The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

To Participants of the Original Divine Principle Workshop

Sun Myung Moon
August 10, 2009
Las Vegas, Nevada
Unofficial Notes

Preparation for the Spirit World

You need to receive spiritual education on all levels, starting from kindergarten to elementary, middle and high school, university and graduate school levels. You should receive the highest level of education from the spirit world itself, and become leaders who can guide the spiritual world in God’s place.

There are a lot of things I could not tell you, but now is a time that those things can be revealed.

You have to take care in your spiritual lives. As you get older, you must take even greater care, serving others more and cultivating even greater public love within yourselves.

You have to think about what you will show God when He calls you to him. Secular knowledge and secular lifestyles will serve you no good in front of God. No matter how much secular knowledge you may accumulate during your life in the physical world, you will find that no more than 10% has any use in the spirit world.

In the spirit world, the way you communicate with other beings will be different, the way you live will change, the way you receive nutrients for your existence will change and the way you breathe will change.

In this world, people compare the amount of money they have, but in the spirit world, everything becomes equal. You need to prepare for your time in the spirit world. Father prepared many textbooks for you to study so you can prepare your spirit self for when you go to the spirit world. Father has given you teachings on how to build an ideal family, how to build an ideal nation, and how to spiritually grow through the stages of kindergarten, elementary, middle and high schools and through university.

The spirit world is a vast realm, of which many areas have not even been discovered.

After living in the physical world for 70 to 80 years, you should go to the original homeland where God dwells. Don’t think that living in an advanced nation like America qualifies you to go to the original homeland in the spirit world.

You should be willing to receive education from the greatest angels.

You should complete this course in seven years. To do so, you have to understand what kind of end result you are striving for. That is the only way to prepare your living space in the spirit world. This is a serious issue.

Establishment of an Ideal Leisure Industry in Las Vegas

Father is trying to establish a new ideal leisure industry through coming to Las Vegas.

Some people in Las Vegas bet for thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.

At first I had a good impression of America, but the more I learned about America, the less I liked it. Although people say nice things on the outside, what they are thinking on the inside is quite different. There are so many levels of intention behind people’s words. No well-to-do Asians want to live with American women. Many American women who are beautiful on the outside are not as beautiful on the inside. It is because they do not follow their original minds.

From when I was young, I heard that Las Vegas was a good place. I heard that it was the most convenient place.

Father is establishing a place in Las Vegas to educate people about the spirit world. The goal is to build an ideal heaven and earth.

How will Las Vegas change in the future? If Las Vegas keeps going the way it is going now, there is no hope for it to avoid heaven’s punishment. You shouldn’t think too highly of Las Vegas.

The hope for the future of Las Vegas is to turn it into a headquarters for media organizations, such as newspaper companies. This is because people in Las Vegas are good at processing information. You can realize this when you observe people playing at the blackjack table, counting money or calculating how much time has passed.

If Father told you about all the money he has made in Las Vegas, you would be very moved. However, this is Hoon Dok Hae time, so it would not be appropriate to talk about that now.

Living a Life of True Love

English is not able to convey the deep meaning of terms such as True Parents’ family, true sons and daughters, and the love of the True God.

To live a life of true love, you can’t simply do whatever you want to do.

You might think that there is only one kind of water, but actually there are many different kinds of water. The water of a river is different from the water we drink, and the water a grandfather drinks is different from the water a child drinks. They are completely different.

The way Father is living is completely different than the way you are living. It is over 180 degrees different and different on hundreds of different levels.

Some people think a lot of themselves and as they get older, they think that they have nothing to be ashamed of in the world. However, the fact that they have such thoughts is in itself shameful.

When someone meets God, God might ask, “Should I strive to resemble you or should you strive to resemble me?” People who are greedy would answer that God should strive to resemble them. There is no use to that kind of thinking. God would never in his dreams think that He should resemble you. Why is that? It’s because the beginning of God and human beings is different.

Many people cannot find the boundary line between the physical and spirit worlds. Therefore, their lives are in an X-shape.

When you are walking, if your right hand goes forward, does your right foot go forward, too? When your right hand goes forward, your right foot needs to push backwards. This has profound meaning. When your left hand goes forward, no matter how strong your leg muscles are, your left foot must go backward. Your belly button is where the O and X meet.

You can’t find even one third of what Father is teaching in an encyclopedia. Moreover, the English language is inadequate for expressing Father’s teachings. The English language has no form for showing respect to another person. No matter who you are talking to or talking about, you are limited to using the words ‘you,’ ‘he,’ ‘she,’ and ‘they.’ In the Korean language, there are many ways to show your respect to another person. 

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