The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

Western People Are Different From Eastern People

Sun Myung Moon
September 18, 2009
East Garden
Joshua Cotter

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

True Parents arrived at East Garden at about 1:30 AM on Friday morning, flying directly from Kodiak, Alaska. Father is keeping such an incredible schedule, giving so much devotion and blessing to America. Of course, today is September 18, the anniversary of the founding of the American Church (1968), the anniversary of the Madison Square Garden Rally (1974) and the 33rd anniversary of the Washington Monument Rally (1976).

At 5:00 AM about 400 brothers and sisters gathered at East Garden to share Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents. Father asked Won Ju McDevitt to read Father’s speech, “The Owner of Peace and the Owner of Lineage”, which he gave on July 7th during the 233rd anniversary of the founding of America.

Below are notes taken by Rev. Cotter on some of Father’s remarks during Hoon Dok Hae, as translated by Tossa Cromwell. These are unofficial notes

Western people are different from Eastern people. How can that be resolved? This is important. Don’t think of white or black or yellow as absolute; everything must be centered upon God.

Father has the ideology which no one else has. Within one week I can teach anyone the right way to go. Only Rev. Moon’s ideology will remain.

Can you become the owners of peace and lineage? Without blood lineage, no being can exist. Even insects and birds have blood lineage. Without father and mother nothing can be born. Babies are born through a father and mother. This is so important. Can you oppose Father’s teachings?

Even those in Yale, Harvard and Princeton can’t oppose. Sun Jin Nim is #1 among Ivy League graduates. Did you know that? This was in the newspapers. Koreans know about this; why don’t you?

Father’s teaching is a textbook for everyone. Free sex has nothing to do with God; it is a dirty thing. If there’s a woman that’s better than the woman you are married to, then you might want to be with her and follow her, but that has nothing to do with the Kingdom of Heaven.

Father is 90 years old now. He has been opposed and he has gone to prison. What did I do wrong in America to have to go to Danbury? Why did I have to go to prison in Japan? I had to go to prison in Korea. If I had gone to prison in the Soviet Union, then all humanity would have perished.

The KGB came and investigated Reverend Moon. I did not die even after this whole course.

How old is Father? Only 90! Do you think Father is still healthy now, or do you think I have to crawl around?

Who is the president of the Washington Times? Who is the original ancestor? When we first made the newspaper in America, who was the beginning point? It was me. If we talk about Washington Times, we cannot say anything without Reverend Moon. You should not think that the Washington Times can move apart from Father. At any time, I can disband the Washington Times and make a similar newspaper in China or Russia. It’s not crucial to have it in America. I can create a greater cultural world somewhere else.

Even in communist countries, people understand that communism will go away and Christianity will go away, leaving only Reverend Moon at the end.

Has the American government ever supported Reverend Moon financially? Has China or Russia ever supported Father financially? Has Neil Salonen brought America to where it is now? When Washington Times started, did Mr. Joo do it? Who did it? Did Michael Jenkins do it? He was working in machine industry and I paid for his factory debt to make him into a president of the church and it’s the same with Neil, right?

[Talking to Neil Salonen] What have you done that you can be proud of, that you can claim before Father?

Did the CIA help with making the Washington Times? Did George Bush help with making the Washington Times?

I feel sorry for God and sorry for Christianity when I think about the situation in America.

When I came yesterday, people knew that Rev. Moon was coming, but not even 20 people were here waiting for Father. If you knew that Father was coming here to East Garden, you should have been here to greet Father when Father came. If you have anything to say to me, you can say it.

I know Columbia University well. I know Yale University well. I know Harvard well. I know Princeton University well. The important central people of those universities have studied about Reverend Moon but people don’t know that. There are important people in Japan as well doing this.

We have to always keep God in our thoughts. You have to always think about God, Jesus and the saints. You don’t really know about the truth of the spirit world, right? It’s just dark to you, right?

Even if everything goes away overnight, even if I have a broadcasting company, then through that I can really move and impress many people of the world.

I created a new machine called Happy Health which is using electrical currents which had not been discovered in the scientific world before. People in the world do not know about that so much. American doctors use the teachings of thesis, antithesis and synthesis. They think you have to cut off what’s not good, but actually you can cure things through the Happy Health machine in a natural way. Is there anyone who can oppose the Happy Health machine?

I’m preparing to raise up many, many future presidents. Even if I’m opposed by people I will do it.

