The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

No One Can Replace Father

Sun Myung Moon
August 31, 2009
Las Vegas, NV

These are unofficial notes taken by Rev. Joshua Cotter from translation by Tossa Cromwell. Tossa’s translation was very limited, so much of what True Father said was not translated. We will attempt to obtain a more complete transcript of Father’s words.

No one can replace Father; there is only one lineage. We have to go beyond Pal Chung Shik (the 8 stages) and fulfill filial piety and loyalty. Without doing this we can't receive respect and establish the victorious realm of God. Don't follow with just words but follow substantially. You have to recognize whether you're going the right way or not; none of you understand this. True Children can't do it by themselves; they and we all need True Father.

I'm not here to meet with you; I'm here to attend God and establish Heaven's nation. This is the 21st Pal Chung Shik. What are you here to do? You are here to attend the nation and Father on that foundation. People do whatever they want. How can there be free sex? There will be a time when Father won't let you do what you want.

Have you become an Abel before God? Jesus passed 2,000 years ago. What does the 2nd Coming or True Parents mean? Externally True Parents look the same as others, but not internally. You need bones to have flesh. Confucius, Mohammed and Jesus were needed because of the Fall. There would be no Bible if not for the Fall.

194 nations must become one in the Abel realm. Who will do this? Archangels? No, Father will do it! Is the Washington Times or UPI yours? No. Where is the victorious nation and world? Did you make the Washington Times? Did you keep UPI strong? Why is Father in Las Vegas? Father will establish a system to build it all up again. Las Vegas is the place to build the center of information.

Cain and Abel must become one; you must establish this in your blessed central family. There is no place to stand in America. You must pray about this and know clearly. You cannot go home as you are now.

Father is ready to go the course and do what God needs even if no one gives him money or follows him. Do you understand what Father is saying? From Las Vegas Father will go to Hawaii and then to Korea.

If you can represent America, then please stand up and I will ask you questions. Can God's will be fulfilled without Father? You can't just hold onto Father's words.

In the future there will be no religion; Christianity, Confucianism, Buddhism, Islam, and all religion will disappear. The Queen of England, Obama, they don't know what needs to be done or where the world is going. Only True Parents know. Anyone who will not attend me should be kicked out of here.

In the book, Owner of Peace and Owner of Lineage do you have any place to stand? Can you be the owners of peace? Father still sheds many tears. Las Vegas will disappear in the future. We need to create a foundation to replace it. Those who agree, raise your hands. Those who oppose? Do you have the foundation to oppose Father? If Father appoints someone to lead the American Church, then they will.

We need to open the way to Heaven and the door to hell. In this year's motto it says, Parents of Heaven and Earth; without being related to them we have nothing. It also says, Cosmic Sabbath; without Parents' resting, there is no Sabbath. We should build a castle and make a bridge between heaven and earth.

If you give things to me do you think I will use them for myself? I will give everything to the world. You need to really be one with me not just with your words. Become one with Father and with lineage.. Father is in charge of educating overall; I will educate. You still have many things to learn about the 8 stages. Pal Jeong Shik refers to the individual age to the family to the universe level; without this foundation you can't stand representing True Parents. You should become greater than Father.

Don't say things behind my back; say it to my face. Father has had to rebuild so many things because of gossip and complaint. What you want, I have it. I can give you what you need. If you want to complain to Father then you don't understand him. Today become one with Father's wishes and his words.

Father is giving the answer you need. Think of how to have God live in you; become a temple of God. You should ask your own original mind about this. You need to find a place where you can stand with a united mind and body.

Today we are celebrating Pal Chung Shik and the Age of Heavenly Parentism and the ideology of true love. The vertical and horizontal providences should move together at this time.

When I read what I said 21 years ago and see how many things came true I think I have a special mind. We need to find the ending place, the core destination. It is where God is the King. Only God is the King of Kings. People who do not know the end destination go through life floating.

Father received his mission from Jesus at age 17. Why? No one can explain it. Father knew many things when he was born. He was able to predict things when he was 3 years old. When Father was 5, his grandfather said something and Father said, "You're wrong; if you don't follow my word an accident will happen." He heard God's voice and understood the world’s religions.

In your nation there is only one owner, which is God. Hananim is very revelational. It includes the word one; this is Principle. Truth is truth and can't be denied. To be an owner of peace you must be connected to lineage. There will be no need for step parents when the kingdom of heaven is here.

It is hard to deny Fathers words don't you think? As Unificationists do you love Father or just like Father? Have you made that love for Father part of your mind and body? It is not enough to say the words, I love you; your eyes should say, I love you Father.

Father knows so much and you can receive blessings by owning and reading Father's speeches. If you don't know Korean you will only be able to understand 30% of Father's words. The Korean language is also very revelational. You should use Father's words as textbooks. All you need is in these books. They are textbooks for your family for elementary school, middle school, high school, Masters and Doctoral degrees. When Father is not here his words will guide you.

Rev. Kwak, the 120 nations that every family has chosen: each national leader has a list. From now until October 14th, every family should go and visit their nation. Send an official memo. You should make preparations to move to your nation. Move with your whole tribe. Then all mankind will be able to go beyond national boundaries under True Parents. Those who are blessed after October 14th will pick up the remaining 72 nations and go there. You should go as new citizens of a new nation. All people will be united and the world will become one nation attending True Parents as a family. Everyone will receive Father’s teaching and ideology as textbooks to live by.

Father's autobiography will soon be published in English. All people will know Father's history. It can be used as a textbook in order to understand and feel Father more. We must bring all the people of the world into one family.

There are 3 years and 4 months until January 13, 2013. You must know Divine Principle and understand Father's life and his history.

Father's life is a peace life. Our Unification Movement is a peace movement. Getting people to read the autobiography connects them to the peace root. You should devote your energy and resources to help people read this book so that they can become peace builders.

Those who think of themselves first will perish at this time. Sons and descendants of the tribe need to go the right way so we can even open the gates of hell and love the unlovable. You should not complain but go the right way. Don't gossip or complain just go the right way. By 2013 we need a nation, we need One family Under God.

When you go to your nation (120) you will go as a soldier in the Peace Army not as a Unification Church missionary. Centering on True Parents you can help change the blood lineage. Father always worries about how to move the providence forward. The Peace Army will go all over the world to help and serve in disasters and other things.

You will become brothers and sisters centering on True Parents. This is a time of new beginnings. Everything will change. People worry in America about obesity while 1/5 of the world survives on less than a dollar a day. This is an age where good and evil are switching. Father cannot help so much anymore so you should be concerned and know that people are dying everyday and repent. You need to love God more than we love our spouses and our children. We are arrogant because of the Fall. As we go through these last 4 years let’s live and be crazy to do what needs to be done. A peaceful world is coming.

No one can do the work I'm doing here in America. When I think of America I cry as if I'm losing my own child. What do you want Father to do? Father is alone on this palace of heavenly harmony. Please read what Father said on July 7th: The Owner of Peace and the Owner of Lineage

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