The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

True Father, Who Carries The Seed And DNA Of Life

Sun Myung Moon
August 30, 2009
Cheon Hwa Goong

This is an unofficial translation from the FFWPU Korean website.

Today's Hoon Dok Hae was held in Cheon Hwa Goong with Korean core providential leaders who came in response to True Parents' call. As soon as True Parents walked into the hall where Hoon Dok Hae was held, Father spoke standing while holding Mother's hand. Below is the summary of his guidance.

True Father, who carries the seed and DNA of life he received from his Father, who has no connection whatsoever to the fallen lineage, is the center. We must establish order centering on True Father. Liberation of God and liberation of True Parents will unfold centering on the Peace Army of the Age of the Parent UN.

The Chinese character of Moon symbolizes an altar.

Moxa cautery, which receives energy from the land, complements electrotherapy. As we welcome the arrival of the age of dispatching to 120 nations, blessed families should witness to their families and relatives first.

I have now made all the textbooks. You must go forward centering on these textbooks. You don't need leaders or guides. Textbooks are the center. You must know that Father teaches not only the human world but the animal world as well.

You should not try to raise your own name. Instead of thinking how to become famous, you must know how important it is to engraft yourself to the central root, and work to do so.

You must not do things your own way but rather follow the will and the commands of Father.

Now is the time of improvement. I've taught you everything so you must walk the path of the heaven.

You should not speak decisively in front of True Parents. You can only take decisive action after consulting with True Parents.

How devoted have you been to promote True Father's autobiography? Tomorrow's 21st Pal Jeong Shik ceremony contains exceptional meaning. You must embrace it with sincerity.

After speaking seriously for an hour and a half, until 6:30 am, while standing, True Father finally received kyung-bae and started Hook Dok Hae. For Hoon Dok Hae, Mrs. Wonju McDevitt read Father's autobiography.

At 7:30 am, Father spoke about the need of developing to a greater and greater level every day through his speeches, and then ended Hoon Dok Hae.

At the breakfast table where True Parents were present, there was a report about change and hope being brought to all of America through In Jin Nim's work at Lovin' Life Ministries in Manhattan, and her management of the New Yorker Hotel and the 43rd St. Building 

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