The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

Additions to the official speech, "Round Ball Peace Cup Cain-Abel Cosmic Harmony Tournament"

Sun Myung Moon
August 1, 2009
Hotel Barcelo, Seville Spain
Unofficial notes: Christian Kracher

We come from one root. There is only one fruit, one big country. We can’t have a world, with all that division. The center of world Christianity, the origin is parents. We don’t have only one eye -- we have two, two ears, but only one nose, but with two holes. The source we all have to connect -- same concept as the beginning.

I wish I had come earlier to Spain. DNA is one. Europe has many countries but one DNA. There is only one root. Get the correct fruit. You can’t have a pear from an apple tree. Nothing exists by itself. Spain by itself can’t become the king of football. The concept should be, there is only one center. What is our DNA? Where does it come from? Where is the seed? It comes from the creator. Thousands of millions of people, many conflicts, but we are one. I have survived 90 years of persecution.

For 48 years I have not been in Spain. How can we make our DNA perfect? Is it man or women? Where is the essence, in God or Adam and Eve. Are men or women first in mankind? Where is the original residence of DNA? The world has hated me of different reasons. It is because, I have the original DNA. This is the textbook for future generations. There is one King of Kings; there is one creator. The world fights for knowledge and power. (Father hits his hands on the desk) If we would know our DNA or creator, we could bring fruits. We speak about heart and ideal in God’s heart. Do you think I’m an old and silly man? No, I’m smart. (Father plays with the word smart.)

Do you find DNA in the body of the mate or in the children? We find it in one creator. We have to know how we can bring good fruit. We have to understand our root and DNA. The world has no way, if we can’t find this way... Not even one disciple could digest 50% of my teaching. Everything I spoke is in books. Soon I will go to spirit world. Do you think that I’m old or young?

We have to know our common DNA. Each should be a representative of God. I have lived this life, in spite of so much misunderstanding. We are special people in the same way to God. It’s the same for God, He wants a world of peace. I have read this book many times. (Holding up his autobiography.) God's love and human's love can’t be exchanged for all of Europe. The eyes show the soul of a person, and the face and the body too. What a pity, that we need interpreters.

You have to value what is in this book, investigate and take advantage of it. I say to everyone, this book will be yours, make it yours. Division is in our heart and that makes hell. Investigate in the spirit. I got this from God. It is a revelation. I hope that you connect to God in heart. This is a textbook for the kindergarten and all schools. It’s the heavenly law for a world of peace. We should go all together to God. Do we all need money? I’m called True Father. Each one of you should be called true father. Each home is your kingdom; in the other world too.

Build a world of true DNA; build a UN with a parental heart. Our origin is one, this world, His ideal, is also one. Find a path to the Parental UN. What does it mean? The religions are fighting, because we didn’t inherit the original DNA. It is the lineage of mom and dad. We need to receive a lineage that is eternal unchanging, unique and forever. The love of men, women, and God is the legacy. Start where Adam and Eve should have united. I didn’t come to take advantage of Spain. No, I came to discover our DNA.

The place were man and woman unite... God will teach you. Maybe I will come back and give you a test. I can’t die in peace, if I don’t share this message with you. God is in the center of your heart, sharing deep emotions. Ronaldo -- in Korean Ronaldo means... (The translator didn’t translate the meaning.) It is better not to be proud of who we are, or proud of Real Madrid. God doesn’t like, if we think, we are superior. Then we lose. Do Spanish people like Italian people? They (Real Madrid) wouldn’t lose, if they were humble. We shouldn’t lose the attitude of humility. I realized there was no humble attitude in the team, that’s why they lost.

Eyes have a wonderful goal. Men and women should unite to leave a legacy. You have a conflict between mind and body. Are Spanish people better than others? It is important, we need some discipline in life. Things come and go, they pass. The king of a country should have true love. Six times I have been in prison. I have been talking to people all my life. Soon I will go to the spirit world. I hope you can inherit from me before then. Inherit the blessing of marriage. The Chinese character that means blessing also means receive a new lineage. True Parents have given their life to God. We need the heart of True Parents. What is the difference between the Spanish, Italians, and Germans? Lineage is. We need a lineage of goodness. This is new blessing. You are all peace loving families. Parents give unconditionally for this. We are members of a Global Kingdom.

We are celebrating some providential events. My golden wedding anniversary (50th). The blessing stays and multiplies as long as we share with others. This is a very special moment. The opening of the door for a new era. This time will never come again. We are living it, make it a reality through our devotion. Father and Mother were crowned King and Queen of Peace.

