The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

Ceremonies on July 3 and 4

Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han March 23, 2012

True Parents headed to Korea on July 7 soon after giving a talk at East Garden. On July 10, 10:30 am, the “Rally for the Settlement of the Parent UN” was held at Cheon Jeong Gung with Peace King Representatives, Ambassadors for Peace, and 350 leaders of various fields from around the world. Before True Father came up to the podium, Rev. Peter Kim gave a 30-minute summary of the words Father spoke at East garden a few days before, which originally lasted for 4hrs and 20 minutes.

“There were ceremonies on July 3 and 4, and in particular this July 4th, the 233rd anniversary of the Day of Independence of America had a deep providential meaning. Now is the Age After the Coming of Heaven. From the base point celebrations of the 55th anniversary of the founding of HSA-UWC, and the publication of True Father’s autobiography on June 1, A new history has begun. The moment before midnight and time after are not so different in our life, but it is the moment the date changes. It is the moment when the Age Before the Coming of Heaven changes to the Age After the Coming of Heaven, when a new world and a new history begins. Although we may not understand it, we should not miss a historical moment such as this.”

2009 Peace King Cup Held in Spain

The “2009 Peace Cup Andalucía Soccer Tournament” (Peace Cup) was magnificently opened at the Cevilla Olympic Stadium at the dawn of July 25 (Korea Standard Time), and many prestigious soccer clubs in the world participated.

On the opening day, more than 15,000 soccer fans gathered there despite it being a very hot and stuffy day at 30 degrees centigrade. Many were interested in the games among the prestige soccer clubs, and more than 150 reporters of the media gathered from the world.

Peace Cup was opened by the opening proclamation of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who founded the Peace Cup. The participating teams were divided into 4 groups from A to D, and each group will hold preliminary games up until August 3rd in 5 cities around Spain. Then, the winners of each group will advance to a tournament to decide the final winner.

Participants of the Peace Cup are Seongnam Il Hwa and 11 teams which represent each continent of the world and national professional leagues; such as Real Madrid, Juventus, Sevilla FC, Aston Villa, Lyon, FC Porto, Liga de Quito, etc. (from the Sports Chosun on July 25, 2009, introduced by Seiho-Kenbunroku)

The fact that the Peace King Cup was held in Spain, the home of soccer means that True Parents’ victory is expanding not only to the area of religion and politics but also to the area of economy, culture, and sports.

Our Attitude

At East Garden on July 7, True Parents made clear what attitude we should hold from now.

“Everything changes in a second. The change happens in a second. Life and death is decided in a second, but it is true love to dominate the second. We can lose the cosmos in a second, but we can also get the cosmos in a second. We need to attain a state of selflessness, before welcoming God. In the Age After the Coming of Heaven, unless we follow heaven without selfish desire and ambition, we will perish. It is the age guided by heavenly law. We have to become true parents uniting our mind and body.

True Parents’ duty and responsibilities are finished. From now on, Divine Principle, Cheon Seong Gyeong, Pyung Hea Shin Gyeong, the booklet True Family - Gateway to Heaven, the autobiography, World Scripture, the Victory Over Communism Theory will be the textbooks for humanity. When you study these books, you can go to heaven even if True Parents are not on earth. After you master these Hoon Dok materials, and after you attain a state where you do not need them anymore, you can go to heaven. You should not forget the relationship of Cain and Abel in a daily life. Am I in the position of Cain, or in the position of Abel? You should live your life always thinking how I should do.”

Let’s offer our utmost sincere devotion together with True Parents and True Children in the harvest Age After the Coming of Heaven! Let’s march forward in total cooperation with absolute good spirits in the spirit world in the age of establishing the substantial foundation! 

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