The newspaper company here -- Washington Times. Even if I get rid of the Washington Times, I can create a better newspaper company in Russia or China within six months. Even in America now, I know about 70% of the 200 main people in the media world. How could I know them? It’s because Heaven taught me and God taught me about them. Do you understand? We’re reading about Owner of Peace and Owner of Lineage.

Some people are just smiling and laughing. Do you think I’m not looking at you? If your mother and father and your ancestors who are not able to be here… some of them are in a coma state in the spirit world… I’m trying to save them but some people are just laughing about Hoon Dok Hae and not taking this seriously.

I know America better than anyone else. I’ve been opposed a lot by America so I know Americans well. I’ve been opposed a lot by Russian people so I know Russia better than anyone else, and it’s the same with China and Korea. Korean presidents are all having problems nowadays. Within the last 2-3 months, we had a lot of problems with presidents in Korea.

Through this textbook the whole world can be educated. With satellite technology in America anything is possible.

In the world of golf and baseball, Koreans are becoming number one.

If someone tries to say that I took advantage of American youth, that is a lie. Free sex has to go.

I’m connecting everything through these textbooks. Textbooks cannot be destroyed. You should listen to Father. You have come this far listening to Father, haven’t you? I know the world better than anyone else.

Whether you have convex or concave part, is it your own or is it public? You can’t sell you body to make money. Men, your organ is not your own. I explained many things in Kodiak; research what I said there.

Does anyone want to kick me out? Stand up; what have I done wrong to you? I’ve never done anything wrong with American women. I never even shook their hands!

Study my word. If I go to spirit world study again what I have taught you. You need textbooks. What has been established by God can guide history, from Kindergarten until the time we go to spirit world. I have made textbooks on all levels. No one else has done this. I have created an encyclopedia as well. We must bring all encyclopedias into one. 1/3 of what Father teaches is not known in the world.

You have made life difficult for Father. Did you want me to come here or not? Some didn’t want me to come. God has protected Father until now. God told me to go this way of the world have broken down.

It is three years and three months until January, 2013. through the Peace UN there will be one government and one constitution for the world.

In the media world Father has the greatest foundation. 2/3 of the top leaders will now become women. Harvard President, President of Germany, they are women. In Japan are the women smarter than the men? In Unification Church the women are smarter.

In America, through homosexuality and lesbianism people’s bodies are messed up. Will God want to touch any part of those bodies?

People were not here waiting for me when I came. Where is Dr. Yang? Salonen and McDevitt, you should have greeted me. You can’t just say “Sorry” in words. You should be willing to stay up all night to see Father. Who has been longing for Father? The Lord of the Second Coming, the King of Kings is the central figure of God. If you don’t greet him you cannot become heavenly people. I gave so much devotion coming here. No one knows spirit world better than Father.

The Washington Times people, are the board of directors here? Are the lawyers here? Only McDevitt? Father doesn’t know the board. Where is Tom Walsh? I worry whether to keep the Washington Times alive. The Washington Times has to take responsibility for people going to hell in America. I could have been guiding the Washington Times directly but I believed in Mr. Joo. McDevitt and Walsh, are you united?

Father has them hug each other.

I did not come here for the Washington Times; I came to the U.S. to build a Peace Army and Peace Police, not to solve the Washington Times problem. This is much more important than the Washington Times.

The Korean War was a holy war for God’s providence; but I am opposed for saying this. I did this for America; 233 years of America and it is still not taking the right direction.

Bring those that are causing the problems to me or I will go to them. Who is the founder of Unification Church? If you have been here over 20 years stand up! Maybe all of these who stood and are united with me should become board members of the Washington Times. McDevitt and Walsh, shake hands. Resolve all the problems yourself.

Father then asked Won Ju to sing a beautiful Korean song.

When I came out of Danbury I said that this song should become a holy song. Koreans, stand up and come up here. Most of them followed me here to America. I was opposed by Koreans; all your ancestors opposed me. You should set all 50 states in America on fire and then save the world. Set devotion more than Father; give everything to the American people.

Even though people forget, history won’t forget. Then Korea won’t die, it will save the world. Please be united.

The Korean members sang “Sana-e”; then Father invited the Japanese members to sing two songs, including “What do you think that Happiness is?” Finally Father invited all the American members to gather around him and we sang “Battle Hymn of the Republic”. Father was so happy and brought so much joy to us all, just embracing us and forgiving us.

He asked Bishop Kim to offer prayer to conclude and then Rev. Cotter led three cheers of Oak Mansei. Father departed the room at 8:00 AM. Everyone is invited to gather Saturday morning for Hoon Dok Hae at 5:00 AM with our True Parents. Please come!

Rev. Joshua Cotter 

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