If Spain sacrifices more for others, Spain will become the center of the world. Seville in Korean means? (Father plays with words, was not translated.) Is it easy to become a true mother and a true father? This event happens only once in human history. My 50th wedding anniversary, the publication of my autobiography, and the 50th anniversary of the founding of HSA-UWC... Rev. Kwak has been beside me for 50 years. He published many books. This book (autobiography) has been my life course. Principles have an order. The source of energy is God. Man was to live by this order. Live for the self, but also for the whole. Rev. Kwak has been beside me for 50 years, but he doesn’t know me well. Still he doesn’t really know me.

We have to be owners of this world. Love society, give and share with those who don’t have enough. If you want to elevate yourself, sacrifice more. This is a special moment for me and the movement. Establish a truly peaceful world. This is a new era we have to make it a reality. Noah -- ark -- flood, the children where ashamed. In their mind was the world, which they wanted to leave behind.

Please give me hope and applaud with pleasure. Let’s start a new life by ourselves. Don’t disappear when the heat comes. Have joy, enthusiasm, and hope. Make a future with a lot of hope for our children. The life should be shining like the sun and transparent like water. (Short time was no translation.) Spain doesn't stay asleep. This is a revelation from God. Historians will register this. This is a proclamation: Become a true ancestor of history. Because of the Fall, our first ancestors have satanic blood. Mankind must change the spiritual and physical world. Good nature is Abel and evil nature is Cain. One dominates the other. Human history has become a struggle between Abel and Cain. There is conflict within us and in others.

Without knowing our original DNA and knowing God deeply, we can’t solve this. How can there be a kingdom of peace while our mind and body struggle? This is my personal course. That’s why I have been in prison. That’s why God accompanies me and follows me. Doors will be opened. Cain and Abel's problems will be solved. The original nature of goodness will rise and fallen nature will disappear. Original nature will be restored. This is the fruit of father. Even, if we don’t see it.

O and X. [O represents the correct answer and X the wrong answer] The new era of goodness will absorb and digest evil. This (autobiography) could be a textbook for schools in the future. Each one could be a true teacher, parent and king. Our children will judge us if we don’t live clearly. Make a call for Spanish people to repent and get rid of stains of the Fall. Each person is important to God. Become a true parent. This is an era where God is working directly with True Parents. The April 21st Celebration, my 50th wedding anniversary, the Peace Cup..

(Father talks to the Marco Polo) I was missing you, I wanted to see you. Did you trust me? Did you think you are better than me? This is the principle new era. (Father hits Marco Polo on the head) You should be… (part is missing) I apologize for my behavior. You can see what humility he (Marco Polo) has.

For England, Germany, and Italy, the future will be better, if we change our attitude and don't keep the attitude of the past. Learn from Marco Polo’s attitude. Thank you for applauding, so now I can drink my water. In the future this event, the Peace Cup, will become bigger than the actual Olympics. Someone has to create the Olympics that make humanity one. I have been misunderstood all my life. In Korea, Christianity has criticized me.

Forgiving and embracing is the attitude of the future. Let’s wake up. This event in future will exceed the Olympic Games. Sorocaba soccer team from the Sao Paulo region of Brazil, became the champions in 2008, they put everything aside and followed my calling, to come to Korea. This is the beauty of technique of Brazilian football. It shows you what can happen.

The key year in human history is 2013. Sorocaba, rush to Korea to fulfill this. China, Hong Kong, North Korea and Japan...

Relations in the family are so important; elder brother and younger brother in the first human family. Engrave all this in your heart. Understand the importance of this event. Dear citizen of Cheon Il Guk. Cheon Il Guk means: ”One World only.” Take this as a textbook and try it, it’s possible. Today is a valuable and joyful day. Let’s celebrate with all our heart, glory and praise. There are thousands and millions of ancestors who celebrate with us.

Don’t miss the train. This is true. God created Adam and Eve. Their lineage became dirty. This made many sacrifices for thousands of years necessary up to this moment. Peace for the world is the fruit. It can be created. Pray with a heart of wanting to create this world of peace. Before God was King of Kings, God wanted to have a physical world, centered on True Love. He has been working for the establishment of True Parents. All was prepared for that. Do you know what True Parents means? From now on, we could say: "Our partner represents God”. I still couldn’t bring all his children back to God. Time is short, if we understand in what time period we live. If I could be 20 years old... Heaven loves you so much. Either we all go to heaven, or none of us goes. Time is short. There is no more time. Establish the new heavenly law. We need a revolution of True Love. Restore mankind in front of God. This is the era of the coming of heaven.

