The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

True Love Is The Source of Eternal Power

Sun Myung Moon
August 16, 2009
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Peace Palace

The [Won-gu Peace Cup] tournament ended yesterday, August 15, a day that is a historic turning point in our history. It is a very important day, and henceforth the "East, West, South, North Won-gu Peace Cup" will be a turning point for the world. That is an amazing fact.

God's word has been expressed in such textbooks as Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong. You need this textbook. This textbook will last for all eternity and can be used even when I'm not here. No one in the future should be unaware of books of this type. Only those who are well versed in them can enter the kingdom of heaven; those who do not know about them cannot. This is such a serious matter!

This textbook contains everything that Heaven has rectified; there is nothing more you need to ask about history and no answer that you cannot find. This is more fundamental than the constitution by which a nation is governed, so unless you stand on this foundation of understanding, you cannot form a relationship with the kingdom of heaven as a whole. What's in this book is very serious.

That is why you need to inherit this textbook from your parents. Just as True Parents made this for you and passed it on to the world's nations, you need to become one with this textbook and educate your children accordingly. This is not a text that is just to be used temporarily.

Where have you come from today? [MC: "These are employees of providential organizations and businesses."] So you are the central figures of the Unification Church from the providential organizations and businesses. Only a few people can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You have thus far failed to fulfill this tremendous task. What would happen if I were to go to the spirit world just like that? If I had not made a textbook, it would be a serious problem. Therefore, having reached ninety, I need to continue on to the age of a hundred and four. This work will be finished when I am ninety-two years old. Therefore, I must reach a hundred and four.

There will be no national boundaries. National boundaries will disappear, from right here. So what's this Won-gu? [It is the East, West, South, North Won-gu Peace Cup Cain -- Abel Cosmic Harmony Tournament.] It is the East, West, South, North Won-gu Peace Cup. East, West, South, North, means people should be drawn together from all directions....

When you consider the mind and the body, the body knows what the mind does, and vice versa. There is nothing they don't know. Your inner mind knows everything you do in your lifetime. You cannot deceive it. You need to become one with it. If you don't achieve that unity, you will disappear as if your metabolism had stopped functioning. Goodness can only reside where the two are united; it cannot exist with only one or the other.

That is why human beings have a dual structure. The mind connects vertically to the original nature, and the body connects horizontally to it. You are made of spirit and body. How can you exist and move about without knowing these fundamentals? Can motion occur just like that?

What is astonishing about Confucian theology? What does it say about going the right way? "To be righteous and go the right way is the heavenly course that should be followed; justice, decorum and wisdom are qualities human beings need." Confucianism says people should be just, proper and wise, but they aren't always. The correct and righteous way, which people should follow as the heavenly way, and the justice, appropriateness and wisdom that human beings should pursue have not become one inside and out. In other words, the principles of heavenly law and the principles guiding humankind should be one, but they have yet to unite; rather, they are in conflict.

Do your mind and body fight, or not? The fact that they are in conflict is a big problem. Why do they fight? The cause of their fighting lies in their coming from two sources. When they fight, they become distinctly two, and two that are in conflict are bound to disappear in the end. If the two unite, the world that impedes them from growing will disappear. Otherwise, it is the same as being dead. Achieving this is being alive and being connected to everything. Because God created the entire universe, even a lock of hair on your head is like one of God's cells, so it connects to the universe. There is nothing God cannot connect to.

From a very young age, I talked with all creation. The things of creation taught me everything. I can hear them. How could I not perish despite all the opposition from the vast world but instead make a textbook the reading of which can bring all people to submit to me of their own free will? They cannot help yielding to the authority of this textbook. Unification should be brought about naturally.

All it takes is to teach people based on this textbook for thirteen years, a year of kindergarten, six years of elementary school and six years of middle and high school. In thirteen years, they will know everything....

My grandfather was a prophet working on the global level. But when I asked him about it he could not explain it. When I was a child, my grandfather told me my fortune, but when I asked him, "How will this turn out like this?" he could not answer. He would say, "I know it is going to be like this, but how do I know?"

This book is the masterpiece to end all masterpieces. It is very fearsome content. It does not contain untruths. Neither college graduates, Ph.D. holders, UN ambassadors, nor even the United States president could refute it...

The cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth is related to absolute sexual ethics. Within absolute sexual ethics is a sexual principle based on the father's love, and a sexual principle based on the mother's life. You don't know this, because it is all rather vague. Then, what are concave and convex? The sperm of the father and the ovum of the mother are two separate things. The essence of the universe is nothing other than the reproductive organs. Through them, God's people can be born; and then they can be raised, and the nation and the world developing from the roots and buds of the life-and-death realm can be established.

Where does this all come from? Where is the ultimate root? God is a neutral being with dual characteristics; in terms of character, He is clearly the male subject. Man and woman, concave and convex, are separate. Not every couple can give birth just because they are concave and convex. Unless the sperm and the ovum come together, a couple cannot have children, they cannot produce a boy, or a girl.

