The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

Fourteenth Visit to Las Vegas

Sun Myung Moon
August 31, 2009
Hoon Dok Hae
Las Vegas, NV
Unofficial notes and comments by Mike Lamson

Around 300 members gathered at Parents' house in Las Vegas to celebrate “The Day of the Settlement of the Eight Stages.” Father and Mother joined members at 7:00 am. They lit the celebration candles, cut the cake and offered bows. True Children and True Family offered bows, In Jin Nim, Kook Jin Nim an Hyung Jin Nim and some of there family members were present. After that members attending were asked to bow representing all Blessed Central Families. Hyung Jin Nim and his wife offered a representative prayer and Bishop Kim read Fathers prayer from August 31, 1989.

Father and Mother both looked really tired but the three True Children looked happy and excited.

Please remember when reading this small report that the translation was spotty as often Father spoke to low for the translators to hear. I am sorry that this report is lacking but felt blessed to be here and responsible to share.

Bishop Kim shared about the history of The Day of the Settlement of the Eight Stages on August 31 1989 and Parentship on Sept. 1, 1989. These two special days were shared today. The speeches Father gave on August 31 1989 and Sept. 1 1989 in Alaska are available online.

This was Father's 14th visit to Las Vegas. When Father comes to Las Vegas he often has Hoon Dok Hae at 3:00 am or other times.

King Garden in Hawaii and Parents house in Las Vegas are places where many providential things have developed.

Father started talking while Bishop Kim was reading the speech from August 31 1989.


(Father looked sad) There is only one lineage. Only Father can lead the change of lineage. Some people today think they can but they cannot.

You need to really know how scary the 8 stages are. You need to go beyond the 8 stages.

We need to work with God to establish the heavenly realm.

Many of you only follow with words but you need to follow substantially. You are not going the right way and you do not understand Father. What are you doing?

The True Children cannot do it by themselves they need True Father. What have we done in the last 40 years? I am not here to meet you, I am here to attend God and establish a nation.

The wealth we have now is not ours or God's but Satan's. What are we here to do? Do you have a nation? People are doing whatever they want to do in the world. This is a time when you should not just do whatever we want to do.

You need to understand what the Second Coming means, what True Parents mean.

Free sex and individualism should not exist at this time. Religion is only needed because of the Fall, the Bible is only needed because humanity fell.

We have 194 nations which should be like One Family Under God. Will the Archangel make them one?

Because of mistakes and disunity American people will have to shed blood. (It was later explained that because some leaders and members are united against Parents directions a condition needs to be set to restore the disunity and that it will be a condition where blood will be shed -- Father was almost in tears at this point.)

Things will be judged by God.

We need to have a nation. This will not be a Kwak or a Joo nation, it will be Gods nation.

Why did Hyun Jin not come? We cannot decide on our own not to attend Parents when they were called. (It was clarified later that some leaders were asked to come to meet Father but refused, I think this is breaking Father's heart)

Why is Father here in Las Vegas? Father is establishing a system where he can build up everything again in Las Vegas. We should pray and ask God if what Father is saying is true or not.

You can not just go home and stay the way you are. From South Point (The hotel where members are staying today) where will you go? Father is ready to go the course and do what God needs even if no one gives him money or follows him. Do you understand what Father is saying? Father will travel to Hawaii and the go to Korea after this.

At this time God’s will cannot be fulfilled without Father. You cannot just stand holding Fathers words.

Hyun Jin Nim's family cannot become the central family. (Hyun Jin Nim is still having difficulties with Father's directions and some leaders are supporting him and his disunity with Parents) Father is clear that the role Hyun Jin Nim wants is not possible.

Religions will disappear. Are there step parents in the Bible? You need to be correct -- no free sex.

Leaders of the world do not know where the world is going.

Anyone who cannot attend True Parents should move on. Do you have a foundation to oppose Father? In the book Owners of Peace and Owners of Lineage do you have anywhere to stand? I have shed so many tears.

Las Vegas will disappear in the future and we need to replace it with something.

Today you need to make the decision to unite with Parents and with the directions and appointments they make in America. Father will appoint people who understand him.

In our motto for 2009 we talk about the Parents of Heaven and Earth. How can there be a Sabbath if Parents cannot rest?

All we should be Gods, our ears, hands… Only what Father is saying will remain.

If you give things to me do you think I will use them for myself? I will give everything to the world. You need to really be with me not just with your words. I am the educator and I will educate. You still have many things to learn about the 8 Stages. You should become bigger and better than Parents.

You should never talk behind Fathers back. Father has had to rebuild so many things because of gossip and complaints. You should not complain. If you have an issue be public. If we really understood lineage and the Second Coming we would not complain. Unity is the key.