First, we are going to the fourth millennium. Please pray about it, if you don’t believe me. This is a very serious providential time. God doesn’t need to work with indemnity anymore. God rules history as King of Kings by his law. This era is like an atomic bomb, it can erase humankind. I hope God gives us another chance. God left us the keys for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. From the new millennium a period of 8 years -- 8 is new beginning. There is a new authority, the King of King rules the spirit and physical world. Please pray to be able to understand this. The axis of the new era is the Pacific Rim. It is important to follow this principle. Not an era to pay for mistakes anymore. Father Moon opened the way. Not like Sodom and Gomorrah. This is the last celebration. We are so busy with our lives, but that doesn’t mean that this time is not here. This is a commitment to be part of this era. This is a warning. If you can live well by yourself, try it. Give our people an opportunity and way to change.

Speak about Las Vegas. There is corruption and gambling. If it is connected to the textbook, we can change this, through the heavenly law. Each action should be crystal clear and transparent. Adopt God as the vertical axis of your life. It is the constitution of our life, the moral situation. With heavenly law, we have to educate.

What crime did I commit, to be in prison? I have been teaching, feeling God’s heart and seeing the anguish of mankind. Did mankind inherit pure lineage? Now men and women behave like animals. We need fidelity and absolute sexual purity. Don’t be afraid, take this seriously. We need pure love and lineage. This is the new era. We need the same blood as the original creator. We need to do this in our own homes.

Three: Evil surrounds us in layers. Peel off the layers and burn it. Ambassadors for Peace, let’s create an UN with a parental heart. The UN has done good things, but it has limitations. It can’t solve problems. The Parental UN can work together with the UN to solve problems. If God from heaven is with us and the struggle of True Parents is with us, mankind will follow this way. The spiritual era has rules and is clear. Why does a couple fight? Because of self-centeredness. The husband should overcome and take care of the needs of the family. In the future, elections will not be necessary. The children know, if the parents do something wrong. Those that we want to be the candidates will be candidates, not the other way. Everything has a price, nothing is for free.

Four: “We have misused our genital organs. Because the false blood. In order to cleanse this dirty lineage, I had to be criticized. There is no other way than the blessing. Inter-religious and interracial blessing is best. There is no other way that God and men can meet. There is enmity between east and west. Religious people marry non-religious people. That’s the way to cleanse mankind. The best way is inter-religious, intercultural and interracial.

Because of Ronaldo Real Madrid lost. He didn’t have the right attitude. The legacy: “There is a time for everything.” We could lose that time. We should have the right attitude. If the Lord comes in the clouds, the problems of the world will not be solved. Sacrifice and hard work are necessary to save this world. Black and white must unite, east and west must unite, Buddhists and Christians and Jews must unite. The Blessing of True Parents will do this. God’s homeland will be the world. This will be a new era of peace. Mind and body has to be united. God created men as object of True Love. God has prepared this as a gift for us. How much our movement invests in peace... The environment, we have to love it.

According to statistics, 25 million people die of starvation every year. This is a consequence of the Fall. How much abuse there is, because of men pursuing selfish purposes. Today you received heavenly divine blessings, because of you participation of the opening of the new era. You will see it with your own eyes. God is the King of Kings with spiritual authority. God gives this to True Parents. This will never happen again in history. The ancestors are joyful, happy dancing, shaking the axis of the globe. This is not theology this is Principle. Please open the eyes of your heart. Put it in your spirit and in your soul. Every thing I humbly said has happened.

This word of heaven, I’m giving to you, use it as a compass and a guiding light. Distinguished guests chosen by heaven. I hope you have felt mankind is entering a heavenly era. Without inheriting the original heart of God, nobody can expect to come to the kingdom of heaven. This is the fourth Adam original era. We have programs and three day seminars to deepen these points. There are many concepts to summarize. Through this proclamation you can distinguish Cain and Abel and establish goodness in the center of your life. The Old Testament, New Testament, and Completed Testament are fulfilled. Create a realm of three generations of our families and cleanse our lineage. UN: this is the way I have started and we can continue it. The blessing of God should be abundant in your life. Each of you can fulfill this and be full of blessing. Amen. 

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