The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

There Is Only One Providential Life-Course That True Parents Must Walk

Sun Myung Moon
August 24 2009
Cheon Jeong Gung
Original Korean source provided by FFWPU Korea
Translated by Daniel Elder
Edited by Tossa Cromwell.

30 members from Daegu and northern Kyung Sang province gathered in the third floor Hoon Dok Hall in the Cheon Jung Goong to have Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents.

Father gave a direction to Mrs. Wonju McDevitt to read Rally for the Settlement of a World of True Peace and the True Parent UN. Father gave us precious teachings in between and after the readings.

The process of correcting what is wrong through pure reason is not always available throughout the course of human history. It's only available during this one time period in history. There's only the one providential life-course that True Parents must walk. However, it's not over yet. Father's life periods of youth, adolescence, middle-age, and senior-age, when seen from the viewpoint of the textbook of providential history and the providential perspective of history were courses that even God could not walk. That was so because this world had been against the natural order.

After Hoon Dok Hae, Dr. Son Dae Oh gave a report and during the report, Father gave us his teaching.

After I come back from America this time, the age of responsibility, in which we must unite all the nations of the world whose people share the Mongol Mark and make them brotherly allies of Korea, will commence. Only then will the UN be weaved with the world into the foundation upon which it can surpass the Soviet Union and the Chinese people.

Centering on the soccer association and the ceremonial rally of uniting South America and Europe, America must quickly become the country that leads this. This is the first preparatory rally that will connect the celebratory rally centering on the blessing and the Olympics which will start on Oct. 14. The second rally will be held next year. And this is the D-day commemorative program that must be held in that year.

A sports Festival of great victory must be accomplished as the whole world moves and as the heaven and earth cooperate with each other. Do you understand?

When we educated American Unification Church leaders, we mainly studied Mother's course from Father's autobiography. During a fifteen-minute Hoon Dok Hae reading, we educated them concerning Mother's growth period and the period in which she met Father. These were short periods in history but they became the topic for Hoon Dok Hae that day to open a path for women to serve their nation.

The Age Before the Coming of Heaven becomes the Age After the Coming of Heaven without you realizing it, in the span of one second. If you cant understand this, this age may pass you by.

You must not become someone who loses his place in history.

After the report, Dr. Son sang and after his song, Father gave more teachings.

There must be five positions centering on the four vertical pillars of the heaven. There must be east, west, south, and north centering on the Four Position Foundation and there must be center. God descends between here, and with the reciprocal relationship, they stand in 90 degrees angle.

Where did we have the Pal Jung Shik rally? It was in Kodiak. It's on the boundary of Soviet Union and America. The vertical and horizontal eight stages used to lack form. However, we now have a spherical form based on the establishment of the eight stages of individual age, family age, clan age, people age, nation age, world age, and cosmos age. On this foundation, we can hold the Settlement Rally for the North, South, East and West Round-Ball Peace Cup Cain-Abel Cosmic Federation Contest.

Before he left the room, Father gave us more teachings.

I don't know when I would see you all again. I hope you will become precious husbands and wives, and filial sons and daughters in your families, owners who will continue your family's light. Father's thinking of going somewhere far away so please set lots of good conditions.

The 80 million people [of Korea] will be divided and sent to 120 nations. No one will know to which country he will go. As you did not know who would be your spouse at the Blessing, you cannot say which country your family will go to. It might be a nation you've never been to before. From each nation, we will bring the world together, uniting everyone on earth and in heaven. This can only be accomplished on the foundation that overcomes race and nationality and transcends religions and ideologies.

The central land in the homeland where we can live forever with God, where True Parents' True Love ideal is assembled, is Jeongju. Jeongju is the land of origin. 

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