Today you should be one with Father's wishes and words. You should ask your own original mind about this. You need to find a place where you can stand with a united mind and body. You need to think about how God can live in you. How can you become a temple for God to dwell in?

The vertical and horizontal providences should move together at this time.

Rev. Hwang, can you lead America? Rev. Joo can you lead America? If you have confidence raise your left hand if not raise your right hand.

If Father goes into a coma and dies who will lead America? I don't see anyone. (Father looked really sad and alone when he shared this.)

You should change 180 degrees starting today.

We need to be happy and healthy. (Father shared about Happy Health and Happy World but I could not follow what he was saying, he was animated and happy though.) Because I am healthy even 40 year old women find me attractive I think. You should be healthy.

When I read what I said 21 years ago and see how much things came true I think I have a special mind. We need to find the ending place, the core destination. It is where God is the King. Only God is the King of Kings. People who do not know the end destination go through life floating.

The Korean language understands the 8 Stages and internal and external.

Father knew many things when he was born. He heard God and understood the world's religions.

To understand the universe we need to understand things like temperature, humidity and speed.

I understand the ages and the stages but the greatest thing I understand is love.

(Father used his hands for counting in an interesting way while talking about numbers like he did in NY on July 4th but I was totally lost during this.)

(Father shared about the time when Jesus gave Father his mission and how he was able to predict things when he was three years old. The translation was hard to catch so I missed a lot, the Korean members were laughing and father was happy.)

I am scared sometimes when I say things because they come true. Truth however is truth and it cannot be denied.

Where is the ideal hometown? Where is that ending place that core destination? Don’t you think we need to know this?

(Father talked about why certain animals were used in sacrifices. The dove, heifer… I could not follow this part due to translation)

I am in Las Vegas to help thieves repent.

To be an owner of peace you must be connected to lineage. There will be no need for step parents when the kingdom of heaven is here.

Sodom and Gomorrah disappeared because they could not repent. Lucifer came out of the Heavenly Parent so he cannot have ownership.

It is hard to deny Fathers words don’t you think? As Unificationists do you love Father or just like Father? Have you made that love for Father part of your mind and body? It is not enough to say the words, "I Love You," your eyes should say "I Love You Father."

Father knows so much and you can receive blessings by owning and reading Father's speeches. If you don’t know Korean you will only be able to understand 30% of Father's words. The Korean language is very revelational. You should use Father's words as text books. All you need is in these books. When Father is not here his words will guide you.

In my life I have been treated like a dog many times.

Through the 8 Stages we can stand on equal and level ground.

(One sister sang a beautiful song about being together with God on top of a blue mountain. Father sang along and was very happy.)

Families should start planning to move to 120 nations. (It seemed like Father was talking to the Koreans so let's wait for a memo before packing up.) In Korea, families should go to 120 nations before Oct. 14, 2009.

All humanity will be able to move beyond color, culture and… through this condition.

New members that join will be assigned the remaining 74 nations. Up until now American citizenship was important but now you should consider becoming citizens of your new (120 Lottery) nations.

We should live by father's words and teachings.

Father's autobiography will become another text book like Cheon Seong Gyeong and Gateway. We need to bring all families of the world into One Family Under God. This is not about America but about the whole world. This is your time.

Father asked Dr. Yang to share Father's life with us so he started sharing. (I did not take notes at this time)

There are three years and four months until 2013.

(Father asked Peter Kim to report about Korea. I did not take notes but one thing stood out for me: In Korea we are not focused on secular power or recognition but on supporting Parents and building the Heavenly Palace).

Father starts to talk again:

Father's life is a peace life. Our Unification Movement is a peace movement. Getting people to read the autobiography connects them to the peace root. You should devote your energy and resources to help people read this book so that they can become peace builders.

Those who think of themselves first will perish at this time. Sons and descendants of the tribe need to go the right way so we can even open the gates of hell and love the unlovable

You should not complain but go the right way. Don’t gossip or complain just go the right way. By 2013 we need a nation, we need One Family Under God.

When you go to your nation (120) you will go as a soldier in the Peace Army not as a Unification Church missionary. Centering on True Parents you can help change the blood lineage. Father always worries about how to move the providence forward. The Peace Army will go all over the world to help and serve in disasters and other things.

You will become brothers and sisters centering on True Parents. This is a time of new beginnings. Everything will change. People worry in America about obesity while 1/5 of the world survives on less than a dollar a day. This is an age where good and evil are switching. Father cannot help so much anymore so you should be concerned and know that people are dying everyday and repent. You need to love God more than we love our spouses and our children. We are arrogant because of the Fall.

