there will be a marriage ceremony and Olympics held on October 14.

Father said that he had held an event for the sake of the unity of South America and Spain.

Father said that he had originally trained Kwon Jin Nim to be the president of the United States. He said that Kwon Jin Nim might be appointed as a leader in the newspaper field.

The fifty states of America offered to create a statues of Rev. Moon but Father did not allow them to do so.

To end the event, Father asked all Western members to sing the Battle Hymn of the Republic, as they did yesterday. Then, Father asked Japanese members to sing the song they sang yesterday. Next, Father asked Korean members to sing Real Man. Finally, Father asked everyone to sing Urie Sowon-eun Tongil together.

On this day, important decisions were made regarding the Washington Times, but I will let those announcements be made through an official memo rather than including them in this report.

By Tossa Cromwell, Unification Church USA HQ staff 

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