What allows a woman to give birth to a boy? It's a mystery. A man cannot give birth to a girl. So how is it that a woman can give birth to a boy? What makes it possible? It's not a matter of having sexual organs. It's a matter of having true love...

When your mind and body are in conflict, the basis on which heaven and earth can harmonize and come together is destroyed. How can we unite body and mind? Until now, no saint or sage has ever been able to say so much about this.

The Unification Church must teach the basis on which body and mind can unite. If one can't achieve that, he cannot know God. How can he know God if God doesn't have a family? Only when God has a family and only when He becomes the master of that family can He become the master of a tribe, a people, a nation, the world and cosmos [all of heaven and earth].

Why do we need a family? As a king, God needs a queen, and the existence of that horizontal relationship implies that a vertical aspect is needed, the father -- son relationship. The bottom line is that original true parents, that is, Adam and Eve, are necessary. Original means not having fallen. Adam and Eve were to have been the original king and queen of peace.

The question is whether it would have been enough to have only Adam and Eve. The two did not keep to the vertical standard. Then what should have been done in order for them to be aligned with the vertical standard? For the parents to reach a higher position there should be sons and daughters who can serve as their foundation. There is a relationship of subject and object partners between parents and children. Who are the king and queen that set up the original Peace Cup? They are our ancestors, the "Adam" and "Eve" who can be the king and queen who have not fallen.

Why should they be the king and queen? Since they are at the top, they need to send their roots downward, but the king and queen cannot just put down roots. Only when they have children do the king and queen put down roots. Without children, parents could not exist. Heaven and earth would disappear, the planet Earth would disappear, and God Himself would disappear; in short, everything would disappear.

It is true love, a mother and father's true love, that made everything...

There can only be the one center in the entire universe. That is absolute. There is only one bloodline, one origin of love, one starting point of justice, and one righteous standard for everything ideologically, but no one knows what the core of that standard could be. It is the standard of true love.

What is true love? If God, Adam and Eve were united spiritually and physically, their bodies would automatically know what God is thinking. No explanations would be necessary. The body would follow automatically. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have automatically completed the purpose that human beings of the original mold were made to fill. Because they fell, they abandoned that purpose.

What can reverse this? If love was turned around the wrong way, it can be turned back again, so what is the problem? The problem is that the bloodline was inverted; the bloodline that should have belonged to God instead became Satan's, the Devil's bloodline. You don't know how fearsome the bloodline is. Western people do not understand bloodlines.

These people, what do they do when True Parents establish the logic whereby the family is shown to be the fundamental base of the structure of heaven and earth? Because they only understand superficially, they think that all it takes is for a man and a woman to unite wherever they are. They say "We're fine because we are having fun and are living in peace," but far from it! They will break up when lightning strikes if they are not united. Do you understand that?

The motivating force that gives birth to eternal energy is true love! False love is divided like the four seasons, but true love makes relationships by connecting the four seasons through its root and buds. So the unified world governed by that principle of motion is inevitably the world of the extended family of the one lineage connected to the one bud, one stem, and one root.

Because of Satan, there are now two bloodlines, divided from each other. That's how it is now. We haven't known how goodness and evil could be united. So I have made a textbook as the ideological, reasonable solution. Once you have mastered this textbook, everything will be resolved....

When you listen to what I say, you should realize that I am not someone you can treat casually. I am a man who has lived fully understanding the roots of history. What wrongs have I committed that I have had to go to prison six times in my life? No matter how much you think about it, you can't imagine that being possible. Neither paradoxical reasoning nor force can bring me to submission.

My autobiography has finally been published. At this time, I must reveal what the actual truth is. In order to reveal it, I need to create a textbook, which everyone in heaven and on earth should read and agree with. If I do not produce such a textbook, the Last Days cannot come. So I have finished that task.

No matter who someone is, if his body and mind are in conflict, he cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. I cannot take him there. My body and mind are not in conflict. This textbook provides the solution. If the body and mind are in conflict and that conflict cannot be ended, what will happen? Because goodness and evil are different, there can be no world of peace until the two sides make a connection. One person would automatically have to die and be gone.

But someone who has committed suicide does not have a place to go to in the next world. He or she has to go to the bottom most place. You too, at one time or another, may have felt that life in this world was too burdensome and that you would rather die. Even I have dealt with such thoughts.

Rather than living a tedious life, committing sins until the time when you die of old age, would you think it is perhaps better to die while you are in the prime of life? But that would be the same as a fig tree that lets its flowers fall before they have opened so that they cannot be eaten by aphids.