As we go through these last four years let's live and be crazy to do what needs to be done. A peaceful world is coming.

(Father asked the Japanese members to stand. There were 116 Japanese members present, translation was difficult because Father would talk low and sometimes in Japanese:)

Japan was an enemy of Korea. What do you think will happen if you are not following Father? Japan will not be able to destroy the Unification Church in Japan.

American, Japanese and Korean members need to go to their new nations (120). Do you understand?

Father cannot be kicked out of the movement. The people who oppose Father will be restored by this 120 nation condition. We should go over the 7th and 8th stages. three generations should go together to their nation (120). Through this we will become brothers and sisters beyond family ties.

(Father made some leadership changes and asked leaders to leave 1/3 of their wealth behind. I did not hear who the leaders were but the 1/3 of wealth of course caught my attention)

We are here to celebrate a special day. Did you come to eat and play casino? I come to Las Vegas to change it to a heavenly place. I go to the casino but I have never touched a card. We need a place centered on God.

I have done nothing wrong but people view me as a bad man. The Japanese newspapers say I am a bad man everyday. Why do you want to live in that nation? Father asked the Japanese members if they still liked him because he had to say strong things.

If Father goes to spirit world he can finish everything in one week. Bishop Kim and Dr. Yang do you understand?

(Father asked Wonju McDevitt to sing two songs. Father sang along and was happy.)

Everything I have accomplished was difficult and it required that I suffer a lot. Only I have the key and only I can do it. No one is here yet that can take over my mission. I am looking but so far I do not see anyone. When I think about America I become even sadder than when I lose a spouse or a child. There is nothing that I cannot do but it is still very hard. Father is alone. Alone in a place of heavenly harmony. What do you want father to do? This is a day when I speak as the owner of Peace and Lineage.

(Father asks Wonju to read Owner of Peace and Owner of Lineage)

Some people think that men are better than women or that women are better than men but both have the same value to God. Your whole life can be happy when convex and concave meet.

I cannot take money or gifts from someone who gives it with directions on what it should be used for.

(Father calls Mother to sing)

(Mother sings a beautiful song holding Father's hand. They both look so happy. Father takes Mother's hand and walks with her through the room while singing. Father wanted to get close to members and members were very happy)

My 2 cents worth

Father talked from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. In all the years of attendance to Parents I have never experienced Father like today. He was pouring out his heart to us, giving so much love. He was vulnerable and open. He allowed us to see a human side that has often been hidden. When he shared about God's suffering you could feel and see his suffering, when he shared about God's loneliness you could experience it. How one person can live with such a burden and not fall apart, I don't know. I love Father now more than ever before and pray that we as Blessed Central Families can come to understand the amazing sacrifices our True Parents have made so that God could have a footprint on earth..

As Father is getting older there are leaders and members that feel he should step down, that he does not have the capacity to take our movement forward. There are leaders and members that do not agree with Father's direction that True Children start taking leadership roles in the movement. This is only a small number of people but I can imagine how much this hurts Father after all he has given.

Father shared today that even if no one follows him, even if no one supports him financially, he will continue to invest himself in the course that the Heavenly Parent has set for him. When he shared this my heart was broken. My heart which I keep protected from the emotional ups and downs of the world was touched to such a depth, it was like being turned on from the inside.

It was obvious through Father's sharing that Hyun Jin Nim is having trouble uniting with Parents' direction and that some leaders and members are supporting this disunity. I personally believe that God can only work with us through our unity. Even if Father is getting older and we have a better idea our offering and idea cannot and should not be forced on Parents. I believe that the road we take now should offer Father our absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience. This is the path which will allow us to move together as a movement and the path that will allow God to inspire and intervene where we are lacking.

True love means to be willing to die again and again for those you love. Father has died many times for us and I believe he loves all of us to the point where he is willing to die many more times. I pray that this love will provide us with the power we need to unite and move forward with Parents as they lead us to 2013.

Father shared about the difficulties we will face if we allow ourselves to fall down into the realm of rumor and gossip. I pray that we can take the high road and turn our complaints into constructive suggestions offered in the open, in the light where God can use them to plant seeds of hope and growth.

From my experience today I will work harder and pray harder. Father has made it clear that he is in charge and that he is still the one that God is working through. He made it clear that he will be leading the American movement through the people he has appointed. I will give him my heart and I pray that we can all stand with him as we complete this four years approaching Cheon Il Guk.

I don’t feel worthy to send out these notes because Father shared so much more than I could catch and I am dealing with my own devils at this time. Please pray and use this offering to connect to God and True Parents. I wish all members could have been here in Las Vegas.

Michael Lamson 

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