The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

Heaven And Earth Have Been Engaged In Cain-Abel Relationships

Sun Myung Moon
August 13, 2009

This is an unofficial translation from the FFWPU Korean website.

True Parents held Hoon Dok Hae in the Hoon Dok Hall on the third floor of the Cheon Jeong Gung early in the morning on August 13, 2009. 110 people attended, including key executives of church organizations and corporations, and pastors and members from the Northern Seoul Church District, including the district director, Rev. Yang Heo.

True Father's Speech

Where are you from? (Northern Seoul, Father) Are people from northern Seoul good or bad? Which area is better in Seoul, the north or the south? If we were to turn the globe so that Korea was at the North Pole, then where would the South Pole be? Yoon Jung Ro, didn't you take charge of education in that country? Where was it? Brazil? Uruguay? Paraguay? Which of those countries would correspond to the South Pole? Buy a world map that places Korea at the center and put it on the wall in this room.

As we search for the origin of history, we will find that the history of the Providence of Restoration has always been woven with relationships between the internal and external camps, representing Cain and Abel. Heaven and earth have been engaged in Cain-Abel relationships, and men and women have as well. Unless they can all become one, we can never get to where we need to go. Everything is divided. Men and women must unite to establish ideal families. They are all divided. You can find Cain and Abel relationships within the Cain-type world and within the Abel-type world. Therefore, Cain in the Abel-type world and Abel in the Cain-type world must become one. After they unite, they can hit Cain in the Cain-type world. Through this, Cain-Abel conflicts can be resolved.

This is how historical turning points came about between good and evil. This occurs through the work of the original mind. The original mind is the same within each person.

(True Father opened up his hand and spoke while counting all the joints of his fingers:) Look, from here, one two, three, four…seven, right? It is circulating. Seven is heaven's number. Next, start from here, the same as before, one two three four…seven eight nine! What is seven times nine? (Sixty-three!!) It is sixty-three years since Korea's liberation. Everything has to be resolved by this year. That is how we can make unity.

Later, True Father talked about the providence based on numbers, the ten calendar signs and twelve horary signs, Portugal's significance as a country that pioneered the ocean, and the excellent performance of Portugal soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro at the 2009 Peace Cup.

Human beings were originally made able to discover everything on their own through the original nature God bestowed upon them at the time of Creation.

While speaking about his suffering course at the prison and ammonium nitrate fertilizer factory in Hungnam, True Father said that everything can change depending on how we think. He emphasized the importance of being confident in our spiritual strength. 

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