The person that has thus failed to bear fruit will exist in sheer misery and solitude in the next world. Those who have committed suicide do not have any identity in the spirit world. Because I knew this, no matter how many times I was imprisoned or tortured, what did I do? Unless I was unavoidably beaten to death, what purpose would my death serve? It would have been a serious matter if I had died! The serious question is how can hell be closed down.

I have stated my views on the way to solve fundamental problems in life and have actually solved them. The story of the ninety years of my turbulent life, lived for the sake of all humanity, represents God's heart to restore His lost children.

That is why throughout my life I have known that the work to liberate God will not be achieved unless I do it. Because I understood that, it is that which I could not help crying about when my flesh and bones were worn away and even my bone marrow melted. Therefore, no one can arrogantly come to me, with a self-important attitude, and boast about himself. Yet there are Ambassadors for Peace who ask why I don't want to meet with them...

The Unification Church must weave its history based on the proper tradition. The course of the providence and the course of humankind must be in alignment. They must be woven together. I have made this textbook, which is reasonable and logical, and given that the substantial realm I have sought has not been established based on what's in this textbook, I need to finish that work before I die.

My mother was one of the Yeonan Kims, a branch of the Gyeongju Kims. That is why she acted with a sense of authority. When you visited the home she grew up in, you could see her clan's history and traditions. People who went into the room where the ancestors were enshrined saw that it was full of clothes distinctive of government ministers. They would say, "Oh, it's a very prominent clan!" I mention these things even though I don't need to.

I have never told anyone about her last words to me, her final words that she bid me to keep to myself. Actually, there were spiritual phenomena, which she saw with her own eyes. She saw mountains and the sea, and these looked like the mountains and the sea that surrounded us. So she thought the vision was actual, but it wasn't.

Mother said to me, "You must not talk about this matter casually. The beloved children born in this family will not be able to live, then." She bid me keep the secret. What she told me contained the truth of both worlds. She said she saw a vision during the day and that I was not to speak of it to others as something that had actually happened.

I have never talked about the final words my mother said to me until now In those last words she said, "You follow this path!" and I have based my life on those words until now.

Whether I was in prison or anywhere else, it was up to me to reveal the truth. Now that I have made this textbook, what will happen when I go to the next world? No one else can become the owner of this land. Try using this textbook to teach students in middle school and high school. They will all turn their lives around.

You left your homes to follow me even though you had heard only Explanation of the Divine Principle and Exposition of the Divine Principle, so what will happen when people experience the taste of substantial reality? Once you experience the taste of honey your tongue tries to follow it down in the effort to savor it, and your innards dance about. What would the people who have experienced the substantial reality be like? When a honeybee is tasting honey, it does not let go even if the lower half of its body is pulled away.

Do you know how addictive God's love is? Men and women who cohabit believe that Satan's love, love's sediment, is the best, but that's nothing by comparison. ...

Cheon Seong Gyeong also contains facts about the spirit world, doesn't it? Even in this other small booklet here, you can read about the actual situation in the spirit world. This is the final textbook to be published on the reality of the spirit world. It is a textbook. As long as there are such textbooks, your ancestors who lived on earth a hundred, or a thousand, years ago will come and teach you. Those of your ancestors who believe in the Unification Church will appear to you, hang on to you, forcing you to stay put, and they will teach you about it.

Your parents should do that. If you love your children, you should teach them this way of life, even if it means you have to fast for forty days. Only those who can earnestly teach this to their children, on behalf of God and True Parents, can enter the kingdom of heaven...

Published expressions of the Principle include Explanation of the Divine Principle and Exposition of the Divine Principle, and the "Substantial Divine Principle." We are talking about it nowadays, and everyone needs to be educated in it once again. On October 14, even those who have received the blessing must come with seven generations of their ancestors as well as their relatives up to sixteen degrees away, and receive the blessing once again in front of True Parents. Only then can their clan enter the Kingdom of God. At that time I will test you. Someone may claim, "I am an Ambassador for Peace; why doesn't Rev. Moon ever meet people like us? I want to meet him alone!" But I will not meet such people. Even if I were to meet them, I would have absolutely nothing to say to them. That would be embarrassing, so why should I meet them? It would be better not to...

If you give these books to the CEOs of companies in Las Vegas, they will come looking for me all through the night. The content is that good. Anyone who has reached a position where he is at least using 50 percent of his abilities will fall in love with this book. He will fall in love with it.

Kwak Chung-hwan! How many Kwaks are there? [There are 180,000.] You need to give this book to all 180,000 families. Even if you have to sell everything you have to do that; you need to buy all of them all these books -- Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong, True Family: Gateway to Heaven and Divine Principle.

What good would it do you to hold on to your wealth? This book is worth millions of won and would qualify as the main exhibit in a museum of items that should be left to generations of your descendants. After you go to the spirit world, see whether it is true or not. Please, after you die, go to see what kind of a spirit world people who have mastered the content of this book go to, and whether I have taught you lies. I do not lie. I have nothing to be ashamed of. 

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